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Year of Estd: 10/27/2016

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Smith Moving-MD
8 Bellfalls Way
BaltimoreMD 21236 USA

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Toll Free: 443-955-9686
Phone: 443-955-9686

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No Photo Shan
February 11, 2021



Smith Moving does not own any moving equipment (red flag #1), nor does Dennis Smith (owner, Smith Moving, LLC, US DOT 3213632) follow FMCSA guidelines: we received no Bill of Lading, no movers tariff, no inventory of shipment (make sure you keep your own inventory so you know what is missing). Dennis came out to our house to look at all of our belongings for our MD to FL move. Dennis assured us he was a professional and had done many out of state moves previously, and customer service was his priority. He followed up several times, asking when we would be able to sign a contract. Then, on moving day, Dennis told me that he was not sure everything was going to fit on the truck; and when I told him he had to get everything from the old house to the new house (remember, he had come out to view our belongings before we signed the contract, so he knew exactly how much needed to be moved), he angrily followed up with everything in life is not a guarantee. Needless to say, he could not fit everything into the rented 26 ft truck and the rented 6x12 UHaul trailer. He had to rent another truck (15 ft) and make two trips with that truck to his warehouse (i.e. cargo shipping container) and assured us he was going to make a second trip to FL to deliver all of our belongings. Dennis then sent an email that he would not be bringing our belongings to FL (phony excuse) and we had to hire a second, much more reliable mover. Dennis stopped answering phone calls and does not respond to any emails. The contents of the 6x12 rented UHaul truck are unaccounted for!!! I have asked Dennis for his arbitration program, inventory documents, etc. All requests have gone unanswered. Complete scam! Before signing with Smith Moving, make certain to check BBB and FCMCSA website to know all of your rights as a moving customer.

Origin : MD
Destination : fL

No Photo Jason
January 24, 2018


It went really well

It went really well. Everything worked out, he was on time, prompt, very professional, it was a really good experience. Pricing was good, I got a fre different offers and he was able to beat them all.

Origin : Laurel, MD
Destination : Columbia, MD

No Photo Terri
October 24, 2017


It was pleasant.

They didn't have a lot of experience, but they were very energetic, I found them to be very honest and eager. I was happy with the pricing; competitive.

Origin : Conowingo, MD
Destination : Baltimore, MD

No Photo Kathy
September 19, 2017


Excellent experience

What a great experience. Very professional. Arrived on time. Move went off without a problem. Reasonable rates. Highly recommend this company.

Origin : Kingsville, md
Destination : Pasadena, md

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