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How Long Does it Take Movers to Deliver a Shipment

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Waiting for your moving shipment to arrive at your new home can often be the hardest part of moving, especially if you're moving long distance. You don't want to be stuck in your new home without any of your belongings or even a bed to sleep on for the first few nights.

While delays are unfortunately common in the moving industry, it's important to maintain constant communication with the movers who are delivering your shipment. This allows you to stay up-to-date on any changes in the itinerary, delays that the crew might be experiencing and issues that may arise with your shipment. Maintaining a constant level of communication will help to ease your mind about the delivery of your shipment, and it will also help the movers coordinate better on their end.

me: 	 How Long Does it Take Movers to Deliver a Shipment

There are many factors that go into the estimated delivery window stated in the bill of lading and when the shipment is delivered. This guide will provide you with advice on how to determine when your shipment will arrive and explain the factors that affect how long a delivery will take.

For many long-distance moves, the average date range will be anywhere from 10 days to 14 days.

What affects your delivery time?

There are various factors that affect your delivery window for when your shipment will likely arrive. Such as:

  • Time of the year: Certain times of the year are busier for moving companies. Therefore, if you happen to be moving during the peak season (late spring, early summer or early fall), you can expect your delivery to take longer than it would if you were moving during an off-season where the moving company will not be as heavily booked.

  • Distance of your move: If you're making a long distance move, your delivery is going to take a bit longer to arrive than if you were moving locally. Naturally, the further the move, the longer it's going to take. If you're making a long distance move, it helps to be patient.

  • Other shipments on the truck: Most of the time, the truck will not only have your belongings on it -- but the shipments of other people as well. Oftentimes, there will be other deliveries made before yours. The location of these deliveries and how big the shipments are will likely determine how quickly yours is delivered.

  • Size of your shipment: The size of your moving shipment will also decide how quickly your items are delivered. If the moving company cannot fit any other shipments on the truck with yours, you'll get your things quicker than if you share truck space.

  • Service dates on bill of lading: You will see a range of dates, typically referred to as service dates, on your estimate and bill of lading, which you should carefully and thoroughly review before signing off on. If the dates on the bill of lading don't match the ones you initially were given with your estimate, make the discrepancy known to the moving company. The service dates are generally when your shipment is delivered, and it will occur within the dates specified on the bill.

How do you track the progress of a shipment?

Call the moving company every few days to see where they are in the delivery process. A good mover will update you on any itinerary changes and the progress of the shipment.

Call two days before the estimated drop-off, so you can confirm the delivery date and address any issues that may have arisen with the delivery your shipment.

Maintaining communication with your moving company during the delivery process will ensure a smooth delivery. Weather and other delays can alter the planned delivery dates. Staying in contact with the company will allow you to keep track of the progress of your shipment, so you're not left in the dark.

What happens if your delivery gets delayed?

You've probably heard stories about people waiting for weeks or a month for their belongings to be delivered. Their bill of lading told them that their shipment would be delivered in 10 to 14 days, but their shipment is two weeks overdue with no word from the moving company. In cases like these, maintaining communication with the moving company is very important.

If this happens to you during your move, remain patient and address the issue with your moving company. Often, they will understand your circumstances and work to resolve the issue. Remaining calm and handling the situation rationally will help you get your belongings as soon as possible.

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