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Membership(s) & License Info.

License Info: US DOT # 3182806
ICC MC # 00127778
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 11/16/2017

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Route 66 Moving and Storage LLC Location


Route 66 Moving and Storage LLC
270 NE 183RD St
MiamiFL 33179 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 888-200-4962
Fax: 888-200-4962

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No Photo George
January 13, 2020


Excellent Service

Highly recommended..! Route 66 moving company is reliable and expert in moving home and offices. First time in my life, I hired a moving company named Route 66 moving recommended by one of my friends and my experience was greatly amazing. Their punctuality, carefulness, humbleness, rates, in short, everything was simply fantastic. I took their services once in my life and I will love to do it again in the future. Their economical rates are the best part of their service. Thank you so much Route 55 moving for offering such a professional moving service.%0d%0a

Origin : Georgia
Destination : Mephis, TN

No Photo Michael
January 11, 2020


Quite Nervous

I was quite nervous at the time of moving of my office from Miami to Tampa. I was searching for a professional moving company but no one could be able to satisfy me. Then I came to know about Route 66 Moving Company by one of my friends living in Miami. So I called them and booked their services. I was stunned with their service, their expert moving staff and quality loading vehicles made sure that my office stuff will reach to the destination safe and sound, and they did it. I highly recommend Route 66 moving and their whole team for making moving process easier and safe. Good work!!!

Origin : Tampa FL
Destination : FT Lauderdale, FL

No Photo Arnold
January 10, 2020


excellent service

i work in the armed forces and when i got orders i had to abruptly move. the movers were great and arrived earlier than expected. none of my things were broken and the customer service was amazing. they kept me up to date on where my things were and i would definitely reccomend them. thanks to jim mary and kurt,route 66 moving services is the best

Origin : florida
Destination : washington

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,522.00

No Photo Chichi
December 24, 2019


Good job

The experience with the customer service of Route 66 moving and storage team was excellent. They picked our calls and considered the request we addressed in a professional manner. Booking was very easy as we were able to complete the process within an hour which is very unusual with other companies. The moving team did a wonderful job by bringing the truck one day earlier without any hiccups. Thanks to the Route 66 Moving and Storage for the quality service at a fair cost. We will definitely use you again! Great Move INDEED!%0d%0a%0d%0a

Origin : Kentucky
Destination : Georgia

No Photo John
December 23, 2019


A trash company full of cheating

I really don't understand how those good reviews come out! I wish I can give this company 0 stars If I can. In summary, this company is just a broker company that lives using lies. They cheat you with lies, ask you for a deposit, then they sale your moving task to other people who will sale the task to other people again. Once you pay the deposit to the company, you will be forced to do whatever they may ask you to do, or you will lose your deposit and/or belongings. They do not care about your belongings: they damaged and broke a lot of my furniture, Here is the detail experience I have had with this company. 1) They used lies to cheat their customers. I have my stuff stored in two storage units that need to be moved from FL to IA, Each storage unit is of size 10x15x8=1200cf(cubic feet). So the total volume of the two storage units is 2400cf. But my stuff occupies only half of the storage units (the upper parts are empty, and also some furniture like tables were not dissembled). Alex quoted to me the cost $5225.70 with volume 1141cf which is reasonable. I ask Alex "Will it be guaranteed that the actual charge will NOT exceed the quoted price?" He replied "Yes". So I signed the moving contract with the company. This was the first lie they gave me. On the day they came to pick up my stuff, one of the movers told me the volume exceeded the quoted one and need to add the cost with more than $3100.00 because he believed the volume was over 1600cf. I told him 3 points: a) the volume was NOT as that big as he said; b) even if the volume was that big, that meant I exceeded about one-third of the original quoted volume, so the surcharge should also be about one third more; c) Alex agreed to me that cost will not be increased. But the mover did not agree with any of the above three points and insisted on a $3100+ surcharge. I called Alex and customer service many times, they just kicked the balls from here to there. 2) They forced you to sign unfair documents. On the pickup day, before they started loading, they let you sign many documents that you cannot reject, even if some of them were unfair. If you reject, you lose your deposit. For example, on the delivery day, you must pay the driver the remaining balance. If you cannot pay immediately (for example you go to a bank to withdraw cash), then for every hour the driver waits, you pay $100.00 for the penalty. What an unfair item! They have delayed the delivery of my stuff for one week, but they didn't want to pay me a single cent for a penalty! 3) They damaged and broke many of my furniture! On the delivery date, about 7-8 damages in my furniture were found. For example, my $175 stand lamp was broken. My beds, bookshelves, china cups, broken, ... Request for compensation? $0.60 per pound per article! I am lazy to talk to those untrustworthy guys for such small pennies.

