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Year of Estd: 3/1/2011

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Wright On Time Moving
440 Benmar Dr, Suite # 2035
HoustonTX 77060 USA

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Phone: 832-456-6683

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No Photo Tameka
July 24, 2017

The owner Jackie was Great

I was looking for moving quotes and the owner Jackie had given me a call when she called me she gave me a quote I loved her energetic personality. Told me that she was a family-owned business and I was very comfortable with that also she gave me a price the day of the move at the end I was received the same price she gave me plus the taxes I really enjoyed this service and I will recommend them to all my family and friends.

Origin : Houston
Destination : Spring

Quoted Price : $1,300.00
Actual Price : $1,300.00

No Photo Grace
October 21, 2015


To start with, they called me four times after booking to ask the same questions I answered during initial booking and on previous calls. After stating, the fact they are so unorganized made me nervous and mentioned looking elsewhere, they discounted the price to $150.00. They showed up over two hours late. I only had a crib, a dresser, a console table, and between 5-10 boxes to move. It took them TWO hours to load the truck. Primarily because the workers could disassemble a crib. After thirty minutes of him trying, it took me another thirty minutes to convince the lunatic to stop trying as he has already stripped the screwed and damaged the wood. He only stopped because I threatened to call his boss. We had to go back and get the crib later. After the truck was loaded we traveled 2.5 miles where they had to unload the dresser, console table, and 5-10 boxes. It took them another hour, they DESTROYED a dresser by ripping the corner off. They claimed it fell over in the truck. And why wasn't it tied down? They were well aware it was a very small move. They also damaged the legs on a console table and put a hole in a wall at the new house. I spent hours on the phone fighting with the "owner" telling me they would give me $25 after I went through a multi-step process to file a claim which included these yahoos coming into my house to look at the furniture. Pictures wouldn't suffice. After telling them to take their money and leave they refused to leave my property because I refused to sign their contract that stated I accepted the condition of the items from my move. Let's see, you showed up late, couldn't take apart a crib so left it behind, damaged the only two pieces of furniture you had to move, put a hole in my wall and you want me to sign something that states I accept it? Absolutely not. After them sitting in my driveway for two more hours I finally had to call the POLICE to have them removed from my property. By this time the owner was blowing up my cell phone yelling in ebonics. Classless, disgusting, unprofessional, downright bad people. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS, BUT THIS WAS SO BAD I HAD TO SHARE.

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $150.00
Actual Price : $150.00

No Photo Anonymous
January 29, 2015

It was a nightmare!

He was supposed to start at 12..he showed up at 4 pm...none of them knew anything about how to disassemble..showed up with no tools to take apart my bed...it was a nightmare as far as moving goes. I moved from the front of my neighborhood to the back of my neighborhood and it took them 12 hours to move me.

Origin : Spring, TX
Destination : Spring, TX

No Photo Sheils
January 19, 2015

They came so late, the office was ...

They had to come on two separate days because the first day, they came so late the [apartment] complex office was closed. The next day they finally made it but again they were late. They had promised to be my ride to the complex, but they were so late I had to take a cab to the property.

Origin : Kohrville, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

No Photo Diana
December 25, 2014

The is the WORST moving company in the ...

Where to begin? They will send two strong men to inspire confidence but that will soon be shattered as you see they only brought one dolly and thus they do the work of just one man. Hauling a load down to the truck and the other putting it in the truck instead of two loads going. If you get frustrated, they throw hissy fits and call the boss and threaten to quit so you have to kiss their @#* to keep them there because what can a half full van do to you on the day you have to be out. They tell you they only make $10 to $11 a hour to make you feel sorry for them not knowing they just admitted why they are going so slow. THEY ARE SLLOOWW in many ways. The boss is just a con man. He assured me that with my stuff which I fully accounted for down to the number of boxes would be done in three hours and it took over six. They were supposed to take some of my belongings to the dump as p[art of the deal. Instead while wasn't looking they dumped them in my new apartment's dumpster which I had been told (& told them) was not allowed. I got confronted about it and took up for them. The boss told me they said they did not do it. She had pictures. They are liars and he is a thief. I got charged $50 for their illegal dumping and I paid them to do it elsewhere. I never got a cent back. Also, they played for extra tip money saying that what I gave them, $50, wasn't enough. Later, I found out $200 was missing from my wallet that I got out of the bank that morning to pay them but the bill was to high so I had to charge it. They were the only ones near my wallet while I walked my dog between that morning and when I found it missing. They are lairs and thieves. Mr. Wright will bad-mouth other movers with wild stories to get business. He is a crook. STAY FAR AWAY. Tell your friends. It's not worth it. Believe me.

