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Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

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Of all the complicated and time-consuming tasks involved with a major move, the most difficult aspect of many moves is figuring out the cheapest way to ship your car from one place to the other. It's not easy to ship a car, and the prices that you'll often find when you begin researching auto transport companies will reflect this fact. You'll often end up paying top-dollar to have your car shipped from your old home to your new one, depending on how far you're moving.

As with anything, there are always cheaper alternatives that exist if your moving budget is getting tight and you need to start searching for other options. No matter how you look at it, moving your car a long distance is going to cost you a pretty penny. However, it doesn't have to break the bank if you can find a cheap alternative to shipping your car.

As moving day approaches, review all of your options to make the best decision for you. Base your decision on your needs and budget. There are plenty of reliable and completely viable options available to you when shipping your car, even if you're shipping it long distance. Familiarize yourself with the different inexpensive ways that you can ship your car to save yourself some money on your move.

The cheapest way to ship a car is the open-air trailer option

Typically, when you choose an auto shipping company to move your car, they will offer a two different methods -- an enclosed trailer or an open-air trailer.

These two methods are the most common forms of auto shipping that exist today.

  • Open-air is cheaper, but the car is exposed to harsh weather conditions
  • Enclosed trailer is protected from the elements but is more expensive for that reason
  • Enclosed trailers are recommended for exotic, luxury cars and older, vintage vehicles

You can hire a driver or drive-away service to transport your car

Another alternative to choosing a high-priced professional auto transport company would be to hire a drive-away service or a person to drive your car to its destination. A drive-away service is a common alternative, and although you will be subjecting your vehicle to the hazards of the road while in transit, it is substantially cheaper than having it shipped via truck.

You can ask a friend to drive your car to its destination

Furthermore, an alternative to hiring a professional service would be to find someone you know to drive your car to the destination for you. You will most likely have to provide return transportation for the person as well as gas money and any necessary food and lodging along the way.

Don't hire anyone and drive your car to your new home yourself

While this option isn't for everyone, it will save you a lot of money. Driving your own car will also allow you peace of mind, because your car is in your hands at all times. How logical this choice is depends on several factors:

  • How big your move is
  • How far away you're moving
  • How busy you are with all of the other aspects of the move
  • How much money is in your moving budget

An added benefit of choosing to drive the car yourself would be the money that you can possibly save on other parts of your move. For example, if you rent a trailer to hitch to the back of the car, you can transport belongings when you move the car. You will cut down on the total amount of items you need to have shipped, saving you money in the process.

Scott Myers  Posted by Scott Myers on October 15, 2018

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