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5 Reasons to Downsize from a House to an Apartment

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There are plenty of reasons to downsize your home, and there are a lot of compromises you'll make and things to plan if you do. Whether it's one person or an entire family that's moving, sometimes you reach a point that calls for a change of course. Read on to learn more about downsizing from a house to an apartment.

1. You need to reduce living costs

The cost of living is probably the most popular reason why people downsize from a house to live in a smaller space. If you can't afford a big house and an even bigger mortgage, due to:

  • Loss of your job
  • Changes in the economy
  • Problems with the housing market
  • Increased property taxes and utility bills

In some cases, your children may have moved out and force you to make important financial decisions. It happens often, and it's certainly nothing to be ashamed about. There are advantages to apartment living if you choose to downsize, such as property maintenance and amenities.

2. You have debts that need to be paid

Your financial situation can improve drastically if you downsize from a house to an apartment. Most importantly, paying off debts will be a lot easier. In most cases, a mortgage along with bills does not exceed the cost of living in an apartment. Therefore, it leaves you with extra income to pay off any debt that has floating over your head.

3. Your children moved out, and you don't need the extra space

When your kids are growing up, it seemed as if you would never have enough space. Between their scattered toys and clothes, a big house was necessary. But now that they're all grown up and moved out, that big house suddenly seems empty. When your children move to college, it may be time for you to move as well -- by downsizing to a smaller, more suitable apartment.

4. You're moving from the suburbs to the city

If you're making a move to a big city, you may need to downsize from a house to an apartment. Houses are often difficult to find in major cities, and space is much more expensive than it is in the suburbs. In cities like Manhattan, the costs associated with apartments are extremely high.

5. You simply want a change

Sometimes, we make changes to our living situations simply to switch things up. Maybe you're tired of that big house and want to experience more intimate, cozy apartment living. This change can be a good one, being that it will save you money and introduce you into a different lifestyle.

How to plan for your move from a house to an apartment

When you make the decision to downsize from a house to an apartment, the next step is planning your move and the transition from one to the other.

  • Think about what you'll need in your new place. Go through your house room by room and make a list of the belongings that you'll need to take with you.

  • Get rid of what you won't need. Before you even begin packing for your move, you'll to get rid of the belongings you won't need any more by donating them, giving them away to friends and family members or selling them in a garage sale. For example, you won't be able to use your lawnmower, snow blower and barbecue grill.

  • Prepare yourself for the change. Moving from a house to an apartment is not an easy transition. Change is always more difficult for young children, so explain to them the benefits of moving and the new things they will get to enjoy. Hopefully, that gets them excited about the move.

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Robert Moreschi  Posted by Robert Moreschi on December 21, 2018

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