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How to Pack for an Office Move

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If you're relocating your business or office, there are many things to prepare and pack for the move--supplies, expensive equipment, important paperwork, desks and furniture, and office decorations. Beginning the process in advance and enlisting the help of your employees (and office movers) is the best way to ensure everything arrives at your new office location organized and without damage.

Packing the filing cabinets

  • Sort through your documents and create three categories: take, shred, and recycle. Outdated and unnecessary paperwork can be discarded—but if it contains any confidential information, it should be shredded rather than recycled.
  • Sort through the remaining files and organize them using whatever system you plan to continue in your new location. Pack files in a file box, small enough to keep your documents organized and stationary during transit.
  • Mark each box with a brief description of its contents (for example, invoices) and the desk or department with which it belongs in your new location (if you have that information). If the contents of the box are confidential, that should also be indicated on the labeling.

Packing the desks

  • Each employee should be responsible for packing their own desks. Provide your workers with a timeline or schedule for the move so they are prepared and have desks emptied by moving day. You should also supply your employees with a moving handbook with guidelines and protocol for packing and moving the office so they are aware of their expected roles.
  • Begin by emptying the drawers and discarding of old junk that has accumulated over time. Pack office supplies in one box so they are easy to find during the unpacking process. Dispose of dried up pens, mostly filled notepads, bent and useless paperclips, and other mostly useless items. Advise your employees to do the same.
  • Pack personal items displayed on your desk in the earliest stage of your move. Coffee cups and picture frames should be wrapped with protective packing paper or bubble wrap to ensure they don’t break during the move. Employees should be advised to take personal items home before moving day.

Packing office equipment

  • The most valuable items in your office are your computers, printers, copiers and fax machines. You should certainly enlist the help of office movers to properly disconnect and transport your technology systems for you.
  • Keep all wires and cables properly separated and organized to prevent chaotic tangling during the move. Use zip ties to keep wires bundled, and label them for easy identification. You can also pack like wires in their own boxes (for example, Ethernet cables in one box, USB cables in another) or pack wires with the appropriate equipment.
  • Be sure to back up all of your important data to a hard drive or cloud service prior to moving day. This will also make it a cinch to get some work done from your laptop while your office is in transition.
  • Packing computers, printers and other office equipment in their original boxes is optimal. If you no longer have these available, be sure to use extra-sturdy, professional-quality boxes and plenty of padding.

Packing office decor

  • You can begin taking down decorations several weeks in advance of the move. Consider the space and layout of your new office when deciding what to take with you and what to discard or donate before moving day.
  • Pack framed artwork with packing paper and bubble wrap (the packing paper should be used as a barrier between the glass and the air bubbles to prevent impressions) and use special telescoping boxes designed for artwork and mirrors.
  • Prepare plants for the move. Movers will often not transport live plants on a moving truck, so you will have to transport greenery on your own.
  • If you have any valuable artwork, you should purchase insurance to protect against loss or damage. If your office is owned by a larger company that is paying for the move, valuables may not be covered by their moving insurance.

Hire office movers

Enlist the aid of professional office movers to properly disconnect and handle your expensive equipment and relocate your office quickly and efficiently. If you are planning an upcoming office move, begin comparing free quotes from office movers today at Movers.com - just fill out our fast and easy quote form to receive no-obligation estimates from moving companies near you!

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