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How Much Do Portable Storage Units Cost?

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Portable storage units are an excellent alternative to storage facilities in static locations.

The moving containers are delivered directly to your home where you pack them. Then, the company will pick it up and drive the container to your new home. You can also choose to keep the moving container in a storage facility for a certain amount of time.

Portable storage units are convenient and efficient, but just how expensive are they? Read on to learn more about the average costs of these units and the variables involved.

How much do portable storage units cost?

Since the price you end up paying for your portable storage unit will vary greatly depending on the company, size and length of time you require storage, it's hard to pinpoint an exact cost. Here are some examples based on the pricing that three popular companies offer their customers:

Portable storage company Storage unit size Monthly storage cost Delivery and pick up fees Total cost
PODS 7' $191.99 $159.98 $351.97
PODS 12' $211.99 $159.98 $371.97
PODS 16' $231.99 $159.98 $391.97
Go Mini's 12' $172 $246.80 $418.80
Go Mini's 16' $186 $246.80 $432.80
Go Mini's 20' $211 $246.80 $457.80
1-800-PACK-RAT 12' or 16' $216.99 $159.98 $376.97

To get an exact quote for how much your portable storage unit will cost you, visit the official company website and request an estimate.

What are the different types of portable storage units?

Portable storage units are currently offered by a growing number of storage companies specializing in them. Companies like PODS, 1-800-PACK-RAT and COWs have paved the way for scores of others to follow in what has become a very competitive market for people who are moving or need extra storage space.

These portable units are typically rented in a series of different sizes. The size you choose will depend on how big your home is or how much you plan on packing in your unit.

Below is a chart of some of our favorite portable storage companies:

Company Sizes Perks
Go Mini's 12', 16', 20' more tie-down points
1-800-PACK-RAT 8', 12', 16' weatherproof containers
U-Haul 8' live box tracking
COWS 8', 16' steel containers on wheels
Smartbox 8' very affordable
U-Pack ReloCube 8' can fit in a parking space
Zippyshell 10', 15' license plate for legal parking

These sizes cover a wide range of needs, from people who are moving smaller apartments and condos to those who need enough storage space for a large four-bedroom house. There are also commercial portable storage units rented by businesses that range anywhere from 20-feet in length to 40-feet long.

How are prices determined?

Prices of the units will vary depending on the size of the unit you need and the company you choose. There are plenty of companies that can provide this service, but the one that is right for you and your move will depend on the size of your move and your budget.

  • Size of the unit you choose to rent: The biggest deciding factor is the size of the container you rent. The bigger the container, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Length of time you'll need to rent the unit: Most portable storage companies will charge per month for rentals.
  • The distance that the unit will need to be delivered: You will also pay a delivery charge to have the container brought to your home to load and another charge to have it delivered to your new home or storage facility
  • Extra fees for distance: Some companies will charge extra after a certain amount of miles, and others have a limit on how far they will deliver the containers.

If you're renting a portable storage unit for your move, chances are that you're going to be packing yourself and loading your portable storage unit with your belongings. If you're thinking about getting some professionals to do your packing for you, head on over to our moving labor page for free quotes from hired help.

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