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10 Road Trip Tips for Diving Across the Country

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If you are planning a road trip, either for pleasure or for a move, it is important to plan ahead and know what to expect. Whether your road trip is 200 miles, or 1,200 miles, we have come up with the best tips to make your road trip go great.

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Plan The Route

First and foremost, when you are planning to go on a road trip, make sure you plan your route. Planning your route not only ensures you know where you're going but also helps you familiarize yourself with the trip. For example, if you wanted to stop and see the world’s biggest ball of yarn, you can plan that stop for your trip.

Keep in mind not every trip will go as planned, so make sure you are flexible enough to change routes if necessary. There could be fires, wrecks, or other things that can shut down a road.

Prepare Your Car

Before you take any kind of trip, it is important to prepare your car for the journey. Is it time for an oil change? Get it down before your trip. Tires can be aired up to the necessary pound (check inside your door to know what levels your tires should be at).

Do a check of your fluid levels in your vehicle. Also, check your lights, and any other tech you plan on bringing with you.

Create Your Budget

To avoid overspending (as well as underspending), make sure you create a budget that will fit your needs. This allows you to know how much to spend on gas, food, as well as hotel rooms. If you’re driving due to a move, it is even more crucial to budget since you already spent so much moving.

Bring Food and Drinks

A good way to save money is to bring your own food and drinks. Take a trip to Costco and stock up on water, soda, individually packaged snacks (chips, beef jerky, granola bars, etc.), as well as stuff to make sandwiches. This eliminates the need to stop at fast food joints to load up on food, and it also eliminates the extra money spent at gas stations.

Make sure to keep your food easily accessible so you aren’t unbuckling your seatbelt to reach in the back seat.

Make Hotel Reservations Ahead of Time

When you are planning the route, consider making hotel reservations ahead of time. A good way to do this is to plan your stops and choose where you want to stop, just make sure it is feasible. For example, don’t plan your drive for the day to be 16 hours for one day. Not only is it unsafe, but it will also probably end up stressing you out.

Make a Music Playlist

To avoid any boredom on your trip, make yourself a driving playlist on Spotify or Apple Music. You don’t want your music to be repeated over and over, so if you need to, make multiple playlists.

Adding a playlist helps lighten up your drive, and it helps to make the time go by faster.

Bring a First Aid Kit

Another item to bring is a first aid kit. Since no one knows what to prepare for, it is always a great idea to keep a first aid kit in your car in case of an emergency. This is helpful to not only you but anyone else who might be in an emergency situation.

Keep in mind that a first aid kit should always be in your car. Here are some common items to have:

  • Benadryl
  • Ibuprofen
  • Band-Aids
  • Neosporin
  • Alcohol cleaning wipes
  • Gauze bandages

Download an Audiobook

If you have been meaning to catch up on that book or podcast series, you can always download an audiobook or even podcast series to listen to on your road trip. Of course, you could always listen to music, but if you get bored of that after a while, then check out a book.

Remember to Take a Break

Driving can be all-consuming, and before your eyes start to tire out, take a break. We recommend stopping every one to two hours on a long road trip. This not only helps your focus change but also allows you to stretch your legs. Remember, blood clots can occur from sitting too long while driving, so get out and walk around every few hours.

Take All the Pictures

Of course, remember to take pictures and have fun. No matter where you go, you will certainly run into some scenic sights. It is always a great thing to try to relax during your road trip, so make some memories and check things out along your way.

Overall, your road trip doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow these simple tips. If you have been moving and are on a road trip, make sure to relax and enjoy your drive. Whether you listen to music, a podcast, or even an audiobook, kick back and enjoy your drive to your new location.

Katherine Broome  Posted by Katherine Broome on April 5, 2022

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