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Year of Estd: 1/1/2011

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Scout Moving & Storage
8633 S 208th St
KentWA 98031 USA

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Toll Free: 844-600-5400
Phone: 206-866-6461

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No Photo Mare
January 6, 2022

Scott's moving and storage LIARS AND ...

NEVER USE THESE INCOMPETENT THIEVES AND LIARS. They will steal things like red rolling mechanics toolbox, kayaks, heirlooms, 30 boxes, and destroy most of the things they do deliver even when marked FRAGILE! WON'T help u or call u back. Reported to Better Business Bureau and they didn't respond to them either. RED MARKED FOR 3 YEARS! Only responded to my CC company as they didn't want to lose money! Attached is letter from BBB. RUN...BOYCOTT NEVER USE!!!! This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 12/2/2021 against Scout Moving & Storage.  Your complaint was assigned ID 16199716. BBB is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes business self-regulation.  Although BBB encourages a company to respond to a complaint we bring to its attention, we can not require it to do so. BBB contacted the above referenced company on multiple occasions regarding your complaint.  To date, we have not received a reply; therefore, BBB is obligated to close your complaint as a "no response," which will be reported to the public for the next three years. If the company responded to you directly due to BBB intervention, we ask that you notify us immediately so we may record an accurate disposition of your case.  In the event your complaint remains unaddressed, we suggest you consider writing to the State Attorney General's Office or the Department of Consumer Protection,  We also suggest you consider pursuing legal means. BBB regrets that we were unable to assist you further and wishes you the best in your future efforts in resolving this matter. Sincerely, Resolutions Specialist

Origin : Idaho
Destination : Oregon

Quoted Price : $12,000.00
Actual Price : $20,000.00

No Photo Tim
August 26, 2016

Everyone was great. I am missing some ...

The drivers were great. The movers were great. The front end support was great. When you're in the process of moving, and they bring all this stuff in and go "Okay, this is everything" and leave. Well I'm missing about 3-4 boxes and a couple of pictures and stuff. I'm sure they are going to try and locate them. I'd say overall my experience was great.

Origin : Maplewood, WA
Destination : Oak Ridge, TN

No Photo Anonymous
May 27, 2016

The experience was okay, but the ...

Overall the experience was okay. I guess the only concerns I had was with the timeline because i was being told that I would be given 48 hours of a heads up when my shipment would be delivered, But I had to call them multiple times to check the status. And I was also being told that I would be given a date to choose the time based on my schedule. But it didn't seem like there was any flexibility on the company's end. Other than that I guess the people who delivered it were really great and I really like working with them.

Origin : Hillsboro, OR
Destination : Mountain View, CA

No Photo Stephanie
August 31, 2015

Last Minute Save

I booked another moving company 4 weeks before my move. Day of pickup they did not show. They called me at 4:30pm on a Friday to inform me that they weren't coming. Out of frustration I canceled my work order with them and called Ed. He was able to schedule me a pick date the next day. The following morning, I received several calls from Scout keeping me updated on my pickup time. Jesse and Louis where my movers. they were amazing. During this very stressful time, Scout really made me feel at ease and show Amazing customer service. I would def recommend them to anyone who is moving.

Origin : San Jose, Ca
Destination : Greer, SC

Quoted Price : $1,455.30
Actual Price : $1,839.34

No Photo Danielle
August 24, 2015

Do not use this company!

