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How to Move a Hot Tub in 8 Steps

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How To Move A Hot Tub In 8 StepsHot tubs bring countless hours of enjoyment and relaxation. When it's time to move, you probably don’t want to leave your hot tub behind. If you have the time, and some friends, a DIY hot tub move is doable. Check out this guide to find out how.

Out of all the large items that people typically move, like pianos, safes, or big pieces of antique furniture, hot tubs are among some of the most difficult to relocate. Because hot tubs are difficult to move, many people choose to leave them behind or choose to hire a company to do it for them.

However, with the right amount of preparation, planning, and assistance, it's certainly possible to move a hot tub.

Moving A Hot Tub

1. Remove the water inside of the hot tub

Depending on the size of your hot tub, there is likely a lot of water in it. While it may seem like an easy first step, it's a lot more difficult than you think it is since all that water needs to go somewhere.

  • If your hot tub is already outside, it shouldn't be too hard to drain. Let the water out gradually into your yard. Make sure that it's done slowly. If you drain it too quickly, it will flood your yard and create a mess.
    • You can also use a sump pump if your drain plug is not easily accessible. You can also siphon the water out if absolutely necessary.
  • If the hot tub is inside, you can drain it by connecting a hose (any kind of hose will do, but a regular garden hose is usually best) to the drainpipe and running it out into the street or any other place where you can safely and easily drain all of the water.

2. Unplug the hot tub from all gas and electric lines

Once the hot tub is empty and completely dry, take all of the wires that you have unplugged and bundle them tightly together. Fasten and secure the bundle with a string or cable tie, so that the wires stay organized.

NOTE: If your hot tub is hardwired to your home shut the breaker off before disconnecting the mainline. Also, make sure your gas line is turned off before disconnecting it. Your gas company can come out to help you if you need it.

  • If the wires get tangled, it will impede your moving progress. Place them inside the tub itself during the move. Before you're ready to go, check that the drain cap is tight and secure.

3. Purchase or rent moving supplies

You'll need some moving supplies to help you move the hot tub safely and easily, such as:

  • Tow straps
  • A piece of 4x4 lumber
  • Two four-wheel furniture dollies or appliance dollies

TIP: You can obtain these supplies from any moving supply outlet or rent them hourly from a moving company.

4. Gather at least four people to help move the hot tub

Now that the hot tub is prepared for the move, you'll need to prepare yourself as well. This means finding several able-bodied friends, family members, or neighbors to help you out with moving the hot tub.

While you can certainly have more help if you want, at least one person for each side of the hot tub is best.

5. Measure the narrowest areas in your hot tub's path

Measure any narrow hallways or tight doorways that the hot tub will need to pass through. If any spaces look difficult to fit through, you may need to turn the hot tub on its side.

To do this, at least one person at each corner of the hot tub should lift it off the ground and rotate it, so that it is lying on one of its sides. Once you've done that, it will be easier to maneuver.

6. Place a 4x4 underneath the hot tub to give it some support

Lift one side of the tub and slide the lumber underneath, then repeat the same with the other side until the 4x4 is completely underneath the tub. This step is performed regardless of whether you've chosen to turn the tub on its side.

7. Get the hot tub onto your dollies

Use tow straps to help you secure the hot tub to the dollies and hold it in place while you move it.

  • If you'll be moving the hot tub on a flat surface, use two furniture dollies with one positioned on the back of the tub and the other under the front and side of the tub for proper support.
  • For hot tub moves that involve stairs, an appliance dolly will work better than furniture, but you'll need a tow strap as well.

8. Place the hot tub in its final location at your new home

Once you've chosen the location, slowly - and gently -- lower the hot tub to the ground. You and your helpers need a firm grip on each corner of the tub as you do this.

Move as carefully as possible as not to break or damage any parts. Once the hot tub is down, you can lift each corner and slide the 4x4 out from underneath it.

Is Moving Your Hot Tub Worth It?

The biggest question you are going to have to ask yourself is: is this worth it? Certainly, purchasing a hot tub isn't cheap, some can run close to $10,000 and the median range is closer to $4,000. If you don’t want to buy a second hot tub, then taking it with you is worth it. If you would rather leave it behind and add it to the value of your previous home, then that is another option.

There is another option; hire professional movers to do it for you. While hiring movers might be expensive, it will still be cheaper than buying a new hot tub for your home and it will save you from throwing your knee or back out and it will give you more time to do whatever you need to do.

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