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Accuracy of Estimate 3.7
Moving Services 3.7
Packing Services 3.7
Professionalism 3.6

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License Info: TXDOT # 006404098C
Year of Estd: 1/19/2009

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24 Hours of Operation

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Cash and Credit Cards only

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The Right Movers
9894 Bissonnet St Ste 389
HoustonTX 77036 USA

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Phone: 832-594-2392

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No Photo Gerardo
August 2, 2021


Most unprofessional and careless ...

Do not use this company. The owner is garbage and very unprofessional. In the moving process damage a few thousand dollars worth of furniture and dropped my washer and dryer when they were trying to load it on the truck. One of the mover apparently was under the influence of narcotics and passed out in my game room floor. My wife feared for her safety and called the police. The police ended up arresting the mover. Come to find out the guy that was passed out of the floor was a convicted felon and had a warrant out for his arrest. When I mentioned this to the owner he pretty much said it was petty felony and acted like it was no big deal. I emailed the owner of the company to file an insurance claim and am currently awaiting his response. After researching this company a bit,come to find out their TXDMV license has been inactive since 2017. Im afraid that I may have to pursue legal action for his deceptive trade practices.

Origin : Sugar Land
Destination : Missouri City

No Photo Christopher
June 7, 2021



I made an appointment with this mover for May 29, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. I got a text on the 29th at about 8:45 am asking me if we were on to move today. My response was yes. 10:00 rolled around and no movers. I called to find out what happened and he gave me a story about he had some workers that were running late and they would be late but get it handled. As the day progressed and no movers showed up, I continued contact with him who was making excuses on why they had not shown up yet. He made a statement that he would get it done today. This continued on into the afternoon until he called back and said one of his crews did not show up today and that he was not going to be able to do it today, could we do it tomorrow. I had taken a vacation day to get this done so I was infuriated. I asked him what I was suppose to do and he had no good answer. Finally I agreed to do it on Sunday the 30th. This is where the nightmare began. I was moving into a brand new $400,000 home that was just completed. They showed up and maybe had a half dozen furniture pads which looked like rags. We had packed just about everything in the house in boxes so it was not a complicated move. When they were almost done I noticed they had put a deep scratch over 7 feet long in my $30,000 real hardwood floor where they were trying to move my refrigerator into the kitchen. At this point I asked them to leave that we were done. After I paid the original guy I dealt with on the phone and they left. I called this guy back to let him know about the damaged floor. He acted surprised and said let me call my team. Of course we never heard back and it cost me $400 to fix the floor. Upon looking at the rest of the house there was damage to door jambs, wall corners and several pieces of very expensive furniture. These guys are definitory not the people to call to move unless you live in a cave with armored furniture, Beware of "The Right Movers, because they are so wrong.??

Destination : NEW CANEY, TEXAS

Quoted Price : $749.00
Actual Price : $936.00

No Photo Marshall
January 6, 2021


You would love these movers

, Value 35 boxes, 1 living room set, 3 antique dressers, kitchen table, and 2 beds. Not a scratch. No smoke breaks. The only stops they made were water breaks. Very hard working. They work smart.

Origin : Houston
Destination : Houston

Quoted Price : $499.00
Actual Price : $499.00

No Photo Nate
December 19, 2020


A little nervous but they came through

I had 3 very expensive couches and an a toque armoire to be moved. I was nervous because this was a job my boss entrusted me with and he wanted to save money. Emmanuel was the employee who wrapped the couches in a very professional manner. It took a bit longer than expected but the job was complete

Origin : Houston
Destination : Houston

Quoted Price : $279.00
Actual Price : $279.00

No Photo A
December 18, 2020


Great team and will absolutely use ...

Chuck and his team are AWESOME! We were very lucky to have been able to close on the sale of our house very quickly, but with 2 kids under 2 and less than a week to completely move out we felt like we were in for a tough job. Add to that the day we had schedule to move was a torrential down pour all morning. Chuck was in constant contact with me and was able to reschedule our moving team for the same day, even on a weekend. His team was courteous, hard working, and very careful to make sure everything we had was packed safely well with in our designated time frame. Thank you Jordan, Curly, and Mike! This move wouldn't have been possible without their help! 100% recommend this team and will be using them for ALL of our moving needs from here on out!

Origin : Cypress, TX
Destination : Hockley, TX

Quoted Price : $400.00
Actual Price : $400.00

No Photo Jezelle
December 18, 2020


Office move completed successfully and ...

