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How to Buy Furniture for Your New Home

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If you're upgrading from a one-bedroom apartment to a four-bedroom home you will need some more furniture to fill it after you move. While it's important to have a place to sit, it's equally important to have patience when it comes time to buy your furniture. You just spent a lot of money on your home--don't rush to spend a lot more to furnish it. Keep reading for tips on buying furniture for your new home.

Be patient

You might be tempted to leave your discount furniture behind instead of moving it. Truth is, if it's still in good repair you should bring it with you. Yes, your futon might not be a great focal point of your living room, but instead of rushing into purchasing a couch you can't afford yet, stick with your existing furniture. Hanging onto the furniture you already own gives you time to shop around for that perfect couch and table. Your guests will understand if you're waiting until you find what you're really looking for.


Once you're ready to start shopping for furnitur,e the first step is to measure. Measure everything and measure often... OK, not often, but measure everything. Measure the space you plan to put that piece of furniture multiple times. Measure the doorways multiple times. Measure the width of the hallway multiple times. Measure your car (if you're not having it delivered). Can't stress measuring enough when it comes to buying furniture.

Quality over quantity

Another reason to wait on furniture shopping after your move--you want to make sure you find something that will last. You'll need time to shop around and find quality pieces, which could take a while. You also might not have enough cash flow after your move to buy a quality sofa. Don't just buy the first living room set you find because it's affordable and fills the room. Save your money, be patient and look for something you really want.

When looking for quality furniture pieces, check for craftsmanship and details. When it comes to upholstered chairs, tap your finger on the back of the chair--if it's a well-built piece you should feel a piece of wood behind the fabric. It shouldn't feel hollow or soft like cardboard. Seat cushions with inner springs will also help prevent sagging in the seat. Look for pieces made of solid wood and stay away from veneers. Estate sales are a great way to get quality items for low prices, so just remember that furniture can be reupholstered, re-stained and repaired.

Don't be rushed by "no interest" ads

As many times as furniture stores say they will be "closing their doors forever," they still seem to be standing the next day, so don't be fooled by ads and commercials that claim you'll be saving an exorbitant amount of money if you purchase the set that day with their financing option. The interest and fees are already built into the price--which is usually marked up. If you are interested in an item, wait until you have the cash to pay for it--instead of doing something you'll regret financially down the road.

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on November 17, 2014

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