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Year of Estd: 12/1/2016

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True State Moving Services Inc Location


True State Moving Services Inc
2-20 E Peddie St
NewarkNJ 07112 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 800-775-7539
Phone: 732-979-2355
Fax: 732-784-6428

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No Photo Marco
February 9, 2022

I am confident they do a good job

True state moving services is a very reasonable moving company and they are worth every penny. Due to past poor experiences with other moving companies, my family packed most of our belongings, but after witnessing how carefully the movers packed the remaining items, we will confidently have them pack the next time we use them if that ever happens. Even my dog was enjoying their company! Superb work!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Francis
February 7, 2022

Yes, they are my guys!

Yes, they are my guys! Damn I’m so glad I chose True state moving services for my move. From the first phone call till the very end, all was done so easily and professionally. Their sales rep gave me a pretty good deal and assured me that they will get the job done smoothly and easily. And he was right! It was a smooth move. They came in, packed, wrapped, loaded and gone! And when they came to our new place, they placed all the boxes in the right rooms and all the furniture as we wanted. Such a great team. Such dedication! Can’t thank them enough. You will definitely hear from me again.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Benny
February 3, 2022

Just too good

On the day of the move the team from True state moving services quickly emptied our house and then spent hours making sure everything was wrapped and packed carefully into their truck. Unlike many of the big movers we got quotes from, their quote was very reasonable. Nothing was damaged and everything went smoothly. Leading up to the move, their sales rep reassured me that he would take care of everything. I'm delighted to say he did all that and more!

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Orlando, FL

No Photo Domingo
January 30, 2022

Stress free move

This was our first time using these amazing movers. I was extremely impressed by their service. These guys were really helpful and made my move much easier. I was sceptical about using a moving company due to bad experiences I had in the past, but this one broke those hang-ups and now I feel confident in hiring True State Moving Services again.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Lucas
January 28, 2022

Cannot praise them enough

I cannot praise True state moving services enough! They are astonishing! The people who moved us couldn't have been nicer or more thorough. They wrapped everything and secured it with tape. Furniture was placed where we wanted and moved it as many times as we saw fit. They never stopped or appeared to be lacking even though it was a cold day. Overall a great move!

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Newark, NJ

No Photo Steven
January 25, 2022

Good coordination

I got to know about True state moving services from a friend. They were unbelievable. I underestimated how many things I had and the crew worked so hard, quickly but very carefully and were polite, patient and professional. They went above and beyond. They went beyond my expectations. They all know what they are doing and I would not use anyone else. They are remarkable. I highly recommend this company.

Origin : NJ
Destination : FL

No Photo Doyle
January 22, 2022

Smooth move

I never thought I would hire help for my move because I always do it myself and also I heard so many horror stories that I really didn’t have much faith in movers. But this time I had to hire help because I ended up being sick and could not do it myself. I hired True state moving services based on good reviews and damn I was wrong about movers all along! They are awesome! Professional, courteous, neat

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Nick
January 19, 2022

I just love this company

My wife and I were thoroughly pleased with the service provided by True state moving services. I am very grateful to have found the company. I contacted them because of its high rating and the consistency of excellent reviews. We liked that they were willing to enter into a fixed-rate agreement, which took away some of the worry. The workers were very helpful, cooperative, efficient, and professional over the two days. We have since unpacked everything and found that all items were carefully wrapped / packaged, and nothing was broken, I would certainly be happy to use True state moving services again in the future and cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone else that is considering moving.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : New York

No Photo Wendell
January 15, 2022

Good mover with great rates!

I got to know about True state moving services from a friend and hired them based on his feedback. Indeed they are spot on! They are very professional and efficient for the task. They were spot on in everything. Timing, behavior, efficiency, and good human beings. They do know how to make a client happy. The entire move went so easily! It’s really hard to believe. All I want to say is that, thank you for all the help and please do keep this quality like it is now!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Boston, MA

No Photo Herbert
January 12, 2022

They were too good!!

We have only positive things to say about our experience with True state moving services. From the initial conversations, my move went as smoothly as we could have wished for. Over two days the team worked absolutely tirelessly and didn't seem to have heard of a lunch break, packing and carrying boxes, furniture. The packing and dismantling/assembly service was worth every dollar. Things were done with care and great organization and all of the guys were professional, friendly, reassuring and accommodating. We are hoping not to be moving again too soon, already recommended True state moving services.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Richmond, VA

No Photo Marcus
January 9, 2022


Thanks a bunch True state moving services. You have made my move easy and enjoyable. I had a great time. The guys were friendly and constantly making jokes which made the four hours of packing fly. But on the other hand, they were dead serious. They worked decently and efficiently. They did not give me room to doubt them. I highly recommend True state moving services to all.

