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How to Move a Lawn Mower

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While a lawn mower is simple to relocate, you must take certain precautions to ensure its safe transport. Lawn mowers contain dangerous chemicals and sharp pieces that require special care and proper handling. Read on for helpful tips on preparing your mower for your move and effectively loading it into the truck.

Preparing the lawn mower

  • Drain all liquids. Empty your lawn mower's gas and oil tanks by draining them into the appropriate containers. Movers cannot transport hazardous materials, so they must be disposed of properly before you move. Contact the Environmental Protection Agency for the proper methods of disposal.
  • Clean the lawn mower thoroughly. Clean all dirt, debris and grass cuttings from your lawn mower to prevent soiling the rest of your belongings in the truck. You can use a garden hose to wash the mower, making sure to get the undercarriage.
  • Remove all blades and attachments. Carefully remove the blades form your lawn mower and clean them. Place protective covers over the blades before packing them separately. Remove any other attachments as well and pack in a separate box.
  • Disconnect the spark plug. There can still be combustible gas fumes inside the tank even after you drain all liquids. To prevent the lawn mower from starting, collapse the push handle and attach it to the mower with packing tape.

Packing and loading the mower

  • Label the boxes containing blades with "Caution Sharp Items" clearly in marker
  • You can load your lawn mower onto the truck whole, without taking it apart--simply roll it up the ramp into the back of the truck
  • Park your lawn mower in the moving truck with the wheels perpendicular to the truck's wheels to prevent it from moving during transport

Moving a riding lawn mower

  • Position the ramp leading to the back of your rental truck, and make sure it is secure
  • If the truck is down-slope from the mower, there is less of an incline, making loading simpler
  • Be cautious if you are using a homemade wooden ramp or a store-bought ramp not attached to your truck--you'll need a metal bracket that attaches to the end of the ramp and lies on the edge of the tailgate or the back of the utility trailer
  • Carefully drive or push the mower up the ramp
  • If you are pushing the riding mower, keep the transmission in the neutral position
  • If you drive the mower, keep it in low gear
  • Once the mower is in the back of your truck, turn the wheels at least one quarter in any direction to keep it stationary
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