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Choosing Country Living Over City Life

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Benefits of living country side over city lifeIf you are planning to move and are facing difficulties in deciding between a country or city life, this guide will help you decide which one is for you!

As per a survey conducted by the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey, around 97% of land in the US is situated in the countryside. However, only 13% of it is occupied by residents. This means there is ample space for those who want to settle down in a peaceful environment far away from the commotion of the city.

Though living in a city can fetch a lot of big opportunities for careers or life in general, for many the busy city life can be suffocating. The level of satisfaction also differs with 31% of people living in the countryside saying they are happy compared to only 25% of city residents saying they are happy. Also, around 18% of people living in cities have complained of excessive daily stress. It’s difficult to make a firm decision when you must choose between two opposing lifestyles, but by analyzing your needs and wants you can make a decision that you won’t regret.

Advantages of country living

There are many benefits to living in the countryside including huge open spaces, cleaner air, lower cost of living, and intimacy with nature.

Healthy lifestyle

Living in the countryside can foster both your mental and physical health as well:

  • Purified air- Living in the countryside will provide you with fresh air that is literally cleaner. Air quality in the countryside is better compared to that in urban areas since the countryside is filled with lots of greenery and few sources of pollution. Purified air can support finer breathing and reduce your chances of getting respiratory illnesses, heart diseases, or allergies. When choosing a place to live specifically in the countryside, we suggest you look for a place with no factories nearby so that you don’t lose out on health benefits that are caused by lack of exposure to pollution.
  • Intimacy to nature- The countryside will greet you with an abundance of greenery every time you step out of your house. You get more than just visual satisfaction however since living close to nature can foster your immune system, improve your vitality, and calm down your nerves. Moreover, you will be able to more easily enjoy outdoor activities which will further enhance your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Easier access to organic food- You will find plentiful farms in the countryside where you can directly buy fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and even meat. It’s also easier to grow your food in the countryside since land scarcity won’t be a problem.

Reduced stress

Life in the countryside will be more slow and less mentally demanding. You also won't be under any major expectations or even social pressures due to the more isolated nature, and you will be able to work at a better pace, overcome your anxieties, and focus on personally important things more easily.

How lighter traffic will reduce your stress?

  • You can travel more distance in less time because of fewer traffic signals and lower amounts of traffic jams. Additionally, you won’t have to waste your time looking for empty parking spaces which will reduce the time it takes to reach your destination.
  • You will feel more relaxed on the streets since less cars mean there will be little chance of an accident. Also, less traffic will cause less noise and pollution which in turn will be beneficial for your health.

Increased safety

A higher level of safety is another great benefit of living in the countryside. As per statistical data, the rate of crime is lower in the countryside when compared to major cities. Since fewer people live in rural areas, the number of ill-intentioned people is naturally less while the number of police officers is more when compared to big cities (in terms of citizens per cop). Moreover, in the countryside people will likely know each other well, so any suspicious activity will be immediately notified.

If you choose country living, you will come across less theft, robbery, homicide, or any other criminal activity. Here’s what you should know:

  • You won’t have much to worry about the security of your property or your loved ones.
  • There is less need to feel reluctant about allowing your children to play outside or roam around in the dark. You can leave your windows open, while you go off to sleep.
  • Due to lesser traffic, you can let your children go along to school and ride their bikes without much to worry about.

Overall, your kids will grow up in a sound and healthy environment, and you will be able to enjoy a low stress life.

Affordable living cost

If you want to improve your financial condition, moving to the countryside also helps! It’s a general trend that places with a lower population have a lower cost of living.

Here’s what you need to know about living in the countryside:

  • Houses in the countryside are more affordable than those in the cities.
  • If you rent a property in the countryside, the cost you will need to pay will be half the price you would have paid for renting a property in the major cities.
  • Also, utility fees in a small town will be comparatively less than those for people living in a major city.
  • Both the income tax and property tax will be lower if you opt to live in the countryside.
  • Overall, the cost of living will be less if you live in the countryside from things ranging from household essentials, groceries, and auto insurance to many others.

Larger space

Land is cheaper in the countryside when compared to the city. This will allow you to buy a larger house with a huge outdoor area. You will have enough space to plant flowers and make a summer kitchen or organize a workshop in the backyard of your house. Moreover, large yards are great for children and will be big enough to allow other kids to easily socialize in them. You can also enjoy big barbeques in those large yards.

To sum up, living in the countryside can give you a breath of fresh air and allow you to be yourself. Your children will enjoy a happy life, and you will be able to save lots of stress because of the lower finances.

Friendly community

Here’s how a powerful community spirit can be the greatest advantage to living in the countryside:

  • People in rural areas are generally more kind, supportive, and friendly to each other due to the smaller population and more laid-back nature.
  • It’s easier to make friends in the countryside compared to large cities.
  • Your neighbors will be excited to meet you and help you with anything you need.

Personal freedom

Social pressure, abstracts, and advertisements leave an enormous impact on our minds. City life is filled with several distractions, and you will be exposed to them as soon as you walk out of your door. Unlike living in the countryside, you will see the billboards and highways instead of trees and nature. To relocate to the countryside, you can hire professional movers if you have the budget, or else you can make a DIY move with a proper plan in hand.

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