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HackBusters - Using a Tape "X" to Protect Glass

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Welcome back to the exclusive Movers.com web-series HackBusters! In every episode, we take a common or not-so-common moving hack, tip or trick and put it to the test!

If the hack fails, we recommend a similar alternative to get the job done right. If however, the hack is a success, you might want to consider implementing it when moving time rolls around.

In our fourth episode, we explore whether adding a masking tape "X" to a glass frame, mirror or sheet of glass can ensure it lasts the move. Will our mirror survive the journey or will it arrive at its destination in pieces?

The premise

Adding masking tape to a glass surface is supposed to strengthen the glass and absorb shock. Also, if the item were to break in transit, the tape would hold the glass in place, preventing injury and necessary cleanup.

How it works

Protecting glass during a move is pretty simple:
  1. Place the mirror, frame or glass on a flat surface -- make sure the fragile side is facing up
  2. Take packing tape and press it onto the glass, making an "X" out of the tape
  3. Transport from place to place carefully

TIP: Do not use packing tape, which will be difficult to peel off your mirror or glass after you get to your new home!

HackBusters findings

So, what have we learned from this experience? Definitely strengthen glass frames or mirrors with an "X" while transporting--just make sure there aren't any pirates around when you arrive at your destination.

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Have a moving hack, tip or trick you’d like us to try out for you? Send an email to moversteam [at] movers [dot] com outlining your idea and we may feature it on a future episode of HackBusters!

Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on April 9, 2015

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