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Advice On How to Move an Above Ground Pool

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When preparing for a move, you may consider bringing your above ground pool with you. While it may not seem convenient, relocating a pool isn't as difficult as it sounds. Follow these tips to effectively take apart and move your above ground swimming pool, so you can enjoy it for many more sun-filled days at your new home.


Disassemble the pool before moving it

  1. Remove all inflatable toys and rafts; deflate them and allow to dry before packing.
  2. Use a siphon to drain all the water from the pool. Begin this process at least 24 hours before disassembling the pool to remove as much water as possible. You may be still be left with several inches of water at the end of the process.
  3. Take pictures as you disassemble the pool to aid you in reassembly.
  4. Remove the rails from the top of the pool walls, remembering to keep track of all hardware (screws, nuts and bolts). You will need them for reassembly later. Keep the pieces in zip locks bags and label them.
  5. Pull the plastic caps or sleeves holding the liner in place. These are easy to remove and require no tools.
  6. Carefully pull out the liner. Remove it slowly, so it doesn't rip. You may require assistance for this step.
  7. Stretch the liner out flat on the ground and allow it to dry. If the weather is sunny and warm, this shouldn't take long. Don’t leave it out longer than it takes to dry.
  8. Remove the rails that support the walls. Remove any tape, nuts or bolts holding the rails together.
  9. Very slowly and carefully remove the walls from the ground. Roll them up and secure with a rope.
  10. Box rails and pieces together and label accordingly. Place the appropriate bag of hardware in the boxes containing the pieces they fit.
  11. Fold the pool liner for easy transport.
  12. Remember to let your movers know that they will be transporting a swimming pool.

Choose a location before reassembling the pool

Choose your new pool location carefully. Make sure that:

  • The surface is level
  • The area is permitted by zoning and boundary regulations
  • The pool will not be under any electrical lines
  • The pool will not be on top of a septic tank
  • The pool will not be under any tree stumps or tree roots
  • There is enough sun exposure
  • The surface will allow water to drain away from the pool
  • The pool will not be under trees or shrubs, eliminating the amount of debris that will fall inside

Reassemble the pool after moving it

  1. Find the center point of you pool. It's easiest to measure off an existing object such as a fence or swing set.
  2. Measure the outline of your pool to give you a guideline for building.
  3. Remove any grass within the area. If the pool is assembled on grass, the bottom will be unstable and can shift or settle over time.
  4. Rake over the area to remove any remaining grass, roots and other debris that can damage your liner.
  5. Building the bottom ring using the plates, stabilizers and rails.
  6. Support the base once the bottom ring is in place. This will help keep your pool stabilized.
  7. Install your pool wall on top of the level bottom of your pool.
  8. Install your liner,then the top plates, top rails and top covers.
  9. Fill your pool!

Something you may want to consider is allowing a pool professional reassemble the pool. Putting the pool back together can be more difficult than taking it apart. You will likely be busy unpacking and settling into your new home. Allowing someone else to take care of setting up your pool will be a much-needed relief.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on October 23, 2018

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