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Advantages of Using a PO Box When Moving

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When you are going through moving and changing your address, your mail will continue to be delivered. By reserving a PO box during your move, eliminate this added hassle and ensure all your mail ends up at the same place. In addition to being a safe and private way of collecting your mail at your convenience, PO boxes generally receive mail faster than a home mailbox.

PO Box

The greatest advantage of having a PO box is the stability of having a constant mailing address while you're transitioning homes. When you set up your PO box, the first thing to do is to switch your contact information from your old mailing address over to your PO box. This way, timely mail -- such as bills, magazine subscriptions, checks and payments -- will be sent to one spot, and you won't have to worry about anything important ending up at your old mailing address.

Keeps your home less cluttered and your organized

Anyone with a mailbox knows just how quickly mail can accumulate. If you've ever gone on vacation for a week and come back to find a stack of mail almost as tall as you, then you know how cluttered mail can get. Having a PO box will keep mail from cluttering up your new home when you are trying to move in.

PO boxes are also the best way to make sure that your mail stays organized during your move. During the moving process, it's possible that a few pieces of mail will end up at your old address -- discarded, set aside or placed back in the mail and returned. What if important bills or letters containing valuable information were lost?

If you're someone who frequently changes homes, having a PO box will help prevent lost mail, saving you a lot of time and energy. PO boxes are also located in an area of the post office that remains open all hours of the day and night, so you'll always have access to your mail.

Secure and protected mail during your move

Using a PO box also means that all your mail will be safe. Each individual PO box is kept under lock and key with only one key made available to the owner to prevent possible theft.

PO boxes can also be a valuable tool when you move and change addresses. If you are not sure of the exact day that you will be moving into your new home, you can have your mail sent to a PO box in the meantime. This way, it will be safe at the post office rather than piling up in the mailbox at your empty home.

How to apply for a PO box

If you decide to rent a PO box, the first step is to fill out an application. You can either pick up an application card at your local post office or fill out an application online. 

To fill out the application form, you will need to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your current address
  • Your telephone number
  • The names of anyone who will have access to the box

If you are filling out the application online, you will be prompted to search for a post office in your area. After entering your address, you will be presented with a list of nearby post offices as well as the different sizes of PO boxes available at each one.

When you bring in your application to the office, you will also need to provide two forms of identification. Once the paperwork is completed, you will be given the key or combination to your new PO box.

There are five sizes for PO boxes:

  • They range in size from 3" x 5.5" up to 22.5" x 12"
  • Not all post offices will have each size available
  • Prices for the same-sized box can differ greatly between post offices of neighboring towns

While you might not mind paying more for a box that is closer to your home, you may get a better deal if you travel a little further to get your mail. When reserving, find a box and a post office that best match your needs in both location and price range.

TIP: When considering which post office to use, check the hours that the PO box will be available to you. Some, but not all, post offices have a 24-hour lobby.

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