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License Info: US DOT # 2953776
ICC MC # 19876
LIC# 39PM00119800
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 12/1/2016

Hours of Operation

Mon to Fri 9:00AM to 5:00PM Sat 10:00AM to 2:00PM

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All major Credit Cards, Checks & Cash.

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True State Moving Services Inc Location


True State Moving Services Inc
2-20 E Peddie St
NewarkNJ 07112 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 800-775-7539
Phone: 732-979-2355
Fax: 732-784-6428

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No Photo Andre
June 24, 2020


They did a great job

My fiancé and I were planning to move. We wanted to start our new life in a new environment. So my fiancé recommended me to hire True state moving services and I did so. And I think it was my best decision. They arrived on time and delivered our stuff when they said they would. They were very courteous and were true to their word in everything that they said to me. Nothing was broken or lost when they made the delivery just three days later. I was very satisfied with the whole move.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Lansing, MI

No Photo Kyle
June 21, 2020


Amazing to do business with!!!!!

Every time I called them they called back promptly. They quoted me a price and it was the same exact price upon delivery of my belongings. They worked with me on the delivery date (I am in school). The delivery guys were nice. They took care of my expensive furniture. They have 1 month of FREE storage. They were nice every single time I interacted with someone on the phone and in person. I have not had service like this in years! I wish they could teach other people how to run businesses!!!! I would recommend this company to anybody and everybody who needs movers!!! They made my 1,000 mile move very pleasant and easy!!!! I am so happy I chose to go with this company.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Newark, NJ

No Photo George
June 18, 2020


These guys can do magic

I have to say that the movers and the office staff of True state moving services are all magicians. The way they kept me calm and managed the entire process was something outstanding. I liked their out of the box approach, dedication and punctuality. I hired them for the full service and these guys accomplished the task with ease. Everything was done according to the schedule and they also kept the moving cost within the estimated amount. Not broken or damaged stuff at all!! I can only recommend this company.

Origin : Clifton, NJ
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Frank
June 15, 2020


Extra caring

True state moving services was not only moving company which usually moves the things of people they also took extra care of the things too. When I hired them for my last move they were very expert at their work. They packed and wrapped everything with care and moved them to my new house without causing a single damage. They did a marvelous job. They never stopped working, not even during their lunch hour. I was totally satisfied with their work. Wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend them among others.

Origin : Albany, NY
Destination : Denver, CO

No Photo Andy
June 12, 2020


A difficult move made easy

I knew moving was going to be difficult given the amount of belongings we had. Some of our furniture was old and very heavy. But my wife wouldn’t part with them so we had to take them with us. I warned True state moving services about the heavy furniture but they seemed quite unshaken. I understood the reason when the movers arrived. They were such strong men. They carried my furniture as if they were carrying feathers. I reckon these men had years of experience under their belts. Either way I could imagine the pain they were going through. I tipped them very generously once they delivered everything. You should have seen the smiles on their faces. It was truly a great moving experience.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Phillip
June 9, 2020


Well-trained movers

Loneliness is evil! I felt it for 7 years living away from friends and family. Finally I decided it was time to get rid of it. So I quit my job and decided to move back home. I hired True State Moving Services for my move and my interaction with them during the first call was great. The guy on the phone gave me a very assuring quote and said he would send 3 movers with a van. The movers arrived on time as promised on the moving day and packed everything very quickly. They had a little trouble getting my cross trainer but they immediately had a backup plan and off they went through the window. They somehow managed to do that with grace and pace. I was mesmerized to see how well trained they are! Then they also delivered my belongings back home within 2 days of my arrival. Good thing about big cities is that these guys serve there! I will suggest them without any hesitation.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : New York, NY

No Photo Hazel
June 6, 2020


Couldn’t have asked for a better ...

3 different buddies extremely suggested True state moving services. In all points of the move, they were very expert and responsive. Walk-through was comprehensive as well as supplied me with a good review of my different alternatives. I was able to swiftly and conveniently timetable it. On the action day, I obtained a great four-member crew that looked after all the boxes and furnishings including taking down (and also later reassembling) cribs.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Alejandro
June 3, 2020


I could easily trust them

True state moving services did what was in the contract. My movers were very nice and helpful, and definitely made the moving process earlier. They arrived on time and finished the job with no problems. They made sure my valuables traveled the distance in first class in their amazing vans and the delivery was done without any damages. We would hire them again especially if they sent the same people. I feel I was very fortunate to find them and be able to trust them with my household goods.

