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How to Organize Your Move with Friends

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If you have opted for a DIY move, you have a lot of work to do. Pulling off an entire move on your own is extremely difficult--especially if you have other responsibilities, like work, children, or school. Sorting your belongings, packing your boxes, getting your furniture onto the truck--how will you get it all completed by yourself?

If you have a strong support system of friends and family, you can ask for their help. Read on to find out the best way to fairly, effectively and politely organize your move with your loved ones' assistance.

Plan ahead

If you need your friends' help during a move, make sure to reach out to them early enough so they can commit to a date. If you wait until the last minute to request assistance, your friends will likely be busy. Send out a group email or mass text letting close friends and family know you need help moving and find out when everyone is available. The more time you give yourself to coordinate the move and everyone's schedules, the more likely you are to round up a good group to help.

Work around their schedules

Be flexible when choosing a moving date and plan around your friends' schedules. Don't expect anyone to take off work to help you move, find a babysitter, or cancel plans. Choose a moving date that accommodates as many of your helpers as possible, so you have plenty of free labor to get you moved! You should also avoid booking a move on a holiday weekend--many people like to relax or plan vacations during this time.

Designate tasks fairly

Write down all the moving tasks for which you require assistance--packing, hauling heavy furniture, loading the truck, driving the truck, labeling--the list is endless. After you have received confirmation from the friends that will be participating, send out a to-do list and have everyone volunteer for their preferred tasks. You may have a friend who adores organizing that would enjoy helping you sort through your paperwork, and another that prefers packing (it could happen). Another option is to wait until everyone arrives, write each task down on a slip of paper, and ask everyone to select one. Of course, certain tasks--such as lugging your three-piece sectional out to the truck--are better suited to certain helpers, so your friends may have to trade tasks appropriately.

Provide refreshments

Though your loved ones may be willing to lend a hand on moving day simply because they love you, it always helps to provide a little incentive--and a gesture of gratitude. Make sure to have plenty of snacks, water and sports drinks on hand during the move--especially for your brawnier friends that are hauling your furniture and handling the back-breaking moving tasks. Order pizza and offer beer as a post-move thank you meal--just make sure to wait until the work is completed. Drinking and packing wine glasses don't mix.

Have everything ready

When your friends arrive, everything should be prepared. Pick up your truck rental, get your packing supplies ready, rent your moving tools (such as dollies or hand trucks)--you can even begin disassembling some furniture prior to their arrival. Avoid tacking on extra tasks no one previously agreed to at the last minute. Your friends should know what they have signed up for before they get to your home.

Offer unwanted items

An important part of your moving process is sorting through your goods and designated unnecessary items to donate or throw away. Consider offering unwanted clothing, furniture, books, movies, or any other items to your friends as a thank-you for helping with the move. Just make sure the donation is appropriate--you may actually cause more insult than gratitude if you offer your friend an old, tattered sweater or broken end table.

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