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United American Moving Location


United American Moving
2700 W Atlantic Blvd suite 208
Pompano BeachFL 33069 USA

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Toll Free: 888-918-0355
Phone: 888-918-0355
Fax: 954-716-7900

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No Photo Steven
December 12, 2020

These are NOT movers

WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER! Also, these are not movers, according to the Florida Attorney General's office, they are moving brokers. You're essentially paying them thousands to make a few phone calls and sell your under bid move to an actual mover. I'm basically echoing the same experience that Claire F. posted, as mine was identical. I searched for movers online March 7, 2020. I went to a googled website, and you put in the number of bedrooms, and it generates a "quote". At the time a 3 bedroom house moving 120 miles away shows up as costing $1,300-$1,900. That's just a price to get you to call, because naturally it is too good to be true. You call the company, do a talk through of your household items, and then they quote you in the $7,000 range, which is obviously much more than the price they lured you in with. Then they play the "name your price" game. So, I gave them $5,200 based on other estimates I had for the same move. They were able to "apply a military discount", and some other "discounts" and gave me a quote for $5,216.40. Obviously a far stretch from the price they lured me in with online, but understandable. Then they set you up with a phone call for another walk through/talk through inventory. The first call, the kid calling "had an emergency with his girlfriend", so he rescheduled halfway through the day before the move. He calls back the day before the move, and does the walk through inventory. He talks my wife into adding more boxes to be on the safe side, and shockingly our estimate is now $2000 more. It was concerning, but I'm two days from my house being sold, so I am in a bind at this point. He tells my wife on the first phone call it would take most of a semi-truck, and it would be one day to pack and the next morning to load. The second time he called to finish the estimate, he tells her that it would be a whole truck, and one day to pack and load. That afternoon, I get a confirmation call stating the movers would show up between 9AM-1PM. Again, I expressed my concerns, which was I sold my house, and I had to be out by Thursday. They are assuring me everything is going to be perfect. Worst move ever. So, the day of the move someone calls me around noon to tell me they will be at my house around 3:30PM with a 26ft truck. I was beside myself. No words can describe what was going through my mind. They arrive at my house 3 hours after the time promised, and they proceed to tell my wife that we would need to pay another $4,000 to move everything. Really...the day I have to be moved out of my house, they are telling me that I need to pay another $4,000 to make it happen? Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. I spend the next few hours hearing about how they quote...cu. ft., etc. It is a complete scam. Bottom line, my wife and I detailed everything in my house, and they talked me into exaggerating my goods to avoid this exact situation. They moved a

Origin : Norton, MA
Destination : Canton, CT

Quoted Price : $4,200.00
Actual Price : $7,200.00

No Photo Hardik
August 4, 2020

They are a BROKER and extremely bad ...

They are a Broker.  Very important to know that, they do NOT have trucks, drivers etc.  All they do it give you a bogus low quote, take upfront money and then redirect to the cheapest possible company so they can make even more money.  They gave us a quote of $5281 and bill sent to us was $9891! Our stuff was picked up on June 19 and promised to be delivered soon, it is Aug 4 today - almost 7 weeks and still no update.  When I called this company - the rep actually said 'We got the upfront fees, now you coordinate with the moving company, we do not  do anything'.  And Stress Free Movers will never pickup and have still not delivered.  I am at loss here - upfront money paid and no delivery date, completely at their mercy! Bait and switch and horrible horrible service.  They dont care about you or your stuff no matter how much sweet talk they do, they will take the upfront money and will not call or pick up calls. Billy called me 10 times in 3 days to get their service and then never every picked up, Beth was horrible to talk to, I think she is just a horrible person! Extra money, No delivery till now - cant get worse than that... STAY AWAY, MILES AND MILES AWAY!

Origin : Louisville
Destination : Fremont

Quoted Price : $5,200.00
Actual Price : $9,900.00

No Photo Janice
May 13, 2020


This company pressured us into a contract that was under quoted - which means it would have likely doubled. The took our deposit of over $2400. When we realized it was under quoted, they would not return numerous emails and phone calls. they did not do the move - but kept the $2400.

Origin : North Carolina
Destination : Ohio

Quoted Price : $5,800.00

No Photo Aaron
May 12, 2020

Avoid this BROKERAGE at all costs!