Origin : Houston, Texas
Destination : Houston, Texas

Quoted Price : $235.00
Actual Price : $450.00

No Photo Ernesto
December 19, 2014

Horrible Service

They were incredibly late rude and very unprofessional. Damaged my home very badly. Broke the stuff they were moving I can't say how horrible the owners are they ate very disturbing people who just tell a bunch of lies. I would not recommend this company they have very poor below poor service. Not worth it. I still had to pay them even after all the damage they did to my house. The owners are also rude and hangs up the phone when they are caught telling lies I have never experienced anything soo horrible in my life

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $75.00
Actual Price : $75.00

No Photo Christopher
November 20, 2014

They were quick, I would recommend ...

I'd recommend them. They did it quick, they got it done in a minimal time and everything.

Origin : Pasadena, TX
Destination : Pasadena, TX

No Photo Jamacia
October 20, 2014

I love Wright On Time and Referred my ...

I had a move on 10-12-14 The guys showed up and they did a GREAT job and was very professional and when I booked the move I spoke with the owner Mr. Wright. I recommended them to my mom and 2 coworkers they said they did a good job for them too and I would always request Orlando in the future. I LOVE WRIGHT ON TIME MOVING!!!!!

Origin : Houston, TX
Destination : Humble, TX

Quoted Price : $200.00
Actual Price : $625.00

No Photo Teni
October 17, 2014

It was crazy.

They were supposed to get there by 10 PM and didn't get there til 12 midnight after I called numerous times.They told me some excuse that they were supposed to help move the first lady, had to move a bunch of different places... They said they would be there within the hour, the hour turned into another hour,.. When it got to 12 midnight, I was supposed to get a three man crew, but they only came with two dudes. There was three of them but one of them didn't do anything. It ended up running longer than it should have gone...My mattresses were messed up, I guess one of the movers cut himself or something, so I ended up having blood on one of my mattresses...When they moved into my house... they ran the furniture into the wall, they chipped my wall...I have this big scrape on the side of my door. They messed up the foot of my dresser and didn't let me know they messed it up...I guess they just picked it up and tried to drag it across the carpet...It was crazy, they still charged me three hours for all that stuff I had to endure. It was crazy.

Origin : Stafford, TX
Destination : Rosenberg, TX

No Photo Thomas
September 24, 2014

Six hours late!

Horrible! They were supposed to show up at my house between 8 and 9 in the morning and they didn't show up until 2:30 in the afternoon. I called them numerous times and they told me they were on their way and every time that was a lie. And I was moving from Houston to Austin, and when they got there I had to help them load the truck so that I could get there in time to sign my lease and get my keys for my new apartment. They didn't get there until 7 at night. I had to help them unload, carry all my stuff up 4 flights of stairs and help them to get done by almost 1 in the morning. So I had to do half the work and pay them $1,900 and it was just a horrible experience. And I had to drive back to Houston that night so I didn't get home until about 3 in the morning. The movers themselves were fine, the guys that came in the truck. They were good, they did a good job and worked hard.

Origin : Crabb, TX
Destination : Austin, TX

No Photo Rikki
September 2, 2014



Origin : HOUSTON, TX
Destination : HOUSTON, TX

Quoted Price : $150.00

No Photo Shawna
August 24, 2014

Great movers!

Everyone at Wright on Time was very friendly and helped me get moved same day notice! I have never had movers that literally moved everything, I used to always have to help the movers move my things. At Wright on Time they do an excellent job and have great customer service and very friendly associates. Will definitely recommend.

Origin : Spring, TX
Destination : Houston, TX

Quoted Price : $400.00
Actual Price : $400.00

No Photo Randa
August 22, 2014

Great Job!!

The service was great! Very nice and friendly staff, great personalities and good service. Nice people to do business with with. Everyone works as a team to get the job done effectively. Was happy to pay and tip the movers for their hard work. I will definitely recommend Wright on Time to everyone I know!

Origin : Houston
Destination : Corpus Christi

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $1,623.75

No Photo Briann
August 22, 2014

Movers were great!

Movers were great, they got in and out quickly and professionally. Great job and friendly staff. Had no problems with move whatsoever.

Origin : Houston
Destination : Houston

Quoted Price : $175.00
Actual Price : $190.00

No Photo Jamarea
August 19, 2014

Good move with no complaints

I had a move with Wright on Time they are a husband and wife owned business and thats who I spoke with to book my move and everything they promised they delivered. They provided quality work with good customer service. I would refer them to my friends and family.

Origin : Houston, Tx
Destination : Houston, Tx

Quoted Price : $85.00
Actual Price : $85.00

No Photo Brittany
August 19, 2014

this company has come right on time

Customer service is amazing. A very helpful team or group individuals who go beyond to make sure you are satisfied and taken care of. I was in great hands from the time of the phone call to book my reservation to the time we were moved. This is a new up and coming business. I have no doubt they will go far with the work ethic and customer service they provide.

Origin : nw houston
Destination : nw houston

Quoted Price : $225.00
Actual Price : $225.00

No Photo Randall
August 19, 2014


what ever you do when its time for you to move make the wright move and call. wright on time movers i never known moving would be fun ,fast and cheap. no games no sitting around while. they are on the clock when i say the best i mean it they are not on time they are early thy mean what they say right on on time

Origin : texas
Destination : houston

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