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HackBusters - Smartphone Moving Hacks

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Welcome back to the exclusive Movers.com web-series HackBusters! In every episode, we take a common or not-so-common moving hack, tip, or trick and put it to the test!

If the hack fails, we recommend a similar alternative to get the job done right. If however, the hack is a success, you might want to consider implementing it when moving time rolls around.

In our sixth episode, we test out a series of smartphone hacks, including using your phone before and after your move as speakers, a lamp and a projector!

Making speakers

Made a moving day playlist but your speakers are packed up? Have no fear, because we have not one but three ways to amplify music through your smartphone.

  • Speaker 1: Simply place your phone speaker side down into a cup or bowl while playing music!
  • Speaker 2: Measure and cut a slit in an empty paper towel roll to slide your phone (vertically) into.
    • Insert two thumb tacks in the base of the tube to prevent the stand from falling over.
    • Turn your music on and place the phone into the tube with the speaker side down.
  • Speaker 3: Cut a slit into an empty paper towel roll that your phone can slide into vertically.
    • Cut a hole the circumference of the paper towel tube into one side of two plastic cups.
    • Slide one cup onto each end of the paper towel tube with the cups facing the same direction.
    • Play music and insert into your phone (speaker side down) into the slit in the paper towel roll to enjoy your sweet tunes.

Creating a lamp

Maybe you forgot to turn on your electric before you moved, or just don't have enough lamps. This easy lamp hack can help!

  1. Grab any clear liquid in a clear container.
  2. Turn on your smartphone's flashlight feature.
  3. Place the flashlight facing up under the container for an instant lantern.

MacGyvering a projector

If your family wants to watch a movie, but you don't have cable hooked up or even a television yet, this projector hack can help keep the entire group occupied!

All you need is an empty shoebox, a magnifying glass, a box cutter or scissors, tape, a phone stand and a smartphone.

  1. Cut a hole in the smaller end of the shoebox that is equivalent to the circumference of your magnifying glass.
  2. Tape the magnifying glass onto the box, lining it up with the hole you just created.
  3. Choose a movie or video to watch and place the phone inside the box with the screen facing toward the magnifying glass. Use your phone stand to keep it horizontal and upright inside the box.
  4. Play the video of your choice, facing the magnifying glass end toward a blank, white surface. Make the room as dark as possible for an even clearer image.
  5. Adjust the box's distance from the wall and the phone's location inside the box until you're happy with the quality.

TIP: To ensure your video projects the right way, it needs to be playing upside down on your phone to correct for the magnifying glass flipping the image. A quick search of the internet will help you figure out how to make this happen for the make and model of your smartphone.

HackBusters findings

Regardless of what you may need on moving day -- or the days to come -- smartphones are readily on hand (or in pocket) should you require technology to help with your move.

Have a moving hack, tip or trick you’d like us to try out for you? Send an email to moversteam [at] movers [dot] com outlining your idea and we may feature it on a future episode of HackBusters!

Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on May 26, 2015

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