Origin : Dallas, TX
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Patrick
May 30, 2020


It was a great move

It takes a lot of trust to put all of your into someone else’s hands. The key to feeling comfortable in that situation is finding a company that you can trust. True state moving services was so responsive and communicated with me through every step of my move. My move had to be done quickly and they were able to schedule me within days of my move. Their services were reasonably priced. My movers were very cool and friendly. They wrapped everything and even helped us with disassembling items. There was also nothing on our final invoice that was unexpected. Would use again. We had a great move.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Kansas City, MO

No Photo Howard
May 26, 2020


A drama free move

Our move went without any problems. The good men from True state moving services made it all seem too easy. They were punctual, attentive and very professional. The whole packing and loading process of a 4-bedroom house took them only a few hours. This level of pace is quite rare! Not only were they fast, they were good at the job too. The proof is that none of my valuables suffered the slightest bit of damage on the way. They even unpacked and assembled my furniture at my new house. I am so lucky that I got these men to move my belongings.

Origin : Jacksonville, FL
Destination : Newark, NJ

No Photo Wilbur
May 24, 2020


They are very much recommendable

The office staff was great and explained every step of the process to me. The put my mind and ease and really made me feel like I was in good hands. The movers were very friendly and handled everything like pros. They did everything they could to help us. I would use True state moving services again and I have already recommended them to others.

Origin : Atlantic City, NJ
Destination : Newark, NJ

No Photo Anna
May 21, 2020


Thanks guys

True state moving services customer care head made sure to offer me all the information about the practical side of what the step would certainly be. When moving companies will certainly be coming on the day of the action, he informed me about the quote as well as. The moving companies got on time. They loaded as well as loaded everything very carefully and deliver our furniture within five days which is very wonderful for them.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Jordan
May 18, 2020


Very competitive

We found out so much from one phone call that I really feel the various other moving companies left our purposefully simply to bill us later to provide as the less expensive business. Most of the things the various other companies were billing for they provided us for complimentary as well as describing in fantastic information what to anticipate. They gave us a see our price cut and made us change our mind after seeing their lower line.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Jacksonville, FL

No Photo Jeff
May 12, 2020


Totally awesome

I needed to hire a moving company to move my things and it just happened to be True state moving services. They are extraordinary. They showed up on time and worked very efficiently. In just a few hours, they finished packing and loading everything from my 3-bed house. I give credit where credit is due and these movers deserve all the credits I can give them. The delivery was made on time and everything arrived in great condition. This company is just totally awesome.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Atlantic City, NJ

No Photo Leland
May 9, 2020


It doesn’t get any better

I have worked with numerous moving companies in the past. But none of them measured up to the standards of True state moving services. This company just blew my mind with their helpful customer service, experienced crew and reasonable prices. It’s a combination that is so rare in the moving business. But somehow they managed to provide amazing services at such low costs even in this economy. To add to their amazing list of achievements, none of my valuables suffered any damage while they helped me move. I take my hats off to these guys.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Dallas, TX

No Photo Cedric
May 7, 2020


Impressive movers

True state moving services excelled at every aspect of my last move. They did such an amazing job. First of all, it was very easy to get a quote from them and the number was nothing but reasonable. The movers sent by the company were absolutely fantastic. They arrived on time and were very properly equipped. They took great care while packing our valuables. They were particularly cautious with our breakables. These men were like machines. The delivery was made on the due date. I was very happy to see how well everything traveled. They impressed me so much with their work.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Greensboro, NC

No Photo Henry
May 2, 2020


Best in business

Yes, it feels good to be served by the best people. True state moving services seemed to be the best so far from the ones I could get. They got hired by my fiancé during my last move. Their customer support and performance set a new benchmark in my eyes. It was like a play for them and they were playful during the entire moving. Although they were funny, making jokes, but they didn’t let any of my goods to be lost or broken. Amazing, right? Yes, I was amazed as well. My fiancé rated them 6 out of 5. I give them full scores. Good job guys!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : South Bend, IN