I wanted to move my small office and I was referred this company from a friend. I had everything boxed and ready to go. My new location had very big open spaces with labels as to where I wanted the items placed. Carrington and Jordan were the movers that came and I was completely floored by Jordan's professionalism. When he came in, he took charge and Carrington followed suit. My small office was moved in an impressive amount of time. All instructions were followed. Jordan walked me through the credit card process after assembling my cabinet shelves. I've told small business owners about this company. Some are realtors.

Origin : 77054
Destination : 77036

Quoted Price : $268.00
Actual Price : $268.00

No Photo Reginald
December 14, 2020


Fantastic Movers

I previously moved with Atlas Van Lines when coming to Houston. I paid an extremely higher rate than what was paid to The Right Movers. What I needed was a local move and I loved the professionalism that was displayed over the phone and throughout the process of setting up the move. The owner kept me informed of any necessary changes and even called back to double check with me on details leading up to the day. The movers arrived a little bit earlier than the expected time and their performance was on par with the level of professionalism given at the beginning of the move. The only thing I did was create a clear path for these men to execute their work. One of the guys, Emmanuel, was very attentive to protecting my furniture as he pretty much wrapped everything in shrink wrap. The job was fantastic and beyond my expectations. I went with them mostly due to the affordable pricing but the service given to me was top notch.

Origin : Houston
Destination : Houston

Quoted Price : $486.00
Actual Price : $486.00

No Photo Eddy
December 10, 2020


These Movers were a pick-me-up!

Fantastic services! 4 bedroom house moved successfully! After being disappointed by my realtor I figured my luck was bad. Perhaps it needed to change. I hired The Right Movers with a bit of skepticism but was overall impressed. My furniture was handled with care. Some of the workers volunteered to go beyond the requirements. Beds were taken down and put back up. They even helped in dusting off my cabinets. THAT JOB WAS FOR THE MAIDS!! LOL! I told the boss he should give these guys a raise!! I would recommend them to family and friends.

Origin : Missouri City
Destination : Missouri City

Quoted Price : $603.00
Actual Price : $603.00

No Photo Chris
December 9, 2020


Two Awesome Movers

Absolutely KICK ASS!! Jj and Peter had absolutely no problem with taking down my complicated king size bed. That was my biggest issue. Moving sucks. This is why I hired movers. Both of the movers were extremely professional and careful with my furniture. There was a little bit of rain but they did not complain one bit about going down a flight of stairs. All my furniture was wrapped and protected. I didn't mind paying the extra 2 hours to get my bed properly assembled. My bill was under $400 which beats the last movers I used by hundreds. I didnt mind tipping the guys $40 a piece. I'm referring all my friends.

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : HOUSTON, TX

Quoted Price : $343.00
Actual Price : $343.00

No Photo Joe
January 15, 2020


Move 1/15/20

Very professional and very resourceful. I will be using and referring my friends to this company in the future.

Origin : 11707 Fallbrook Dr,Apt 7106
Destination : 2425 Holly Hall

Quoted Price : $185.00
Actual Price : $185.00

No Photo Jarmal
March 25, 2019


Great Service

Awesome Service movers came in and took extremely good care of me they wrapped my funiture up and moved me without any issues I'll definitely refer them and use them again

Origin : Spring, TX
Destination : Spring, TX

Quoted Price : $350.00
Actual Price : $300.00

No Photo Chan
March 25, 2019


Pleasant Experience

Over all we had a good experience. Price was right, and much cheaper than movers right here in my own city. The 2 guys that came were very polite and worked great together. They did run about an hour late but kept in contact with me and the truck was a bit too small. We ended up having to move some boxes on our own or pay the extra hour to have them unload and come back. I would use them again if needed.

Origin : Galveston, Tx
Destination : Galveston, Tx

Quoted Price : $291.20
Actual Price : $291.00

No Photo Sylvia
March 25, 2019



The right movers was the right company to choose. They moved all my belongings in a timely manner an was careful with my fragile things. I will most definitely use them again!

Origin : Webster, Tx
Destination : Houston, Tx

Quoted Price : $325.00
Actual Price : $325.00

No Photo Jamie
March 25, 2019


Good job

We needed to pick up quite a few pieces of furniture from three different locations. The three-man Right Movers crew showed up on time at the agreed start location,which was the most difficult because the house had so much in it that had to be worked around. The guys pitched right in and moved the selected pieces out,after clearing paths out,etc.. Both the second and third locations were easier,and were without problems. At the delivery location,the guys unloaded items out onto the driveway so we could clean everything before it went into the house. The guys were wonderful in getting the furniture pieces put just where we wanted them to go,and even moved a few items several times before we were happy with where the furniture ended up. Thank you for providing dependable help,and as soon as we needed it!