Origin : FL
Destination : IA

Quoted Price : $5,225.70
Actual Price : $8,534.20

No Photo Aries
December 19, 2019


Amazing Experience

The Route 66 moving and Storage movers were very diligent and quick in moving our lawnmowers to a showroom where we had the campaign to launch and market our new designs. All of them were delivered early in the morning on the day of the event with no damages giving us more time to arrange the machines on the display. The moving company offered to contract with us at a low price and did a remarkable job. Thank you so much Route 66 moving for the successful Move! YAYYY!!

Origin : Memphis, TN
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $1,250.00
Actual Price : $1,250.00

No Photo John
December 15, 2019


Great Service

I had my move scheduled four days in advance. The evening before the scheduled day, I received a reminder call from john, a staff member of the Route 66 Moving and Storage. This assured me that they were going to deliver the service according to my expectation. The following day they were at my doorstep early in the morning, we had a little talk then started the move. I am happy to say that my plumbing tools were delivered to our area of work on time with no issues and missings. Thanks for working within my budget! Will keep using the services of Route 66 moving and storage as they made my moving day!!!

Origin : Kansas
Destination : Illinois

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $850.00

No Photo Kelvin
December 10, 2019



I do appreciate your immediate response when I emailed to secure a chance to move my vehicle from Miami. John, the email receiver was very open with me and told me exactly what I wanted to know if I decided to contract with them. Every concern laid was well addressed followed by an affordable quote. I am totally pleased with this team for simply emailing and calling to let me know the status of my shipment which was very nice. The vehicle arrived without any complications and delays. The move was done in a more professional way than I expected, no damages no delays, in fact Thanks a BIG to Route 66 moving and Storage!!

Origin : Alachua
Destination : Aventura

No Photo Dorcas
December 9, 2019



I can’t explain how Route 66 moving and storage managed to move my car so fast. It took me 48 hours of travel but they did it overnight which is unbelievable. My estimation for this move to be completed was 2-3 days since this involved the shipping of a heavy-duty machine. This was very impressive, not only did they do it in a hurry but also managed this without slight wreckage. The driver and his assistant maintained a professional conversation with me throughout the move on the progress of the long journey. Thanks to the Route 66 movers' team for bringing my car in a good condition.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Orlando

No Photo Roy
December 8, 2019


Great moving service

%0d%0aI had a memorable experience with Route 66 Moving and Storage Company. From packing, handling, delivery to unpacking everything went smooth and this was an amazing performance by moving staff. It is such a great honor having had the opportunity to deal with this moving company since they had all the qualities I was looking for, they are affordable and have a skilled team of movers. The move started well and was completed in an awesome manner with all my items in good shape and on time. I will gladly recommend their services to everybody. Thanks!%0d%0a%0d%0a%0d%0a%0d%0a

Origin : Miami
Destination : Georfgia

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,600.00

No Photo Timothy
December 2, 2019



After buying heavy house appliances which included a refrigerator, laundry machine, and glass wall unit, I was stranded since the dealer could not provide delivery services. He gave me a contact line of Route 66 moving agency and I took action right away. Dave was very helpful from the time he received my call. He was able to handle all the questions I asked in a professional way leaving me with no choice but to use them to move my appliances to Georgia at an affordable quote offered. The move was superb and there were no damages. Excellent work by Route 66 moving and storage! Thanks!!.%0d%0aSeen by Sannyy K.%0d%0a

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Philadelphia, Pa

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,500.00

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