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How to Make Moving a Workout: Exercise Tips During Your Move

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If you are an active person, the moving process can disrupt your workout routine. Chances are, you have a specific regimen you stick to week-to-week, and your exercise plan may get thrown off by planning and carrying out a move. The moving process can get stressful, but there are ways you maintain your level of activity before, during and immediately after your move even if you don't have time to hit the gym.

Exercise tips for during your move

The best way to keep on your fitness while moving is by making the move a workout. Here are some ways that you can turn moving into exercise.

Treat packing as part of your workout

No one likes packing, but you can use exercise as a motivational tool for getting your packing done. During the packing process, you can treat each box as rest between sets of exercises. This way, you will want to finish packing each box as fast as possible, so you can get back to your workout. Before you know it, you'll be all packed up and ready to go.

Use energy, save money

You could hire a professional moving company to transport your belongings to your new home, but planning a do-it-yourself move is yet another opportunity for a workout.

Not only does a DIY move save you money, it can provide you various physical benefits as well:

  • Loading your own items onto a rental truck is the same as weightlifting at the gym
  • Every time you lift a box off the ground, you are essentially doing a deadlift
  • If you crouch down to gain leverage to get it onto the truck, that's a squat
  • Ascending and descending stairs can count as your cardio for the day

Packing boxes and loading a moving truck can be better exercise than going to the gym. In an hour, you can burn up to:

  • 222 calories packing and unpacking boxes
  • 381 calories moving furniture
  • 191 calories moving household items
  • 572 calories moving boxes/furniture up or down stairs

Take advantage of your empty place to exercise

If you did hire professional movers for the job, then there might be some down time before and/or after your move while you wait for your shipment to be delivered. Take advantage of the extra space in your old house or your new one to do simple yet effective exercises such as:

  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Air squats
  • Lunges
  • Wall sits
  • Other bodyweight exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Planks and other core workouts
  • Yoga and stretching

TIP: Bring a portable pull-up bar with you to your new home; this versatile equipment is small and lightweight enough for you to take on the go.

Use boxes as your exercise equipment

Ever wonder why movers are always in good shape? That's because lifting and moving boxes is a great way to stay fit. If you lack exercise equipment, or if it's already packed and ready to go, then boxes make great impromptu exercise equipment.

Try doing:

  • Squats with boxes to work on your legs
  • Shoulder presses with a box for your upper body
  • Wall sits while holding a box for a challenging core workout

Continue working out while on-the-move

Keeping up with your exercise routine during a long distance move can be an even tougher challenge. If you anticipate spending extended periods of time in the car, there are several exercises you can do to maximize activity during this time. For example, whether you are driving or riding in the passenger seat, you can perform heel raises and leg lifts to strengthen your legs and core during the drive. Of course, you can always use rest stops to stretch your legs further and get in some light cardio work.

In the end, the goal remains the same: Stay active and maintain your level of fitness. Moving becomes a priority for a short amount of time, but it shouldn't get in the way of your health.

Ryan Hussey  Posted by Ryan Hussey on December 5, 2018

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