Origin : Houston-Sagemont
Destination : Pearland-Riverstone Ranch

No Photo Kelly
March 2, 2019


Do Not Trust This Company

Called 2/28/19 for a quote from this company for the next day and was told a time between 10am and 1pm.....fast forward to the next day and received a call from the owner at 9am saying they would arrive at 1230pm. This time came and went and at approximately 230pm I receive a call again from the owner saying they would be there shortly. This time came and went and at 315pm I called and was told he was on the way...the owner comes by and promises they will be there in 15 minutes. Movers finally show up at 430pm and was given the wrong amount for tjhe move. The owner tries to handle 6 moving vans from a Blackberry phone and customers and movers are put on hold for ages or calls dropped meaning having to recall or wait as he has a constant backlog of calls . Absolutely no apology given by owner for the crappy experience and top of all else, was charged an additional $5.00 for using a credit card (which was then tendered through Paypal)- though not stated at the beginning that there would be this charge. Under no circumstance would I ever use this company again or would I recommend that anyone else use it.

Origin : Houston, Tx
Destination : Houston, Tx

Quoted Price : $150.00
Actual Price : $155.00

No Photo Christopher
December 3, 2018


Property damaged

The movers destroyed a one thousand dollar desk then wanted me to pay more so they can pay their guy to fix it. The manager screamed at me in my own house when I told him I didn't want to pay for them damaging my property. He threw my property around and almost hit my three year old in the head. I AM A DISABLED VETERAN and had to move stuff on my own because they stopped working. They are not insured and will not pay if they damage your property.

Origin : Conroe, Tx
Destination : Pasadena

Quoted Price : $291.00
Actual Price : $500.00

No Photo Caralyn
November 30, 2018


They were easy to work with

Careful with the items, and got the stuff moved out of my old place and into my new place without any problem. They were the least expensive that i have found. It took less than the time then we expected.

Origin : Spring, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Keith
November 29, 2018


Good pricing

The pricing was good. They stuck to the price. But, they were very late.

Origin : Spring, TX
Destination : Spring, TX

No Photo Jerry
September 17, 2017


Great Company and great Movers

I used The Right Movers for transfer of one public storage to another storage. The reservation was easy and expedient. The movers arrived with good spirits, they were excellent, they handled each piece with care. They were very informative and helpful making the move very smooth. I would highly recommend The Right Movers. Chuck quoted 169.00 for 2 hours and 69 for each hour. It was exactly what was quoted.

Origin : Pasadena, Tx
Destination : Houston, Texas

Quoted Price : $169.00
Actual Price : $263.00

No Photo Meesha
June 28, 2017


Thank you The Right Movers

Very pleasant experience from start to finish - over the phone estimate was quick, easy and accurate and I was able to book my move right then and there, even on short notice. The moving crew had enough guys for my job and not only did they do a great job packing and moving my things - they went out of their way to help dispose of items that would not make the final move. I have recommended Chuck and The Right Movers to friends and have heard nothing but compliments and praise. Thank you!

Origin : Houston, Texas
Destination : Houston, Texas

No Photo Samantha
June 6, 2017


Great Movers

They're the best movers that I've ever had. Very professional and hardworking. They showed at the right time, arranged my things and double checked it, if everything is completed, before they load it on their truck. My things are arrived so fast at my new location without any damages.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $1,685.00
Actual Price : $1,685.00

No Photo Gayle
March 8, 2017


Took them all day long

Well first they were an hour late. When they got there it took them all day long to do it the most it should've been a 3 hour move. It took them from 10:30 in the morning to after 7 that night. And every piece of my furniture was my dresser has a piece of the granite cracked. They scratched up every piece that had wood on it is scratched. They scratched my washer and dryer. They didn't wrap anything and they tried to pack everything into a truck that was probably too little. The owner of the place wouldn't do anything about it. It was horrible... horrible.

Origin : Lakewood, TX
Destination : Baytown, TX

No Photo Gayle
February 16, 2017


Worst move I've ever experienced

First, they were 1 Hr late. Were very slow, did not wrap my furniture causing damage to every piece of my furniture. Move took 8-1/2 hrs and should have been at the very most 4. The damage to my things are very upsetting. They also broke several glass pieces due to not being careful. Would never recommend to anyone. Talked to owner and he will not do anything about it. Very poor run company.

Origin : Baytown, TX
Destination : Mont Belvieu, TX

Actual Price : $380.00

No Photo Alan
November 29, 2016


They did a great job, but their site ...

