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Two Men And A Truck, Albuquerque NM
3215 Matthew Avenue Northeast
AlbuquerqueNM 87107 USA

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Phone: 505-872-8787

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No Photo Lee
September 6, 2023


Worst moving company I’ve ever dealt with: 6 houses and 4 states. They do not come out to your home to look at what they will be moving they just give you an inaccurate estimate. The guys moving you inform you to tip them and feed them and tell them when to take a break. They left a whole pack of cigarette butts,portion of burger and fries on my freshly graveled driveway. If they didn’t want to pack something they would toss it in the closet as if I wasn’t going to vacuum or confirm all items were packed. After forgetting to deliver all our storage that was supposed to be separated from everyone else’s,they had to come all the way back to OK to bring what they thought was the rest: 3 very large tv’s,20’ extension ladder,half master closet,almost everything in the kitchen. Yes they brought other people’s items mixed with ours. There are many lost and broken items. After almost 2 months of me sending weekly emails requesting status on repairs/replacement they found a company to repair some things and they gave a 5+ months until they can get to ours. No response from management. My inventory list was blank and I didn’t receive it until the 1st delivery. They didn’t use the mattress bags that they had me pay for. They don’t box tv’s. Runaway. GM should be fired for allowing this type of service and his inaction to remediate.

Origin : NM
Destination : OK

Quoted Price : $9,000.00
Actual Price : $14,000.00

No Photo Michael
November 21, 2022

Unhappy Customer

It's nice hearing all these positive reviews. Unfortunately ours was not good. We used them back at the beginning of September to move us from Santa Fe to Rio Rancho. Everything at the beginning was great. They picked up and loaded all our boxes and furniture on time. They were two young men that showed up. We took to them fast and were laughing and poking fun the whole day. When we got to our new house they started unloading. As they were unloading I noticed that they broke the wheel off my craftsman tool box. The kid got his hand held and took a picture and filled out information. I signed it and they kept unpacking. Come to find out that it was for a item that was already broken and the company was not at fault. I wasn't told that therefore I didn't read the fine print. That was my fault however it was misleading. We bought the boys lunch and they finished up. A few days later as we were trying to unpack we noticed things were damaged. Turns out they broke our 75" TV. Damaged our dinning room table that was just refinished with multiple bad scratches and a major gouge on the surface. We reached out to the company to make a claim. We are the end of November and nobody calls us back or has settled our claim for us. Mind you we paid $1800 for their services but they did more in damage. The TV alone was $2200.00 and the refinish was about the same. We have been ghosted and they refuse to call us or work with us on our claim. I would not recommend using them for this major fact. They seem to be great if they don't break your stuff! Good luck getting a claim done. Me and the wifey had to go buy a new TV the day it was discovered it was broke adding to the stress and cost of moving!

Origin : Santa Fe, NM
Destination : Rio Rancho, NM

Quoted Price : $1,800.00
Actual Price : $1,800.00

No Photo Im
December 9, 2013

Horrible Moving Company

They damaged my stereo speakers in front of me and took five weeks to return me after threatening to call police. Speakers still damaged. This company repeatedly lied to me about my claim. Do not use!

Origin : albuquerque
Destination : albuquerque

Quoted Price : $415.00
Actual Price : $415.00

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