No Photo Thomas
April 28, 2020


Best moving company

I was really tired of movers breaking their promises. I lost hope that there might be any company that exactly follows their words. Luckily and finally I found True state moving services that always did what they were supposed to do. They moved my belongings in time with no lost or damage. They did a big job. They prioritize their client’s demand at first. In my opinion, this is high time for other movers to be changed as professional. Otherwise people will never use any other mover except True state moving services as I will do from now on.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Oklahoma City, OK

No Photo Fredrick
April 27, 2020


Stress-free relocation

True state moving services performed exceedingly well during my last move. It was very easy to get a quote from them and the number was nothing but reasonable. The movers sent by the company were absolutely fantastic. They arrived on time and were very properly equipped. They took great care while packing our valuables. They handled the breakables very delicately. The loading process went very smoothly. I was very happy to see how well everything traveled when they made the delivery. Hiring this company relieved me off all my relocation stresses.

Origin : New York, NY
Destination : Hartford, CT

No Photo Antonio
April 23, 2020


Quick and professional service

I was referred to True state moving services by colleagues of mine. TV screens, couches, bed frames, mirrors, glass, other furniture and technical equipment were carefully covered with blankets and bubble wrap according to specifications and standard agreement. There were no any damages observed and the stairways are not very convenient to walk through. There was traffic on the way but it didn't cause any delay. Communication while signing the estimate was clear. I will use again their company.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Boston, MA

No Photo Nathaniel
April 21, 2020


They give what is wanted

Thank god True state moving services let me have things my way! Otherwise I would have never hired them. I didn’t want them to put my furniture in storage units as that may increase the chance for damage. The manager was very attentively taking notes of my request. When the men arrived at my home, I was quite pleased to see how professional and well equipped they all were. They finished packing and loading everything so quickly. The delivery was prompt as well. There was no damage suffered by anything. Most moving companies would not be that flexible. So I suggest you hire these guys if you love what you own.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Tampa, FL

No Photo Bryan
April 18, 2020


Fantastic company

True state moving services moved me a couple of weeks back and the action went as I wanted. The relocating guys listened to every little thing I said and followed accordingly. They were wise, effective, solid and extremely diligent. They moved me very smoothly. They delivered on time as well as there were no damages upon delivery. This moving company has extremely affordable prices which is a benefit for people like us. I will certainly constantly use this moving company since they are specialist as well as budget-friendly. It was fantastic!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Providence, RI

No Photo Cedric
April 9, 2020


Old but dependable brand

True state moving services has been in operation for as long as I can remember. Many people in my family, when they relocated, hired this company. When the time came for me to move, I hired them and told them to bring their A game. They did, along with their very capable and well trained men. They made sure my valuables were transported safe and sound to my new apartment. No wonder these guys have lasted so long in this field. Their efficiency is their trump card.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Atlanta, GA

No Photo Bobby
April 7, 2020


It was a good experience

I must say I had a great experience with True state moving services. Over the past 5 years I've moved several times for my job. The last company I used left a sour taste in my mouth. They broke several of my things and I was disappointed. This company was very professional, and took great care of my things. They were prompt, and the crew was neatly dressed. I was trying to stay in a certain price range, and they met my budget. I've already referred a few of my friends to them who will be moving soon. For your next move you need to call them. You won't be disappointed if you hire these guys.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Chattanooga, TN

No Photo Marcus
April 3, 2020


I am mesmerized

Professionalism through and through- and it’s a guarantee when you hire True state moving services. They were there on time ready with all kinds of packing materials you can think of. They delivered the furniture on time. They took great care both in putting the furniture in the truck and taking it out. The movers had a great attitude and asked me various times if there was anything else I needed. They went above and beyond the call of duty by installing the television in the armoire which was sitting on the floor. They had to remove all the wiring and reinsert it. It took a little bit of time since it wasn't their expertise but they persisted until it was done and done correctly. This saved me lots of time and trouble and I was very thankful for that.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Miami, FL

No Photo Roger
March 31, 2020


Best moving experience ever

It was a long distance move for me and my family. But True state moving services handled everything very efficiently. They took everything I pointed and delivered to the 3rd flood without elevator. But all my furniture arrived perfectly and safely as well. I must say they were so efficient. I had moved for several times in the past. But it was the best experience I ever had. Thank you guys so much for making this move so painless for me and my family.

