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Membership(s) & License Info.

License Info: US DOT # 778030
ICC MC # MC348470
Insurance: On file: $750,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 11/18/1998

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United Movers of America Inc
1649 Sands Place SE Suite D
MariettaGA 30067 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 800-778-7983
Phone: 800-778-7983

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No Photo Sharon
November 13, 2019


No reply nor call back from office

United Movers of America picked up 2 twin bed sets, a dresser and a night stand in Florida and shipped them to NJ in early August. On arrival the bed rails from the twin beds were missing. I called their office spoke to Liz who agreed to refund $50 due to an initial overcharge plus she said she would re-imburse a small reasonable cost to replace the bed rails (without my having to go through the formal claims process). I replaced the bed rails at $35 each and have been trying to get this refund since mid August. They have not replied to any of my emails nor phone messages. I am so sorry I chose this moving company, they do not deserve our trust and business.

Origin : Pembroke Pines, FL
Destination : New Jersey

Quoted Price : $1,160.00
Actual Price : $1,210.00

No Photo Kyle
September 19, 2019


Dishonest and Unprofessional

TL;DR. This company willingly deceived us about the moving process, delivery times, and details of the contract. They damaged and lost our possessions. In the beginning they were eager to sign the contract and pick up our belongings in a timely manner. They seemed attentive and even caring. Unfortunately, we made the enormous mistake of trusting them. Don’t fall for it. Once they had picked up our belongings we realized that all was not as it appeared. For starters, it was only after they had loaded our things onto the truck that we were presented with the actual contract and its many clauses and stipulations. The “estimate” they first gave me stated that my delivery would arrive in about 3-11 business days. The employees who spoke with me on the phone even assured me that my things would, in all likelihood, arrive in less than 5 days. However, the contact they asked us to sign after they had loaded our things onto the truck stated that they have 30 days to deliver. This company held our possessions hostage for weeks. Do not believe their initial estimate about delivery times. In fact, various employees at United Movers of America outright LIED to me on a consistent basis. One employee, Mike, was particularly egregious in his lies. He repeatedly told me that the driver was coming “tomorrow.” I canceled my plans several times and stayed at home for a delivery truck that never arrived. This happened for 5 consecutive days before Mike stopped answering his phone. Do not trust him if you have the misfortune of being directed to this dispatcher. When I called the company to ask them what had happened to the truck that Mike had promised would arrive, they stated the driver was now three states away and he would not arrive for 3 more business days. This too was a lie, because in reality the truck did not arrive for 8 more days. They moved our furniture from storage area to storage area. Our belongings were first sent to Atlanta, then to Illinois, then to Ohio, before finally being delivered to Minnesota. When our furniture finally did arrive –weeks later—there were many items that had been lost or damaged in the move. When you look at the delivery truck this is easy to understand: your belongings are mixed in with the possessions of many other people and only separated by a small colored sticker. There were personal photographs of another family amongst our things and I had to search through the truck myself to find missing items such as table legs, my bedroom dresser, laps, etc. The furniture that did arrive was dirty and much of it was broken. This, again, is not surprising after witnessing how the driver took the next delivery out of the truck and left it to sit under the rain for hours while he unloaded our things. This company dented and scratched nearly every piece of furniture in their care. The utter incompetence of everyone involved was appalling. They did not hire “professional movers” to deliver my furniture but instead

Origin : Carrollton, GA
Destination : St. Paul, MN

Quoted Price : $1,920.00
Actual Price : $4,611.00

No Photo Mike
August 2, 2019


Part 1, A Move in Progress, Grade D.

Honestly, I do not know how I got hooked up with United Movers of America, but it was probably a website such as this. They called me. I was previously going to use another similar broker mover whose office was close to us, but they could not commit to a delivery date within 10 days of the requested delivery date (which was 21 days after pickup). Claudia, from United Movers of America, committed to a 3 day window. Last minute change and the move was hers. Agreement was signed, deposit was made, pick up date scheduled. Claudia told me Alex the dispatcher would get a hold of me a couple of days before pickup. I waited for that date .... then called him. He agreed to a pick up window from 11am to 3pm. Sunday pick up comes around, we wait, wait wait, I get a call from a driver, he has a problem, his first delivery he was still waiting to unload, client a no show. The company is going to reassign driver. 3pm, I get a call from new driver, he is in Kentucky, on his way, ETA in Chicago 7:30 - 8:30. We wait. Call from driver at 8:30pm, he has some road issues downtown Chicago, on his way soon. 9pm, drivers partner sick, has to put him on the road. he will find help for load up. On his way. 10pm, driver shows up alone, help on the way. 10:30pm, help has arrived, load up begins. Somewhere around 1:30am, driver says, I dont know who did your original estimate, but you are out of "cubes", and we are going to have to charge you allot more. I asked how he knows, and he says his box truck is marked on sides. We did not go and argue, and I knew that his truck was already loaded on the sides when he arrived, so there is no way he could have estimated anything. I told him that the inventory was pretty darn close to the original estimate, and I am not going to agree to his newly revised almost double estimate. We came to an accord with me not signing the "recension" of the original estimate, paid him the 50% of the original quote, he loaded up and drove away. 2AM. And then the next day, with all my stuff gone, in limbo, who knows where, I call Claudia, from United Movers of America, who promised me at the onset of this deal, that she was going to help, support and ensure that my move was smooth and problem free, tells me, once my load is picked up, she can no longer see my move ... but she will forward my concerns to the dispatcher, who, btw, never responded to any of my texts on the Sunday we were waiting for his driver, as he told me he would. All this was 5-6 days ago, and we have heard nothing since. We have out load in limbo. We have an unperfected contract and I am sure a confrontation to come. This Review is Part 1. We will see how Part 2 comes out. Actual final price is not yet agreed upon, amount shown above, is what driver was trying to get me to sign up for.

Origin : Chicago
Destination : San Jose

Quoted Price : $4,400.00
Actual Price : $7,200.00

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