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How Much Does Self-Storage Cost?

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If you need to keep some of your belongings in storage during and after your move, you may be wondering how much it will cost. Many moving companies offer storage services, or you can purchase a self-storage unit on your own. Prices for storage depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the unit, its location and if it is climate-controlled. Before making the decision to rent a storage unit, consider what you wish to store and if it will be worth the cost.

How do you pay?

When you rent a storage unit, you will sign a lease where you agree to use it for a specified amount of time and make payments each month. There may be a minimum lease period, or the lease may be month-to-month. Payments are usually by check, money order, or credit card, and made in person, called in or mailed. There may be a grace period before late fees are charged. Many facilities will also offer automatic billing, and charge your card each month.

What affects the cost?

  • Size. One of the biggest factors affecting a storage unit's price is size. Monthly rates will vary greatly depending on what size you unit you require to store your belongings. For example, a standard unit of 5' x 5' will range from about $40 to $50 a month, a 10' x 15' ranges from $75 to $140, a 10' x 20' can cost between $95 and $155, and a 20'x20' unit can cost about $225 a month.


  • Accessibility. If your storage unit is easy to reach, you will pay a higher rent. Units on the first floor that are vehicle-accessible cost more than those on upper levels. If you require frequent access to your unit, you should be prepared for raised costs.


  • Climate-controlled. If you are storing items that need to be protected from extreme temperatures and humidity - such as clothing, furs, leather or furniture and electronics - you will need to use a climate-controlled unit. Climate-controlled storage is often at least $10 more a month than the standard unit. A 10' x 15' unit may cost up to $150 per month, and a 10' x 20' storage unit can cost you between $170 to $180 per month.


  • Location. The city you reside will also influence the cost of your self-storage. Just as apartment rent is higher in some demographics, self-storage prices reflect the region as well. If your storage unit is in or near a densely-populated city, it will be more expensive than a storage facility in a rural area.


  • Portable storage. Mobile storage units can be very convenient. These units are delivered directly to your home, where you can load and store your belongings right on your own property. If you need the belongings relocated, the storage service will pick up your unit and deliver it to your new home. This versatile option is perfect for storage during a move--while it is costlier than regular self-storage, it can be less expensive than hiring movers. To rent an 8'x 8' x 12' portable storage unit, you may be looking at a price of about $230 a month.


  • Long-term vs. short-term. If you will be stowing your belongings away for a long period of time, you may save some money. Signing a lengthier lease for long term storage will often cost you less than the month to-month payments of short-term storage.

Other factors

  • Security deposit. A security deposit of about $50 is often required to ensure no damage is done to the unit. The deposit will be refunded after you vacate if the unit if it is clean and you provide adequate notice of terminating your lease.


  • Insurance coverage. You may wish to purchase an insurance policy for your goods to protect them from damage or theft. The facility may or may not offer you coverage, so you may opt to obtain a policy from a third-party carrier.


  • Administration fees. A non-refundable administration fee of between $5 and $20 may be charged.


  • Late fees. If you do not submit your monthly payment on time (or within the grace period) you may be charged late fees. You can avoid this by signing up for automatic billing.

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