DO NOT USE THIS BROKERAGE AT ANY COST. If I could give them zero stars, I would. This place was an absolute nightmare for my cross country move (1,400 miles). First off, the present themselves as a moving COMPANY but they are a moving BROKERAGE. There is a big difference and you should do more research if you are unsure between the two. It will save you a lot of hassle. My original quote was for $1,800. Michael, the sales agent, called, we talked and went over inventory. At first, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He "forgot" a few things on the original quote and when I went to put down the deposit, a few things needed to be added. It cost me an extra $300 but I thought I would be good after that. A few weeks later, their primary guy (forgot his name at the moment) called to confirm inventory. We went over my inventory in detail. When all was said

Origin : Southern California
Destination : Dallas Texas

Quoted Price : $1,800.00
Actual Price : $4,500.00

No Photo Jeremy
November 21, 2019

The worst moving company.

They were trying to receive more money from me that it was estimated and after the delivery which was delayed in 3 months the most part of my items were broke and another part was missing, however, I didn`t receive any discount from them. They just blocked me and didn`t answer my emails now. You will just lose your money, time and nerves working with this company!

Origin : Florida
Destination : Idaho

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $2,500.00

No Photo Susan
October 9, 2019

DO NOT USE!!! These are Brokers not ...

TERRIBLE!! DO NOT USE!! I needed to move 8 items from my dads house in West Virginia to my home in NJ. The items had to be moved in a very small window because we had to drive to WV (7 hours) on Saturday night 10/5 and then turn around and come right back Monday morning 10/7. I was on google to rent a U Haul when I saw the moving company ad and thought wow that would be so much easier. I entered my info to request a quote and before I got off the website my phone started ringing. I didn't answer the first two times but they kept hitting redial so I answered. I explained my situation to Eric and he said "no problem, we can help you". Granted they were odd items but when I requested the quote I told them they were commercial, i.e. two ATV's, a riding lawn mower, a planer, a hutch, a dresser, a chest freezer and a wooden chest. I estimated the sizes because I was in NJ. The items were in WV. The quote was $2600 for 8 items. That was more than I was willing to pay so I was going to go with the U Haul. Before I could get downstairs to tell my husband, they called back and said that they had a cancellation in that area and would rather have my business than a partially empty truck. The quote was 1880. I figured OK and signed the contract on 10-1-19 and paid 635 down payment. WHAT A MISTAKE. On 10/4/19 I received a call from Jordan who said that the items were miscalculated and because they were "bulky" they had to charge more. He gave me an estimate of 2342. I said I could not afford that and said I wanted to cancel. He said because I booked within 7 days of the move I would forfeit my deposit. So, I said fine but I was not paying more than 1880 so he said that they would put as much as they could in the 430 cubic feet on my estimate. On Friday evening and Saturday, I was contacted numerous times to see if they could do the pickup. I explained numerous times that I was in NJ and would not be in WV until 11 am Sunday. Soooo Sunday comes, it is pouring rain, the moving truck arrives and when he opens the back, there is "MAYBE" 6 feet of space on the back of the truck. I said my stuff is not going to fit in there. I showed him what needed to be moved and he just kept shaking his head. He said that my items list said 2 motorcycles, not ATV's (which I reiterated several times to everyone I talked to) and the other items were too big. I said forget it. If I have to rent a truck I might as well do it myself. He said he would take 3 of the items for $2300. I said no. I tried calling United American and go voicemail 3x. The driver got in his truck and then started honking the horn for me to come over (still pouring rain) rolls down his window and said he would take the 3 items for $2200. I said no. He said if you rent a U Haul you will have to pay a lot more than having them do it and I would have to load it myself and stop and pay at weigh stations. (I found out at U Haul that is not true). Finally, he hits the gas a fli

Origin : West Virginia
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $1,880.00
Actual Price : $2,300.00