They did a great job, there was a question about the bill, their website information doesn't match up with how they actually bill. they say the hours are prorated but they actually round to the nearest full hour. He did give me a credit because they did over charge me, he was very prompt and sent it right to my Paypal account within 10 minutes after discovering the error. So he did really well on that, that's about it.

Origin : Tomball, TX
Destination : Tomball, TX

No Photo Elizabeth
November 8, 2016


Don't do business with them

For the love of God do not do business with this company. I was scheduled for a 9 am move and when I called at 9:05 to make sure we were still good to go,he didn't even remember! Even though I received an email with all of the information we had discussed as well as the time and date. Chuck (the owner) said he would have someone to our apartment in 30 minutes... we'll,2 hours later someone finally showed up. I can at least say the two guys who showed up to move were awesome. Dave and Mike were efficient and handled everything with care. I was very pleased with their work. As for the owner,was a joke. I was quoted $179 for the first two hours and $69 for time after that. The move lasted a total of two hours and 20 minutes so we didn't end up paying for 3 plus the credit card fee. When asked about any discount since they were so late,chuck refused. Do not,I repeat,do not do business with this company. Suck it up and pay the higher rates everyone else has. Because Chuck is actual scum.

Origin : League city,Tx
Destination : Spring,Tx

No Photo Jimmy
August 10, 2016


They did everything right.

They did an excellent job. They wrapped the piece correctly. They didn't damage anything, they showed up on time. They took care of the product. They did everything right. Very competitive pricing, better than any of the other people I've talked to.

Origin : Clear Lake City, TX
Destination : La Porte, TX

No Photo Bill
August 9, 2016


My laptop went missing.

The guys did a really good, professional job except for one thing. When it was all said and done my laptop computer was not there. And I got it four days later and it had been wiped completely clean. ... Other than that it was a good move.

Origin : Katy, TX
Destination : Katy, TX

No Photo Glenn
June 22, 2016


They did a really good job.

They showed up pretty much on time and loaded the stuff that was ready to go and we met them down there about four hours later. They did really good. The price was a little lower than the other companies which was one of the reasons I went with them but they did an excellent job.

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Corpus Christi, TX

No Photo Kimberly
April 20, 2016


It was a good experience.

It was a good experience, it was straightforward. They took apart everything, put things together, wrapped all of my furniture. They did a great job.

Origin : Humble, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Paul
February 1, 2016


They were not polite.

There was a gentleman that came, his name was Marcus. He was very nice, very professional. The other two gentlemen were not. They smelled really bad and they were not polite in moving the things. From what I've seen from the furniture after it's been put in the storage unit, I don't think they moved it or stacked it very well.

Origin : Rosenberg, TX
Destination : Crabb, TX

No Photo Michael
December 16, 2015


They arrived on time and moved ...

It was fine. They showed up on time and got everything moved fine. Everything went together perfectly.

Origin : Klein, TX
Destination : Cypress, TX

No Photo Cierra
November 20, 2015



TERRIBLE MOVING COMPANY. Two of his workers stole over $2,500 worth of my items and Chuck (the owner) will be hit with multiple law suits. His websites states he is insured but he isn't fully. He has admitted to me that his workers costumes alcohol in the job. Chuck was fully aware of the theft and refused to do anything. I was not reimburse and the guys STILL WORK THERE. This company doesn't deserve anyone's business. PLEASE KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE AND AWAY FROM THE RIGHT MOVERS! They are Crooks and Thiefs!! They are not to be trusted.. Please Be Aware!!!!

Origin : Houston texas
Destination : Houston

Quoted Price : $165.00
Actual Price : $380.00

No Photo Chin
October 25, 2015


Sea of destruction

Chuck's crew broke a queen bed, scratch a table by not covering it with a blanket and lost a bed frame wheel and a TV stand shelf. They only take cash which means no recourse with a credit card.

Origin : Meyerland, tx
Destination : Pearland, tx

Quoted Price : $545.00
Actual Price : $600.00

No Photo Tina
September 11, 2015


They worked really hard

Everything was just done really professionally. They worked really hard and met all of our requirements.

Origin : Houston Heights, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Kimberly
April 21, 2015


There was nothing broken and it was ...

It was great. It rained that day ,but they were real knowledgeable about where they needed to go...I followed them, and it was real good. We had nice conversations, and they packed everything real good. There wasn't nothing broken, it was time-efficient, it was real good.

Origin : Spring, TX
Destination : Brookside Village, TX

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