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How to Avoid Making Corporate Relocation Mistakes

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Rural and urban areas are very different from each other. The country side is open with a simplicity sense while the big city life is fast paced and more complex. Sometimes after trying a certin lifestyle, you realize that it is not right for you and need to try something different. If you don't fit in or care for the country life you might want to a big city. This guide will share with you the reasons why people move from country living to a big city.  

Opportunity                                                                                                                                                In a big city the population is much greater than out in the country. More people means more jobs. The diversity in jobs are significant in the city and thats why most people feel that it is in their best interest to move to a big city rather than a open country town that only offers limited jobs. There are more offices, restaurants and retail stores that you can choose from to work and find a good career in. For example, New York City carries a large sum of people they must transport, entertain and protect. Thus needed more people to work for them to help manage the amount of people living in the big city. Big cities always have more to offer and it is more likely for you to find what fits for you in a city that has everything. 

TIP:  Do your research and see what big cities have to offer you                                                                                                          

 Education                                                                                            With opportunity in mind, a big city provides more schooling and educational possibilities than in rural areas. All major college and universities are located in cities such as University of California and New York University. Education is very important and finding the right school to provide with it is even more important. Most the time, cities have a more diverse schools like boarding schools, Montessori, Parochial and even religious schools. Unlike the countryside, it is more likely to find a community you relate with in a big city. Country living is not as diverse in their school systems because the people who live in the country are almost all a like. 

Public Transportation                                                                                                          Cities provide all types of public transportation like buses, bikes,trains, ferries, subways, trolleys and taxis. It is commonly said that public transportation is an easy accessible way to travel. By using public transportation saving money will be in your favor. Unlike the country side, public transportation is just a way of life in cities and it brings excitement to your day. Living in a big city is faced passed and you are always moving, being bored or lonely is not an option. Most of the time you will be taking a ride with people all going to the same place and have the same mindset as you. It is also safer for you to use public transportation then your own car to avoid car accidents or delays. If you live in the city having a bike is almost mandatory. You can bike anywhere and anytime. Cities have biking lanes and laws, signs and lights that protect bikers. Biking around the city is fast and cheap.

Diverse Cuisine                                                                                      Big cities have access to all types of foods like Ethiopian, Moroccan, Chinese, Middle Eastern and so much more. Cities are known for their perfection of street foods. A popular street food known in New York City is called Halal Guys. Their famous food cart is known throughout the whole city and the prices are unbeatable. Pricing on food carts and trucks are straight forward and affordable. Philadelphia is the 5th largest city in the US and is known for having over 90 categories of food. Restaurants and delis are all at your convenience with them being just around the block.This ties in with not needed a car to out for dinner.  

Faster Paced Lifestyle                                                                          After living in the country you may realize you want something more exciting and faced paced. The big city is more you. Cities are always faced paced and everyone is always moving. Some people never want to feel bored and that they have nothing to do. A faced paced lifestyle does not mean that you are always busy with work, it means that you like to have a full schedule and fill your days will activities. Big cities offer a fun fast paced life because there is so much to do in a city that never sleeps. There is so much to explore and you will always see something new. Living this way offers exploration and excitement into your life and help prevent depression. 

TIP: Try to keep your city life exciting by visiting different shops weekly 

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on October 17, 2018

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