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How to Decorate Your Indoor or Outdoor Sunroom

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The sunroom in your home can sometimes become an overlooked extra storage space, but it doesn't have to be. You can easily turn an unused sunroom into a coastal paradise or a fancy outdoor dining area. The options for decorating your sunroom are limitless.

A sunroom is a perfect way to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors throughout the year. In the summer, as the daytime sun starts to fade and the nighttime mosquitoes begin to attack, you can keep the party going by simply moving to your enclosed sunroom. When they're properly insulated, you can certainly continue to use your sunroom during the winter months as well and enjoy your morning coffee while watching the snow fall.

Enclosed sunroom

If you have a sunroom that is protected from the elements, you can easily turn it into an extra entertainment space that includes indoor furniture, lamps, TVs and anything else that might be considered strictly for "indoor."
  • When it comes to decorating, think about what you'd like to use your enclosed sunroom for. Once you've got a theme in mind for your sunroom, you can begin to build on it.
  • Creating a coastal paradise is easy to do with subtle paint colors like gray, pale blues and beige. Beach décor is usually easy to care for, simple and tailored giving it a laid-back look. Pillows with ocean blue accents are great for sunrooms and pair well with neutral wall colors and fabrics. Small nooks in the room are perfect for showcasing your seashell collection.
  • Since the room itself is protected from rain, dirt and any outside debris, feel free to utilize everyday furniture in your sunroom. A large comfy sofa would pair well with a few chairs and a coffee table.
  • As long as the room is dry and properly insulated, there's no need to worry that your furniture will become damaged for any other reason than normal wear and tear.
TIP: Be sure to use fabrics that won't fade in the sun if your sunroom gets a lot of light.

Non-insulated sunroom

If your sunroom isn't insulated you can still enjoy it just as much!
  • Sunrooms generally let in an immense amount of natural light which will keep it feeling warm enough to enjoy in the early fall. A small space heater should help for the colder winter months if you still want to utilize the space.
  • Some sunrooms are only enclosed with screens similar to those on your windows, which let in moisture, dust, and pollen. If there are any holes in the screen mesh, pests and rodents may also gain access. Wicker, rattan or another natural material would be a perfect choice for furniture in these types of sunrooms. Traditional outdoor furniture made of teak or iron would also work well in an open sunroom.
TIP: Use fabrics that are water-resistant and mold-resistant, especially if you live in an area with heavy rainfall or high humidity--it'll save you time and money when it comes time to clean the furniture.

Window treatments

Regardless if you have an enclosed sunroom or one that is open, you'll still want some privacy even if you are trying to embrace the outdoors. Window treatments will offer you the privacy you need while still utilizing any natural light that may be coming in.
  • Bamboo blinds are a great option because they can be rolled up when not in use and the natural material will work well with such an outdoorsy room.
  • Stacked shutters are also a viable option because they can be kept out of the way when not in use. White or wooden shutters would look great in a variety of room decors.
  • Light fabric curtains should also be considered - not only light in color, but in weight. Linens and sheer cotton curtains would work best; they let in enough light and still offer privacy.
When decorating your sunroom, it's best to just be honest with yourself about how you'll be using the space. If you plan on using it for relaxing then it should be cozy and welcoming. If you want to use it as an outdoor play area then make it bright and lively and have a lot of storage space.

Whichever way you decide to use your sunroom, be sure it's unique to your needs and style, that way you'll use it as much as possible.

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on May 20, 2014

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