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How to Maximize Space in Your Children's Shared Bedroom

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Decorating a child's bedroom can be difficult enough --decorating your children's shared bedroom can be even more daunting. Trying to create a balance between two children in one space will be challenging, but the end result will be worth it. Your children will spend less time fighting over who crossed territories first and more time enjoying their shared space. Read on for tips on how to get started and how to maximize the space in your children's shared bedroom. 

Don't just divide the space 

A common solution to a shared bedroom on TV sitcoms was to divide the room down the middle with a length of tape and let each child express themselves in their own half of the room. You don't need to do this. After you've talked with both your children, try to think of a cohesive way to unite the room. 

Separating the room can make the room seem smaller with less usable space. Instead of cordoning off half of the room for each child, use color to divide the spaces. Complementary color palettes are an easy way to combine opposite color schemes in an appealing way. 

Double-duty furniture 

If you're doubling occupancy in a room, you're going to be doubling the amount of furniture. To maximize the space in the shared bedroom, make sure that each piece of furniture you are putting in the room has more than one use or doesn't take up a large foot print in the room.

If the shared bedroom is small but has tall ceilings, bunk or lofted beds are your best option. Lofted beds give each child the opportunity to carve out their own space in their bedroom and provide each with a homework space that's all their own. 

Bunk beds also allow you to maximize space in the room by using height instead of floor space and allow you to bunk more than just two sleepers. If more than two children have to share a room, multiple bunk bed sets can accommodate multiple children with the smallest footprint. 

If you decide against bunk beds, opt for beds that are the same in size and shape. For example, don't use a wrought iron day bed for one child and a mission style wooden bed for the other. Keeping both beds the same allows for uniformity in the room's furniture and a lesser chance of having awkward space throughout the room. Each child will be able to choose their own bedding for their own personalized touch. 

Storage solutions 

With limited space and more than one person occupying the room, you're going to need plenty of storage. When shopping for the furniture, you should also consider a bed with built-in storage, with either under bed drawers or a headboard with built-in shelves. 

Clutter is going to be a natural enemy in a shared bedroom. As the children grow, be sure they know to get rid of items they're no longer using. Reducing the amount of items you have to store is always a wise choice. If they are still using items, then each item should have a home--be it a bookcase, bin or box. 

Unlike the rest of the room, the best option for the closet is to divide and conquer. If you have the available space in the shared closet, install a closet organization system with at least two closet rods (one high and one low) and if possible a divider down the middle. Keeping the clothes separate will make it easier for each child to keep their side of the closet tidy.

When planning a shared bedroom for your kids, keeping these tips in mind will make it an easier process for you. You'll soon see that it's simpler than you thought to maximize the space in their shared bedroom and maybe even use a few tips in other areas of your home. 

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on October 28, 2014

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