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How to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

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Getting rid of unwanted furniture is not nearly as fun as purchasing it. Instead of anxiously awaiting to show it off, you seemingly can't wait to never see it again. After all the dinner parties, sleepovers and simple wear and tear, your once favorite couch has become an eyesore even though it still seats four comfortably.

Your biggest problem is not being able to afford furniture for your new digs, it is getting rid of the old furniture that is turning out to be the real issue. There are several successful ways to shed your old fixtures by using the following tips.


Ideally you will want to try and sell your unwanted furniture-- if it is in good condition, you can make a littlecash profit for your moving fund. There are a few ways you can advertise your surplus furniture, reaching out to the public through social media, newspapers and word of mouth.

  • Social Media - Who hasn't heard of Craigslist? Exactly. The social media site seen all over the world is an ideal way to lose your unwanted furniture. On the site's homepage, there is a furniture category in the second row listed under For Sale. Browse through the current listings and do some research on how to sell unwanted items online before posting pictures of your once favorite bedroom set. If you would like to try and make a little money, list the price a bit high and see if you get a bite; however, if money is really not that much of an issue, list low and watch your furniture go quick. No matter what price you sell it for, stipulate that they buyer pick up the furniture from you rather than you transport it to them.
  • Local Classifieds - Before Craigslist, men picked up the morning paper to seek out for sale items. Some things haven't changed. Though newspapers are not as popular as they used to be, the local classifieds are just as hot and can found on the Internet, making it convenient for you to inform your local community about what furnishings you are advertising.
  • Word of Mouth - And before Craigslist and the newspaper, there was good old word of mouth. Most often some of the best deals found are through a friend's friend. By letting as many people know you are selling good furniture cheap, you are likely to have an interested party among your acquaintances and their friends.


It is true. One man's trash truly is another man's treasure. This adage has held true through time since it applies continuously. While one man may be tired of his old sofa, assuming it trash, another man who has been sleeping on the floor, would count the couch as comfort for his aching body. A few of the following non-profit entities are just some places you can pass your furniture onto.

  • Good Will - Though you will not receive any money from stripping yourself of your former furniture at the non-profit, the act of giving it away while expecting nothing in return is priceless. Simply search the Internet or phone book for the closest community Good Will near you and contact the government-subsidized charity to find out if they accept unwanted furniture. If so, find out about pick up or drop off services available.
  • Salvation Army - The international Christian, quasi-military structure charity is literally a saving grace to millions of less fortunate around the world. Needless to say, your unwanted furniture could bless a less fortunate family that shops at the local Salvation Army.
  • - One gift at a time is this organization's motto. Promoting generosity and going green, the Freecycle concept keeps up to 500 tons out of landfills a day by locating and matching materials for many who are in need in your local community.

Junk removal services

Lastly, hiring a junk removal service may cost you, but is more convenient and quick compared to some other noted options. Ideally yes, it is kind to give away your old furniture to the less fortunate; however, sometimes our good intentions do not always work out well. When this is the case and you cannot easily get rid of your unwanted furniture through a charity, then there is one last hope.

Junk removal services specialize in removing everything from furniture and more for a price. Again it may cost some money, but not having to be bothered with loading and dropping off furniture from your house to another destination may be worth the price. Just remember, there are pros and cons of unwanted goods disposal and each notion should be considered before you decide exactly how you would like to lessen your furniture load in the future.

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