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10 Reasons to Move Back In With Your Parents

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As a young adult, you await the time when you can finally move out of your parents' house. The independence you long waited for is finally here. You've planned a budget for rent and bills, and you think everything is going to work out perfectly. Until it doesn't.

moving back in with your parents

You're on the verge of missing payments, or even worse, eviction. Fortunately for you, there is a way out. It's time to pack up your bags and move back in with your parents. Some may see moving back home as an adult as taking a step backward, but you might not have any other option.

Here are 10 good reason why moving back in with your parents can be beneficial to you.

1. Living with your parents is free or low cost

Cutting back on rent and other expenses should be a good enough reason to move back in -- especially if you're having a hard time paying bills on your own. If you're working a full-time job, your parents may be more inclined to ask for some cash to cover the utilities you use or a small percentage of their mortgage costs. This amount will pale in comparison to the hefty rent and utility charges you pay elsewhere.

If you're lucky, your parents won't require any living costs which leaves more for you to save until you get back on your feet. Either way, be thankful. You may be sacrificing privacy and space but so are they. You should help around the house as much as you can until you get things in order. If you are helpful, it will make moving back home easier on everyone involved.

2. You can build a nest egg once you aren't paying rent

Money isn't everything, but you need to survive. And when your finances aren't in order, living on your own is difficult. When all your money goes to rent and food, there's no room for saving.

Moving back in with your parents allows you to build up a savings account.

Before moving out of your parents' home, you should establish some money saving habits. Whether it's half of your paycheck or the money you make from a side gig, even a little bit every now and then will add up. Not everyone will be fortunate enough to find an amazing job with spectacular benefits, so your savings is necessary to be successful down the line.

3. You won't eat out as much when you live with your parents

Living on your own means buying groceries and cooking for yourself. And if you can't cook, it means wasting money ordering fast food and eating out... which is a clear indication on why you need to move back in with your parents.

Nothing that beats a home cooked meal, and you probably won't have to pay for the groceries either. If you don't know how to cook, moving back might be the perfect way for you to learn a few meals.

4. Living with your parents is familiar

Living at home has its ups and downs. When you move out, you trade comfortability for privacy, but the tradeoff isn't as black and white as that. If you can ignore the aspect of total freedom, moving back home can be a more relaxed lifestyle.

While living at home, you're in a town you are accustomed to with close relatives. Moving back home may take some getting used to, but it's a lifestyle you once saw as routine. Soon you'll be reacquainted and able to appreciate the familiarity.

5. You'll be moving back in with the best roommates

It's no doubt that most parents will or have gotten on your nerves before. They've argued with you, because you stayed out too late or left plates unwashed. These things probably forced you out of the house in the first place.

However, as annoying they may seem, the company of family is extremely beneficial. Take advantage of your close bond. They put you first and are concerned for your well-being.

Parents never want to see their child suffering which is more than you can say about your roommate. Do you think your roommate is more concerned about you or the utility costs?

6. It's more flexible for moving out

Whether you're a senior in college or a young professional who hasn't secured a new job yet, flexibility is key. While at home, you are afforded the luxury of choosing the exact date you plan on leaving. If you are searching for an internship or looking for a career change, moving back home gives you the flexibility to pursue these ambitions.

And once you find what you're looking for, you won't need to break a lease or sublet. You can move out or relocate whenever you need to.

7. You can pay off your debt when you live at home

If you are currently paying off a credit card bills, student loans or your car, there's no reasonable option other than moving back in with your parents. Otherwise, your debt will keep growing, and the interest rate will double or triple the original amount.

Without rent looming overhead, you can allocate your money to where it needs to go. Living alone has many temptations that are hard to outgrow, like shopping and ordering out. Being at home keeps you grounded with less temptations, and your parents will hold you more accountable for your actions.

8. Living with your parents removes distractions

In college, you have a lot of visitors. Whether you friends come over to play video games or to "study" together, it's usually much more of a distraction than anything else. When you don't constantly have friends over, you are able to focus on your priorities.

You can schedule when to get work done and still find time to hang with friends. Moving back home will help you redirect your attention.

9. Moving back in with your parents lets you hit the reset button

Life comes at you fast. If you aren't prepared, life can get harder and harder to deal with. If you're over your head in bills, because you underestimated the cost of living in relation to your income, it's best to start fresh by moving back in with your parents.

Whether it was caused by a break up or losing your job, everyone makes mistakes. Moving back home allows you to learn from those mistakes and move forward with the knowledge you've gained.

10. Living at home gives you time to reassess long-term goals

Don't live in the moment and end up full of regret. Moving back home will give you time to plan out your long-term goals. If your goal in college was to graduate, get a job and move out, expand this dream into something loftier. (As a college freshman, you probably didn't account for your debt to income ratio.)

Trying to plan while dealing with current problems is practically impossible. You cannot save while drowning in debt. The best thing to do is move back home, have a clear understanding of how much you need to be making to live alone, and then work to hit that target. When you attain a position with that salary, you will be in a position to move out confidently.

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