Origin : Baltimore, MD
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Dustin
March 28, 2020


Effortless move

When I decided to hire a moving company for my move, I discovered True state moving services. They were kind and graceful. They moved my furniture so easily and deliberately. In addition, the cost was so affordable for me; I don't think I could get better than their offer! I truly valued their work. They genuinely took proficient care of my things. If I need to move again, I definitely call them again.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo Edward
March 24, 2020


I booked them again

I have moved many times in my life and have had some pretty nasty experiences but True state moving services made it really easy for me. They stuck to their quote, showed up on time, were really careful wrapping my stuff and just great guys. I lived in a basement suite that had a terrible stairway and they just took on the challenge no problem. I already told a friend of mine about their great service and she's just booked them for her move in a couple of months.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Philadelphia, PA

No Photo John
March 18, 2020



This is the corona virus of moving companies. Complete scammers and unprofessional, ghetto people. Whatever they quote you ignore it. They try and upcharge you when they pick up and deliver your items. Plan on it costing you 3x the amount and my stuff came damaged. 0 stars.

Origin : New Jersey
Destination : Arizona

Quoted Price : $500.00
Actual Price : $2,000.00

No Photo Dawn
March 15, 2020


Very quick service

The movers from True state moving services have a cool team and team spirit. I received a very fast estimation. They moved all my goods without any damage. They came in to pack on time and moved everything properly to our new house. The lads didn't stop till the job was done. They did an excellent service and they were very friendly and helpful team. I'm really happy with the service provided by this company and would highly recommend them.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Knoxville, TN

No Photo Robert
March 12, 2020


Relocating made easy

With true state moving services, relocation is fun and simple. These guys are just amazing. They are always smiling, even when they are carrying your heavy couch. They were responsible for moving my belongings in June. They outperformed my expectations completely. I was quite sad having to leave but they were always cracking jokes to uplift my mood. I will be forever grateful to these guys. They made sure my valuables were delivered in the exact condition they took them from the old house. Even their price was more than fair.

Origin : Baltimore, MD
Destination : Kansas City, MO

No Photo Bruce
March 8, 2020


It was a great relocation

Relocating to me and my family members is constantly a significant problem, we typically try to move by ourselves however this time around we went looking for aid to make our lives less complicated. We did some excavating online as well as after doing many hours of research we found True state moving services. I first off intend to say that we were extremely pleased by their professionalism and reliability. The relocating team was careful with our beneficial objects as well as satisfied our every requirement. My wife and I are very grateful for the help. I would most definitely suggest them for every mover in need.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Richmond, VA

No Photo Bob
March 7, 2020


They took the stress away

True state moving services was one of the most professional and convenient ways for me to move. I cannot stand moving for all the hard work involved in it, but when I had to for work, using this company made the process a lot easier. Their manager walked me through the entire process of using their trucks. The way they do things is pretty much the same as any other moving company, but the care, friendliness, and desire of the workers to help makes their service stand above the rest. The prices also fall in line with all of the movers in my area so I would definitely recommend their services.

Origin : Hartford, CT
Destination : Charlotte, NC

No Photo Frederick
March 3, 2020


It was a good move

Who knew moving could be this easy? But given how easy and effortless True state moving services makes relocation seem like, it’s hard not to want to move. The movers arrived early on the moving day to get a head start. They packed everything with precision and skills. The boxes containing breakables were attentively packed using a lot of tapes. They finished loading everything within a very short time. I was at awe since if I did the same job, it would have taken me a month at least. The men safely transported each of my items. They unpacked and put everything where they belong. It was a great moving experience and I’m truly humble for it.

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : Oklahoma City, OK

No Photo Eric
February 28, 2020


They are awesome

So I attempted to sell a lot of points however as I boxed up my things I discovered that I was maintaining much more things than I was leaving offer for sale. The points I produced available for sale were ultimately taken back in by my spouse. In between the 2 of us we concurred that we would not simply release all those memories and so we determined to attempt a relocating company. I got to state; it was probably my finest decision. My new home currently seems like a house as a result of all the things they transported a whole lot of memories for me. My things got here in terrific condition on the set day. Staff members of the company aided me unload whatever thoroughly and the moving companies behaved via out. It was generally a wonderful idea in the end!!

Origin : Newark, NJ
Destination : New York, NY

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