No Photo Erica
September 26, 2019

Do not use

This company completely bait and switched me. It started with Grant telling me that he could move my 1 bedroom apartment for under $2000 (actually $1700 quote). After already giving a $650 deposit,Jordan was the first to bate and switch by telling me that the measurements of my storage unit was off (only by telephone,sight unseen) and my quote doubled to $3300 and he asked for an additional $750 deposit. He assured me that I would only pay for the cubic feet used though,so I went with that. Throughout these conversations with both Grant and Jordan,myself and my family consistently asked the following: "are the people picking up the ones who will be doing the driving and drop off" "will it be taken with other peoples shipments" and "will it be arriving the weekend following pickup as anticipated." Both Grant and Jordan assured me that the people picking up would be the ones doing the driving and drop off,my shipment would not be with others,and it would be arriving the Friday,Saturday,or Sunday requested. Well moving day comes along and they don't show up on the designated day,but rather call late in the day to say the backup date (the next day) would be pick up. Back up day comes and they are late again. When they finally show up it is a couple of middle men with a budget rental truck. They inform us of an extra charge because of walking an additional 75 ft (which was expected),but they also informed us that my shipment was going to a warehouse,would held there,then shipped with other items,and that it would take 14-21 business days (none of which was laid out in my contract). Because I needed my belongings to arrive by that designated weekend,we sent the movers away and are currently uhauling my belongings myself. In addition,I spoke with the supervisor Jaime after numerous unpleasant conversations with customer service. Although Jaime was kind,she would not refund my deposit. I am not an unreasonable person and asked for a partial refund,maybe of just the second deposit,due to the gross lack of communication and inaccuracy of the contract. Still,they would not refund my deposit. Now I am in the process of deciding on next steps to recover full are partial funds. DO NOT USE!!!

Origin : Pasadena, CA
Destination : Auror, CO

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $3,300.00

No Photo John
September 24, 2019

efficient and professional

This company are so efficient and professional. The movers were very careful, friendly and fast. They made my moving process to ny super smoothly. I cannot recommend them enough. Definitely worth every penny. Will hire them for my next move.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : New York, NY

Actual Price : $3,700.00

No Photo George
September 16, 2019

Good move.

The move went well. There were no issues with additional costs or other issues. The moving team was on time.

Origin : Fort Meyers
Destination : Jacksonville

Quoted Price : $2,200.00
Actual Price : $2,200.00

No Photo Stephen
September 15, 2019

No issues.

My move for work from Manhattan to Florida went smoothly. United American did a great job for me. They were always on time. There were no cost over-runs. I recommend their services.

Origin : New York City
Destination : Fort Lauderdale

Quoted Price : $6,700.00
Actual Price : $6,700.00

No Photo Sven
September 14, 2019

Move went well

Great moving team with a lot of experience. They did a great job for me and my family. The price was good and there were no delays or issues.

Origin : Boca Raton
Destination : Atlanta

Quoted Price : $7,700.00
Actual Price : $7,700.00

No Photo Andrew
September 14, 2019

Good move

The move went well Andre I was happy with the customer service

Origin : Boca Raton
Destination : Saint Petersburg

Quoted Price : $3,300.00
Actual Price : $3,300.00

No Photo Pearce
September 14, 2019

Great movers.

Not a far move but great job and great pricing.

Origin : Jacksonville
Destination : Daytona

Quoted Price : $2,100.00
Actual Price : $2,100.00

No Photo Jessica
September 13, 2019

Great team of movers.

United American Movers did a great job for me during my move last week. There was no loss or damage to my things and all went smoothly. Recommend.

Origin : Manhattan
Destination : Boca Raton

Quoted Price : $6,700.00
Actual Price : $6,700.00

No Photo Sarah
September 12, 2019

Good moving experience.

My recent move from New Jersey to Philadelphia went very well. The cost was fair and the moving team was professional and on time.

Origin : Cherry Hill .
Destination : Philadelphia

Quoted Price : $2,600.00
Actual Price : $2,600.00

No Photo Robert
September 12, 2019

Flawless Move.

Great experience from the minute I contacted United American. They sent a very friendly team of movers. I highly recommend their services.

Origin : Miami
Destination : New York City

Quoted Price : $5,500.00
Actual Price : $5,500.00

No Photo Samantha
September 11, 2019

Flawless Move.

United American Movers recently moved me and my family to Orlando as I accepted a new job. They packed our things carefully and there was no loss or damage. Their pricing was fair compared to their competitors. Recommend.

Origin : Fort Lauderdale
Destination : Orlando

Quoted Price : $6,663.00
Actual Price : $6,663.00

No Photo Janet
September 11, 2019

Great Move

My recent move from Miami to Los Angeles went smoothly. There were no cost over runs or damage to my things. The moving team was highly professional and were always on time. Highly recommend.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Los Angeles

Quoted Price : $6,600.00
Actual Price : $6,600.00

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