What started as a really pleasant experience devolved into one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. In the beginning, I found it very easy to get the move set-up and the price was right. (Although, it should be noted the price I was quoted ended up increasing by nearly $700!) The mover that coordinated my move-out was fantastic - professional, nice, and on time. My boyfriend and I were optimistic about what this meant for the remainder of our move and some friends present during the move out expressed being impressed by them. Then it all went bad - Scout gave a 3-week window in which my belongings would be delivered, which ended on 7/26. They let me know the driver would call 24 hours in advance to schedule an exact time and that I HAD to be available. On 7/25 I still hadn't heard from the driver, so I called Scout - oops, no one had bothered to let me know that my stuff hadn't even been loaded onto a truck and was still in storage. Over the phone they told me my stuff would likely arrive the first week of August, but in an email over a week later they gave me a new week long window (8/10-8/14), which meant more time that I had to leave my schedule flexible for them. On 8/13, with no word from the driver, I called Scout again - first, I couldn't get through (because the relocation phone line is always "broken") and then when I finally spoke to someone they made up some excuse about dispatch not telling them my stuff was going to be arriving well past the window I'd been given. They then gave me the window of 8/15-8/17. On 8/16 I finally received a call from the driver and we scheduled an arrival time on 8/17. Then, on 8/17 he called me saying he had a flat tire and we rescheduled to early morning on 8/18. Later in the evening on 8/17 I receive a text that the driver is 30 minutes away - what?! I rush around to get home and surprise surprise, he doesn't arrive for over an hour. When he gets there he (shockingly) can't pull the truck close to my front door and says that I'll have to pay all this additional money for either a "long haul" or a shuttle. (Has anyone had Scout not charge them for one of these two things?) When I asked him to show me how he got the long haul charge, I noted that he had rounded up by almost $30! At this point we told them to just unload my belongings onto the sidewalk and we'd walk them to my house - I was not giving Scout any more of my money. Multiple boxes were smashed, fragile boxes were stacked upside down under boxes of books, a bookshelf was broken, and many pieces of furniture were scratched. I've moved myself across the country twice, using Door-to-Door Moving, and both times broken no more than a coffee cup and a snow globe. The issue was NOT my packing skills. I cannot state how strongly I recommend that folks do NOT use this company.

Origin : Oakland, CA
Destination : New Haven, CT

Quoted Price : $1,300.00
Actual Price : $2,000.00

No Photo David
July 2, 2015

Worst customer service ever!

Worst moving experience of my life! I do not recommend. They still have mine and my partners stuff, and while I'm afraid they will lose it, I have to post this! Scout moving severely underestimated the cost of our move. We found this to be extremely startling and requested documentation regarding the weight of the move. We received two weight tickets, one before the stuff was loaded into the truck and one after. The first real issue, the first weigh ticket had a time stamp that corresponded to a time when the truck was present at my residence. I contacted the weighing company and the told me they had no record of the ticket number I gave them. I contacted the customer service who did very little to address any concerns or attempt to regain our trust in the issue. They said we could be present at the next weighing, which was helpful, but they didn't do anything to fix it themselves. In dealing with manager Melissa Oviedo, she was short, casual, and snippy (as another poster noted) in emails. She showed a lack of respect and concern for the situation. I've worked in customer service for years and I would have been fired if I ever spoke with customers the way she spoke with me. On July 1st 2015, we decided to contact additional management to deal with the issue and get a delivery date. We spoke with Scott and were told a complaint would be filed and that the delivery would be Friday, July 3rd, 2015. On July 2nd we heard nothing about delivery time. We contacted Scout and were told that our truck had a mechanical issue and would not be delivering our stuff on Friday after all. They then told us that they don't work weekends and weren't sure when our stuff would be delivered. This seems like a huge coincidence. This move took us from the Bay Area to Portland where we don't have any family or friends. We were staying in a sublet that ended on June 30th and we had planned the delivery date for our new apartment around this end date. Thankfully at the last minute a friend of a relative was kind enough to share their home with us. If we didn't have this contact, we literally would be sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment: no blankets, no kitchen necessities, nothing, but the few things we packed in our suitcases. This has without a doubt been the worst customer service experience I've ever encountered, I do not trust them and would strongly advise anyone reading this to find a different moving company.

Origin : Berkeley, CA
Destination : Portland, OR

Quoted Price : $1,400.00
Actual Price : $1,900.00

No Photo Abby
June 29, 2015

Terrible service, lack of ...

The first person with whom I made moving arrangements -- Morgan -- was friendly and helpful. She told me a number of things regarding my move that turned out to not be true. Then I was passed along to someone else. He stated that Morgan was incorrect and that we had to make other arrangements. Then he passed me along to Marius who was very helpful. After I dropped off my boxes and furniture Marius told me that I could contact him at any time until my delivery if I had questions or problems. I tried contacting him a few times after I dropped off my stuff but he never got back to me. Then I was passed along to Dylan. It is very difficult to get in touch with him. I left several messages on several different occasions that went unreturned. One of the movers called me five days before my earliest delivery date to say that he would be in Atlanta the following day (4 days early!). I was not in Atlanta, which is why my earliest date was scheduled when it was. Now my possessions are in a warehouse in Atlanta, but Scout "doesn't have anyone to deliver them." They keep telling me that they will call me when they know something. They will not tell me where in Atlanta my items are. In fact, they said they will only tell me the location of the warehouse (so *they can hire other movers* to load a truck and deliver my items to me at my own expense) if I pay them the rest of the money. So, my items are in my city, Scout is paying for a warehouse to hold them, but won't deliver. I even suggested that they pay someone to deliver my items which would save them money on holding my things in an unknown warehouse, but they said "no." Clearly logic has failed this company. While they are still within the contracted time limit, this makes no sense whatsoever. Extortion? It's starting to seem like it. No one will return a phone call. No one knows what's going on or when someone will be "in the area" to bring me my things. Currently they have no one scheduled to come to my area and they don't know when someone will be in the vicinity. If they don't deliver within your window, they give you $30 a day "for the inconvenience."