Origin : NJ
Destination : NJ

No Photo Wallace
January 7, 2022

They have my recommendation

They surely do have my recommendation. True state moving services is one of the most professional organizations that deal with moving and packing. I was offered a quote that was just about what other companies offered but cheaper marginally. The motive of this move was not to move cheap but to move careful in order to avoid damage. They did just that for me, thanks guys and you have my backing and recommendation.

Origin : Boston, MA
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Jerome
January 3, 2022

Definitely recommended

I recently have used the services of True state moving services and I must say, it was a good move. The guys were really friendly, thorough and the price was great. They were on time and had the supplies they needed to make the move a success. The movers were on time and carefully wrapped, packed all my things. The treadmill, TV, electronics and my dad’s wall clock was my biggest concern. They pulled off the move pretty well. No damages and no hiccups along the way. I WILL USE THEM AGAIN!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Derrick
December 31, 2021

They handle everything with care

They handle every piece with care. The whole experience was easy, efficient and straightforward. They were well prepared, plastic wrapping to protect furniture, and blankets to protect my electronics and other large pieces. I never take the time to write reviews, but it meant a lot to me to spread the word about True state moving services. I am definitely keeping this number in my phone and will recommend them to anyone who needs to move on a budget.

Origin : Atlantic City, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Alexander
December 22, 2021

Highly Recommended!!

There was excellent communication and customer service from their sales rep. They went the extra mile to ensure everything was in place. Pick up, storage, and delivery all went to plan. Polish drivers at the delivery end were good-humoured and put everything in rooms as requested. All in all, I would highly recommend True state moving services to anyone who is seeking professional movers. The plus point is that they are good value. Excellent communication from start to finish.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Robin
December 18, 2021

They did everything perfectly

The price of True state moving services was really affordable. They were honest and transparent. They concealed not a thing from me. It was a very tedious move, but they took good care of our belongings. They boxed everything absolutely perfectly, moved at the specific location without having a hitch and put all my belongings exactly how we wished. So we liked the guys that worked for us and this is the company to use for all future long distance moves.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Steven
December 15, 2021

Great Job

True state moving services made a correct estimate physically appearing at our old home. On moving day they arrived on time and they got to wrap immediately after arrival. They didn’t leave a single item to pack and upload. The movers worked their butts off to get done all the process on time and they finished. I was nervous about my cooking utensils. They securely handed over all the items also at our new apartment. Everything went very well.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Lester
December 11, 2021

Another satisfied customer!

I am another satisfied customer! Real hard workers showed up and packed us up in just under 4 hours. Everything arrived in the same condition as it left our old place. The guys were friendly and focused on getting the job done. Everything went well. I can’t say enough good things about them. They are really good! Plus, there were no hidden fees or extra fees which happen a lot nowadays. Overall, a great move!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

No Photo Jesus
December 6, 2021

Very accommodating

True state moving services rescheduled the pickup date several times to fit our request. Their foreman came with four gentle and trained workers to pack and load all valuables. They spent only five hours to finish the loading process. I had no remorse for working with them. They handed over all cartons filled up meticulously. True state moving services will never let anyone down. Great Moving Company.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : San Antonio, TX

No Photo Josh
November 30, 2021

Greatly appreciated

Everything from start to finish was superb. The guys worked very hard and they treated all my belongings with the greatest care and also good sense of humor and were very organized and hard working. I just do not know how they could do it all as I was on the 3rd floor with no elevator. I will suggest anyone who needs good moving services. I hope this review helps. Greatly appreciated!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Merle
November 25, 2021

Five stars without a doubt

I give True state moving services five stars without a doubt. The foreman and two other guys arrived at my house on time. They packed my belongings well in the large boxes, were extremely nice and took great care. We had pleasant communication. My belongings stayed intact, nothing broke, nothing was missing and there was not a single scratch. When talking about the price, I was more than satisfied. The price was rather reasonable. All in all, I would definitely use this company if I need to move again in future.

Origin : NJ
Destination : NJ

No Photo Dominick
November 22, 2021

It was a huge success

Our move was a BIG success and all credit goes to True state moving services. I was very impressed with the dedication of the sales rep and their team to our needs. They were very timely and customer oriented throughout the entire project. The movers always seemed ready to go, had clear direction and the appropriate equipment to get the job done. I truly appreciate the time and effort everyone put into our move.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Jamie
November 18, 2021

Good Work!

My movers came on time and were terrific to work with. They were so hardworking - I didn't see them take any breaks at all. I can't say enough good things about True state moving services because they made the whole process so easy. The owner was very responsive and very flexible. He made the entire stressful process of moving much more manageable and smoother.

