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How To Move Discreetly

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According to Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret." That is why it is so important to remain discreet when handling personal matters that are truly no one's business.

Though rare, there are times in life when one must get out of dodge and relocate to a different district for private reasons. When this is the case, quietly moving from one municipality to the next can be daunting if you do not address the matter with sensitivity.

This guide shares tips on how to move from one province to the next with few finding out about your transfer. No matter what the reason for relocation, planned or unplanned, the bottom-line is if you choose to keep it quiet than mum's the word.

Remaining silent

Though there are many reasons to relocate, if your motive is really confidential than the first, and most important, thing you have to do is to make a vow of silence. No matter how strong the urge is to tell your family or friends you are off to a new place, you must refrain from sharing. This is literally the only way you will be able to move in private. Though it may be hard to do, keeping your mouth shut is possible if you follow a few tips.

  • Keep in mind why you are moving and let that motivate you to remain silent.
  • Do not drop any hints. Though it may be tempting to tell, watch every word you say so you don't wind up implying you may not be around soon.
  • Refrain from scheduling future engagements. By making plans, you are setting yourself up to have to discuss times and places you are supposed to be, knowing full well you have no intentions on showing up.
  • Do not talk about the matter that is making you move. By discussing the circumstance that is causing you to pick up and leave, you are opening yourself up to inquiry, which can lead to spilling the beans.

Quietly hire a moving company

Though there are several types of moving services to choose from, the wisest way to move discreetly is to hire a full-service company. Though it is the most expensive way to relocate, it is the most private since the additional man power you hire makes for a faster process. If you attempt to move yourself, the search for moving materials and the hours it will take you to pack and load up can tip off your friends, and especially neighbors.

Though harder to find, there are companies out there that are sensitive to certain circumstances and will move you privately, packing and loading your stuff during unusual hours to avoid attention. If you cannot find a specific company in your area that arranges discreet moves, you may have to speak to the manager of a business and ask if it is possible for them to move you after hours, even if it means paying extra money to make it happen. Before their arrival, prepare for full-service movers to make the move quicker and quieter.

Informing your employer, landlord and closest loved one

Though you are leaving in secret, you must inform your employer, landlord and at least one loved one. Letting the respective individuals know you are moving is important for the many reasons that follow:

  • Employer- It is important to let your employer know you are leaving for a few reasons. First, after you leave you may still have one check coming to you and need to have it forwarded to your new address. If you do not wish for them to know your new address, then supply another address close to where you will be living so you can receive the check. Second, and even more important, is giving your employer as much notice as possible. Even if you have to leave suddenly, there is still no reason why you cannot be responsible and inform your boss you will be unavailable after a certain date. Third, leaving on a good note assures your employer will give you a good reference when you apply for your next job. Without a good reference, all the blood, sweat and tears you have given your boss over the years are for naught. While giving notice at your old job, try to procure employment where you will be moving so you can start off financially fresh.
  • Landlord- Like your employer, your landlord is also someone you should notify before you secretly leave town. Chances are, you may be leaving on a whim if you do not want to mention it to anyone in the first place, and you must square away your legal responsibility with your landlord. You signed a lease and are bound to that agreement, regardless of whether you live there or not. If you are going to break the lease, you should intend on paying any money you owe your landlord, or at least expect to lose your first month's rent and security deposit. In the best case, when you give your landlord notice, they will understand as you promise to pay what you owe, and like your employer, will supply a positive reference to your future landlord.
  • Loved one- No matter why you are moving in silence, there is still no reason to let your closest loved one worry that something terrible has happened to you when they show up at your empty apartment. With as little information as possible, inform them that for very personal reasons you have to leave town, but wanted them to know that it is for the best. Let them know you will contact them when you arrive safely in your new town and will keep in touch every few months. In turn, your loved one can let other family or friends know you have moved, freeing you up from explaining matters you simply are not ready to discuss.

No matter why you are moving quietly, you are relocating and it causes moving anxiety. Remember to take care of yourself and don't forget, no matter where you go, there you are - so if you are simply trying to run away from your problems, it is likely they will follow if you don't handle them responsibly before you leave.

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Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on May 17, 2013

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