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HackBusters - Involving Your Kids in Your Move

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Welcome back to the exclusive Movers.com web-series HackBusters. In each episode we take a common or not-so-common moving hack, tip or trick and put it to the test!

If the hack fails, we recommend a similar alternative to get the job done. If the hack is a success, well, you might want to consider implementing it when moving time rolls around.

In our third episode, we take a look at moving with children -- specifically whether you should involve children in the moving process. Should you leave them unsupervised to take care of a task, or let them work on the project with appropriate guidance?

Pros of involving kids in a move

  • Making children feel involved can help ease their moving fears
  • It's great to have an extra set of hands (or multiple) to help with a move -- especially when those hands belong to older, more capable children

Cons of involving kids

  • Kids are just that, kids, and may not wrap and pack their belongings safely and effectively
  • You might end up re-doing the task you assigned them or giving up and doing it for them
  • Depending on the temperament and motor skills of your child, it may be more trouble than it's worth

HackBusters findings

So, what have we learned from this video? While it's important to involve your children in the moving process, you shouldn't leave them completely unsupervised while they pack their things.

Another option? Hire movers to do the job for them and you. Fill out a fast and easy quote form to get started receiving no-cost moving estimates.

TIP: Distract children and keep them out of the hubbub on moving day with our story and activity books for children: Emma Brown's Big Move to a Little Town and Earth to Mars: David's Cosmic Moving Adventure.

Have a moving hack, tip or trick you’d like us to try out for you? Send an email to moversteam [at] movers [dot] com outlining your idea and we may feature it on a future episode of HackBusters!

Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on March 10, 2015

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