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8 Ways to Find Affordable Movers

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There are a lot of moving companies but not a lot of affordable movers. Saving money is critical when moving to a new home, because you'll likely be spending a lot on closing costs, lawyer fees and new appliances and furniture. You want the best deals but also the best service.

Finding Affordable Movers

How can you find great service and save money at the same time? There are several ways to find affordable movers without getting scammed. All it will take is a little time and a lot of research.

1. Start the search for affordable movers early

As soon as you know you plan to move, start calling companies! It's never too early to investigate pricing.

Booking early also means:

  • More moving companies to choose from
  • Good probability your preferred date is open
  • Availability from in-demand companies
  • Time to pack on your own and save money
  • Possibility of truck sharing with another move

Booking a moving company six months in advance can save you 50 percent depending on the company. However, this discounted rate will require a deposit to ensure that you don't pull out of the agreement last minute.

2. Ask friends and family for their recommendations

Every company guarantees they have the best service, lowest prices and happiest customers, but how do you know the truth? Ask your friends and family for recommendation. Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly effective for companies, because it's genuine and requires no work on their part -- except for doing a good job.

Has someone you know moved recently? Use the opportunity to start a discussion.

  • Was their experience good or bad?
  • Would they recommend the company?
  • How much did the company charge?
  • Is there anything they would do differently?

Even if they were unhappy with the movers, you can learn from their mistakes. If, however, the company offered quality service at an affordable cost, you know who to call. Friends and family won't trick you, and they might even get a kickback for the endorsement. Win-win!

3. Read reviews from real customers

You can read reviews, compare ratings and listen to audio clips from real customers without leaving this website. We improve our service by listening to our patrons' opinions and suggest you research any company before hiring them. Movers that seem affordable at first might have a habit of adding on extra fees at the end or providing inaccurate estimates. Delving into a company's history will save you from possible scams or dishonest brokers.

4. Get free quotes from moving companies in your area

Use Movers.com to get in touch with the most affordable movers in your area. Fill out a quote form, you'll receive free quotes from up to 7 moving companies. Compare prices and services to decide what company best meets your situation. You shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

Reputable movers will do an in-home estimate. These are much more precise than over-the-phone pricing. An in-home survey considers specialty items (like pianos or antiques), long or stair carriers and loading difficulties -- all which will drive up the final cost.

5. Know what to ask the moving company

It is important that you feel comfortable with your choice. Don't be afraid to ask the moving companies lots of questions:

  • Do you charge per hour, distance or by weight?
  • Do you charge extra for specialty items?
  • Will to insure my items?
  • What is the claims process for lost or damaged items?
  • Do you charge any extra fees?
  • Do you provide packing supplies?
  • How many movers do you provide for this size move?

6. Do a background check on the moving company

Affordable moving is not synonymous with illegal movers. Never hire a company that is not licensed and insured -- always verify a mover's credentials first!

Non-fraudulent movers should have:

  • US Department of Transportation number
  • American Storage & Moving Association certification
  • Rating on the Better Business Bureau
  • Motor Carrier number (for intrastate movers)
  • Website and/or social media
  • References

7. Negotiate for a more affordable price

For local movers especially, companies that are smaller and family-owned are more open to negotiation. They will understand if you have major budget restraints and will work with you towards a compromise. Inquire about coupons, ongoing promotions or your eligibility for a discount, such as:

  • First-time customer
  • Returning customer
  • College student
  • Disability
  • Military
  • Senior citizen
  • Early booking
  • Off-peak day or season

Another negotiating tactic that might work? Bluff! Say that you received a lower bid elsewhere and ask for a price match. Or tell the representative the highest price you're willing to pay before walking away.

8. Don't sacrifice for low rates

Once you make your choice, communicate with the moving company regularly, so they are doing everything they have promised. Are you getting your money's worth? Although tempting, never trade service for a couple extra dollars in your pocket. It'll cost you in the long run!

Kelly Martini  Posted by Kelly Martini on January 16, 2019

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