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License Info: US DOT # 1866977

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Weststar Relocation
8414 Corbin Ave
NorthridgeCA 91324 USA

Contact Info

Phone: 877-609-0022
Fax: 818-609-0022

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No Photo Alexander
February 20, 2024

Beware of crew members

WARNING: THIEVES EMPLOYED. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Their employees will go through your belongings and keep anything valuable if left unattended. We would never have used WestStar Relocation for our move if we'd known in advance, based on reviews and the fact that others have reported theft by West Star employees in Yelp! reviews). Regrettably, we found out after the fact. We contacted International Van Lines (IVL), a company based in Florida with good reviews to execute our move due to the nature of our belongings (antique furniture, paintings, etc). To our surprise, on the day of our move, IVL subcontracted the job to a local company without our prior knowledge or consent. West Star's crew, though asked only to put hanging clothes from the closets into wardrobe boxes, went into and searched through bags and backpacks in the closets and removed several collectible coins from the bottom of one. When contacted, WestStar staff promised to conduct an internal investigation and stated they would contact us. A month later we've heard nothing from them. A police report classified the incident as Grand Theft has been made and a report will be made to the Better Business Bureau. The company is unethical, untrustworthy and unresponsive. Shame on IVL for subcontracting with WestStar, who they know by past report to have employees that steal, to continue to send them to unsuspecting client's homes, thereby aiding and abetting their crimes. Alex T.

Origin : Pacific Palisades, LA
Destination : City of Calabasas

Quoted Price : $6,900.00
Actual Price : $6,900.00

Entity Type: Carrier
Operating Status: Authorized For HHG
Out of Service Date: None
DUNS Number: -
Power Units: 4
Drivers: 3
MCS-150 Form Date: 6/3/2013
MCS-150 Mileage (Year): 56,100 (2012)
Operation Classification: Auth. For Hire
Carrier Operation: Interstate
Cargo Carried: Household Goods

Business Address:
7657 Winnetka Ave Ste 500 Winnetka, CA, 91306
Phone: 877-609-0022
Fax: 818-609-0022

Mailing Address:
7657 Winnetka Ave Ste 500 Winnetka, CA, 91306

Last Updated Date: November 29, 2013

Property Passenger Household Goods Private Enterprise


Type Common Contract Broker
Status Active None None
App Pending No No No


Type BIPD Cargo Bond
Required $750,000 Yes Yes
On File $750,000 Yes No

Authority History

Auth TypeHousehold Goods Common Carrier
Original ActionReinstated
Original Action Dt.02/05/2010
Disposition Dt.


Auth TypeCommon
1st Served Date12/16/2009
Effective Date01/19/2010
ReasonInvoluntary Revocation

Active/Pending Insurance

Insurance CarrierPraetorian Insurance Company
Posted Date04/22/2010
Converage From and To$0 - $750,000
Effective Date04/24/2010
Cancellation Date

Insurance History

Insurance CarrierFederal Motor Carriers Risk Retention Group
Converage From and To$0 - $750,000
Effective Dt. From and To 01/19/2010 - 04/24/2010 Replaced

Insurance Address

CarrierFederal Motor Carriers Risk Retention Group
AuthCarl R Sadler, Underwriting Officer
Address5114 ROUTE 33-34 NORTH., PO BOX 906 FARMINGDALE, NJ USA 07727


Inspection Type Vehicle Driver Hazmat IEP
Inspections 19 37 0 0
Out of Service 2 3 0 0
Out of Service % 10.5 8.1 0 0
Nat'l Average %
(2009- 2010)
20.72 5.51 4.5 N/A


Type Fatal Injury Tow Total
Crashes 0 0 0 0

Review Information

Rating Date Rating Review Date Type
1/17/2013 Satisfactory 8/6/2010 Non-Ratable

Unsafe Driving


Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 56100
VMT Year : 2012
VMT Source : Registration (MCS-150)
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 3
Total Inspections with Unsafe Driving Violations : 0
Total Unsafe Driving Violations : 0

Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance


Relevant Inspections : 36
Total Inspections with Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 7
Total Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliance Violations : 7

Driver Fitness

0.23< 5 insp. w/viol.80%

Relevant Inspections : 36
Total Inspections with Driver Fitness Violations : 3
Total Driver Fitness Violations : 3


Controlled Substances and Alcohol


Relevant Inspections : 36
Total Inspections with Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 1
Total Controlled Substances and Alcohol Violations : 2

Vehicle Maintenance


Relevant Inspections : 19
Total Inspections with Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 15
Total Vehicle Maintenance Violations : 42

Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance

-Not Public80%

Relevant Inspections : 0
Total Inspections with Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0
Total Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance Violations : 0

Crash Indicator


Average Power units : 3
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) : 52536
VMT Year : 2011
VMT Source : Registration (MCS-150)
Average Power Units (APU) x Utilization Factor (UF) : 3
Number of Crashes : 0
Number Tow-aways : 0
Number with Injuries or Fatalities : 0
Number with HM Release : 0

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