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License Info: US DOT # 1743640
ICC MC # 638500
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Year of Estd: 4/17/2008

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Trusted Van Lines
1746 Junction Avenue Suite E

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Toll Free: 888-988-9883
Phone: 408.452.8884
Fax: (408) 715-2528

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No Photo Ayan
September 26, 2013

Good service but delivery of my goods ...

What I experienced is good but you know there were some small things like here and there that I would like to mention - some of the floor lamps that got broken due to transportation, that floor lamp stand is not working properly right now. One of my sofas got some scratches. That is some small things, other than that it is good. I got other price quotations also but I chose this company basically due to their feedback and all. I got some low prices and I think that the price can be reduced, but it's as good as it can be. It can be reduced to somewhat lower though. Packing was good. For unpacking I would say they unpacked most of the furniture and all but the box where I put the light and all -- when I told them to unpack it they told me that they never opened the boxes and all. Other than that the furniture and all was packed properly. I did receive all the services that I requested. The time they took is almost like one month. If it can be reduced that would be good because they took my stuff on the 28th of May and I got it back this Monday. So it's quite a long time. Actually, I had to buy some stuff on my own due to it taking such a long time. If that can be reduced then that will be good. The crew was good. The guys who took my stuff from California, they are really good. I would say that they are better than the guys who put the stuff back.

Origin : Concord, CA
Destination : Parsippany Troy Hills, NJ

No Photo Marrtina
April 5, 2013

Move done to perfection

My moving experience was good. It' was a great crew, they showed upon time, it was good. The staff, the actual movers were very professional and friendly and they made my move very smooth and seamless. Well, that was kind of messed up, because the sales person under estimated the job by five hours. When I had told them ahead of time that I knew it gonna cost more than what he had quoted me, that was disappointing. I received all the services I requested. Packing was done up to my satisfaction. I would just say that the sales people need to get better at estimating and listen to the customer when they think that the sales person is off because I had almost the double price than the estimate.

Origin : Los Gatos, CA
Destination : Los Gatos, CA

No Photo Jared
February 15, 2013

Responsive staff responsible service

I think probably their responsiveness. If I called somebody, if they weren't there to answer the phone. They would call me back very quick. The pricing was very fair. The crew members were quality - they did a nice job handling and wrapping everything and unpacking. No complaints at all. For their customer service I would just say they did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them.

Origin : San Jose, CA
Destination : San Diego, CA

No Photo Mary
February 14, 2013

Fantastic gentlemen

Movers were very good, it was great. They were excellent, they walked through, asking what I was taking to my new house, what I was taking to storage. They marked everything and they wrapped everything. I was able to sit back and watch. They have reasonable prices. Packing was good. Those gentlemen were fantastic.

Origin : Pacheco, CA
Destination : Pacheco, CA

No Photo Janet
February 7, 2013

Courteous crew did a great job

It was pretty good move for the most part. They came a lot sooner than originally expected. They gave ten business days in the inventory and they actually came within 3 or 4 business days of me arriving here which is very nice. They were very reasonable and honestly I even checked about 7 to 8 companies and 4 of them came to do an estimate at my home.They were the closest to accuracy to my actual move. They didn't overly inflate. They even gave me a guarantee that it will not go over 500 pounds charge, they didn't go ove the estimate they gave me. When the most the companies do the quote and then they say if it goes more you have to pay the difference. They gave me the guarantee that it wouldn't go over the weight and I wouldn’t have to pay more if it goes over, they were actually close to my weight in general. The crew was really good, especially the first crew who picked up our stuff, they were really good, they came early in the morning, they call me at 8'o’clock at first and they were 10 minutes away, which was great. It was three men crew and they helped us to take all our stuff and they took most of morning to take so many little boxes, but they were really nice and they even helped us organize them in the boxes as I had not finish packing and I didn't even expect them so early. They were very really nice and courteous whole time and there were no damages. The wrapping of the furniture was really surprising, they wrapped all my furniture. I wasn't even expecting that they pack everything they even box my table that is glass. There is another thing like the other companies have quoted me to crate my glass table like $200-$300, they only charged me $55 for that and also I think like $35 or $45 for my TV, I have 55 inches plasma and over $100 for that. They were honestly most reasonable.

Origin : San Jose, CA
Destination : Tacoma, WA

No Photo Rob
October 2, 2012

Good communication and fair pricing

I was referred to this company by my friend and am very much impressed with the way the move proceeded. Two things I liked about this company was their communication and accurate estimates. The movers were very professional and finished the move in a timely fashion.

Origin : San Jose, CA
Destination : Arlington, VA

No Photo Sadri
September 18, 2012

I am very happy that I went with this ...

They were just great - very friendly, cooperative, professional staff, from pick-up to delivery. Before moving, I was pretty afraid about how things would turn out. But then I watched them very closely and they did a great job on picking up and delivering our things from Monte Vista to Oxnard.

Origin : Monte Vista, CA
Destination : Oxnard, CA

No Photo Chris
September 17, 2012

Lived up to their name

They were awesome! The personnel were very professional and on time. What I really appreciate about the entire episode was they didn't try to nickel-and-dime and overcharge us. They were competitively priced and did not try to increase the figure. I would definitely like to recommend them to anyone who wants their move carried out by trusted professionals.

Origin : Burlingame, CA
Destination : South Lake Tahoe, CA

No Photo Michael
August 20, 2012

Liked their service

After much deliberation I picked this company for my move and they did a fine job. The pick up went smoothly but unloading of the items got delayed by two hours and they were supposed to be four men. The unloading stretched into the night and was carried on by just two movers. They did a fine job - no chipped walls or damaged furniture. The pricing was reasonable but their estimates are not that accurate.

Origin : San Francisco, CA
Destination : Palm Springs, CA

No Photo Phoebe
July 15, 2011

Courteous, professional

The staff at Trusted was good - they were ontime (or early) and finished within a very reasonable amount of time. I moved from a 3rd story walk-up and they were able to move me out very quickly and efficiently. The furniture was wrapped nicely with wrap and blankets. The estimator was extremely close in estimating lbs. The difference in actual price from estimate was due to supplies from movers for packing materials and labor for a couple of pieces -tv / mirrors / pictures. My only complaint is that they quoted 5% cash discount for the move. I found out only later that they provided the discount only on the back-end and only for 50% of the move. It's a nice perk, but they gave the impression that it was on the entire cost, not just the first half. On the receiving end, my things came out only slightly worse for the wear. It's expected with any long distance move that some furnuture pieces are slightly damaged. Out of 4 things I've found so far, 3 are able to be easily fixed with little investment. I would use them again, but would probably take more care to oversee wrapping of furniture and would catalog the damage carefully on the backend.

Origin : San Francisco, CA
Destination : Las Vegas, NV

Quoted Price : $1,750.00
Actual Price : $1,920.00

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