Origin : NJ
Destination : FL

No Photo Jessica
November 15, 2021

Very trustworthy

I highly recommend True state moving services. They were quick to quote and easy to book. On moving day, they called when they were on their way and showed up right on time. My apartment has a parking garage where the truck would not fit. The movers were flexible as to where they could park. They actually parked in a parking lot next to my building on my suggestion. While 1 mover was parking, the other two started piling and wrapping things. There was no wasted time. They packed up the truck very quickly and unpacked even quicker. The movers were great to talk with and very easy to work with. I am a single girl and I felt very comfortable with the guys. All and all a great experience!!

Origin : NJ
Destination : NC

No Photo Sammy
November 12, 2021

Stress free and affordable move

I have hired many moving companies over the last 8 years because of the nature of my job. I have to relocate very frequently and that is why I used many movers but I never got a perfect move until I used this company. When I hired them my expectations were not so high because of my previous experiences. But last time I got a completely different experience. These movers gave their best and delivered me the best move of my life. It was a timely, smooth, stress free and very affordable move.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Herbert
November 9, 2021

Nicely done

Fantastic work by True state moving services. The sales rep was super quick to respond and get a quote sorted out, the whole process was less than a week between first quote and delivery (even though it was a multi-day move). Super quick on the day as well, both loading and unloading. Lots of care when disassembling, moving and reassembling the furniture haven't found any damage at all.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Derrick
November 7, 2021

They are efficient and caring

Their moving crew was very professional and treated my furniture like it was their own. The process and pricing was thoroughly explained ahead of time. Nothing was missing or damaged at all. I am completely satisfied with True State Moving Services and probably the best recommendation I could give would be to say that I would definitely use them in the future.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Javier
November 2, 2021

Good experience

I sort of accidentally had to use True state moving services because our old movers have gone out of business but this company is an excellent replacement. While we were on a first name basis with the people of the other company, the moving crew and the office team here are very friendly, too, even after just one move. It will probably take us at least one more move to decide if they become our regular movers but this experience was an excellent start that bodes well.

Origin : Clifton, NJ
Destination : Boston, MA

No Photo Jeffery
October 30, 2021

Real hardworking people

True state moving services couldn’t have been more helpful during my move. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how smoothly my move went all along. They offered a great, competitive price for my 2 bedroom apartment. Showed up on time, used quality packing materials and packed up everything in less than 5 hours. I cannot recommend them enough. They are life savers! I will be contacting them again for my next move. I’m so glad that I got the chance to hire them. They are amazing people and professionals above all and I’m so grateful for everything they did on moving day.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Theodore
October 27, 2021

They changed my perception

I always thought moving companies are no good. Then I hired True state moving services which completely changed my mind. I got a hint of their efficiency when I called them first. Their customer service was very helpful and prompt. Their quote was unbeatable. The best part of their service was the movers. They were so punctual and efficient. The movers were so fast at the packing and loading process. The delivery was made on time and everything was in perfect condition. All my prejudices about moving companies are gone.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

No Photo David
October 22, 2021

Nice job guys

Recently I used True State Moving Services when I bought some furniture from a friend of mine who lives in another state so I hired this company to move it from his apartment to my house. My friend has moved every few years, so he is experienced with movers. He said they were on time and good moving company. From then on everything was fine. They delivered everything nicely and without any damage. All in all it was an easy move.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Leonard
October 18, 2021

Moved us like a breeze

Moving is very stressful and painful for everyone but my move was like a breeze. My furniture was in excellent condition, the movers took great care of it. The price was low and the service was high. I can only say the best about True state moving services! All in all, I am super satisfied with them. I would always hire them if I needed to move. If you want to get excellent service for a low price, hire these guys and you will not have any problems.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Fort Worth, TX

No Photo Benjamin
October 15, 2021

I appreciate the help

I was looking for a low range move because I was going through a bad phase in life and was financially unstable at that moment. True state moving services was the only mover that provided me with the lowest quotation. They are extremely hardworking and efficient. The crew did a wonderful job. I appreciate not breaking or denting anything guys and for helping me when others did not. I appreciate the help. I will definitely use True state moving services for my next move.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Bradford
October 12, 2021

I am impressed

The movers showed up on time and were conscientious. They completed the job on time and were pleasant. There was really nothing to complain about because they took care of everything in an efficient manner. My valuables were safely delivered. I will definitely hire this company again.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Allan
October 9, 2021

I do recommend their services

They are the best way to move. True state moving services give a new meaning to moving. They take care of you like their own and will not let you down. The moving crew knows how to do a move without breaking anything. They are punctual, energetic, hardworking and efficient. I received my goods in time and without a single damage. They maintain a high level of professionalism and do not give you a reason to doubt them. I strongly recommend this moving company.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Richmond, VA

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