Origin : Kent, WA
Destination : Atlanta, GA

Quoted Price : $1,400.00
Actual Price : $1,400.00

No Photo Patrick
June 25, 2015

Only use these guys if you don't care ...

The guy on the phone doing the estimate was friendly and accommodating. Everything after that was disorganized and lackluster. They would probably be a better company if they had better communication. The driver brought a loading crew that was like having the three stooges load your stuff. When a wall of my stuff fell and some boxes broke open the driver berated me for not taping the box properly. I can say that the items that the driver packaged was done well. They did accommodate the little bit of extra space required without charging more. There was a bit of miscommunication as to when our stuff was supposed to arrive. It was nice that they our stuff would arrive early but they wanted to drop off the stuff before we were even going to be at our new place. That's where the customer service failed. At some point they just ignored my wife's calls. Things did get worked out and the driver arrived the day we were in our new place. The biggest problem is that they have to hire local help to unload. The driver brought two guys to help and part way through one of them demanded more money to continue so at some point the driver sent him away. During the transfer of my stuff to a smaller truck they smashed a lot of stuff and dropped my safe on its front. I was charged $100 for handling the safe and they treated it like a rock. Also, one of the helpers was making a joke about stealing my safe and taking to Mexico to open it. At the point the one helper left I had to help unload my stuff (so much for full service). Once they had all my money the driver literally kicked a box containing photography equipment across the floor of the truck. When I found some broken glass items the driver just said "things break sometimes during moves." I could have thrown half of my stuff away and hauled the rest myself for less money if I knew I'd have to buy the stuff again. I'd never use these guys again and never let the driver near my stuff again. The only good thing I can say is they gave an accurate estimate and stuck to it. Luckily for me that all the stuff of real value we took with us in our car....

Origin : Tacoma, WA
Destination : Tempe, AZ

No Photo Raj
April 27, 2015

The pricing was okay and they ...

Actually, I had a very good experience I would say. ...They gave me discounts and [the pricing] was okay. ...I recommend them. ...They delivered my good, my things in advance. ...Nothing was damaged.

Origin : Forest Heights, OR
Destination : Chandler, AZ

No Photo Anonymous
April 16, 2015

They were quick and professional.

It was great. They were very professional and everything was handled very quickly and I was very satisfied.

Origin : Seattle, WA
Destination : Walbrook, MD

No Photo Kevin
February 5, 2015

Excellent Job

I don't own a lot of stuff but I didn't want to go through the hassle of the whole Uhaul thing. These guys made it so easy. Came right to my doorstep, wrapped everything up better than I could ever do and then delivered it 5 days later with absolutely no damage. They are obviously professionals but the thing that has really left an impression on me about the experience is how simple it was. Thanks Scout, excellent job.

Origin : Redmond WA
Destination : Palo Alto CA

Quoted Price : $1,178.00
Actual Price : $1,195.00

No Photo Naomi
January 23, 2015

Better Than I Had Hoped

This review is well-deserved to say the least. Moving is overwhelming so you can imagine my dread when I had to move my 3br house halfway across the country. I searched online but all I got was a ton of calls and emails from every direction and no guide to navigate the process. Finally I talked to Brian from Scout Moving. He was incredible, making sure I had everything I needed in my "Relo Plan" and explains all the pitfalls that you hear about in moving company horror stories. They were close in price to most of the other companies and get this - the final bill was LOWER than the estimate. How often does that happen. Plus, both crews were extremely friendly and genuinely concerned with ensuring the safety of everything I owned. I highly doubt I'll be moving anytime soon but if I do, I'll use Scout Moving for the rest of my life!

Origin : Beaverton OR
Destination : St. Charles MO

Quoted Price : $5,925.00
Actual Price : $5,800.00

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