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Moving A Rug Under Heavy Bed

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Moving a rug under a heavy bed

Placing a rug in your bedroom can work great for the décor. It creates a focal point and adds a sense of warmth to the space. Many people prefer placing a runner rug or an area rug at the edge of the bed so their feet rest on the rug when they get up from the bed. However, you can place the rug under the bed in other ways as well, depending on the type of bed and the space available. Sometimes, the shape and size of the bed can pose a challenge in placing the rug.

Read on to find out how to place a rug under a heavy bed with ease. 

How to move a rug under a bed?

The simplest way to move a rug under a bed is to simply remove the bed, place the rug wherever you want to, and place the bed back so it is positioned in correct alignment with the rug. For this, you will need the help of your friends to lift the bed. However, if the bed is too heavy and you cannot lift the entire thing even with the assistance of your folks, you can follow these tips:

  • Roll up the rug and place it at one end of the bed.
  • Lift one side of the bed put the open end of the rug, and position the leg of the bed upon it.
  • Then repeat the same for the other side of the bed and place the other leg of the bed on the rug.

This may seem simple but you may face difficulty in handling the bed in case you don't have enough help. Moreover, if there is no space under the bed, that will pose another challenge in the correct placement of the rug. You will need to make sure to choose the correct size and type of rug that’s suitable for the bedroom space and your bed as well.

Picking the size of the rug

If you don’t pick the correct size rug, it may look different from what you plan and will ruin the entire space. What if the bed is too big and hides your rug completely? So, for correct placement, you need to pick the correct size. Here are some rules to choose the rug size based on the size of your bed:

  • Full-sized bed: If it’s a standard-sized bed you can pick the rug size in dimensions of 5’x8’. These are the most commonly found rugs available at different price ranges. If the bed is small, you can put the rug underneath the bed such that the rug can be seen from the sides and in the front.
  • Queen size bed: For a queen size bed, get a rug size of 8’x10’ and place it perpendicular to the bed. This placement will display the rug on both sides as well as on the front in a stylish manner.
  • King-size bed: Since King size beds are big in size; you will need to find rugs in the dimensions of 9’x12’ or even larger than that. This is because a bedroom with a king-size bed is usually very big so there will be enough space for the rug to cover. If the rug is too small, it will simply disappear underneath the bed.

Placement of the rug underneath the bed

If you need the placement of the rug such that the bed is centered on the rug all the way to the end whereby the bed is placed against the wall, follow these tips:

For off-ground beds-

The platform beds nowadays are usually around 18 inches off the ground with enough space for you to slide anything underneath. This will make placing the rug simpler and faster. Here are the tips to follow:

  • If there is enough space underneath the bed to roll up the rug, it will be quite simple.
  • Simply roll up the rug till the headboard end of the bed
  • Lift the headboard side and slide the open end of the rug underneath the legs of the bed.
  • Once the rug is in place, roll the rug all the way to the front until it reaches the legs of the bed on the other side.
  • Then lift the legs at the bottom, roll out the rug, and place the legs back securely on the rug.

For on-ground bed-

When there isn’t enough space to roll down the rug underneath the bed and it’s too heavy to lift, you will need to follow a different approach. Here’s how to do it:

  • Remove the mattress, disassemble the bed frame and move the pieces.
  • Then lay the rug in place starting from the back of the wall to the front where the bed ends.
  • Make sure you place the bed back on the center of the rug by lining up the headboard with the back center of the rug placed against the wall.
  • Remember how to build back the bed correctly and place it correctly on the rug.

You can place a rug under a heavy bed by following the above-mentioned tips. Just make sure you choose the correct rug size and ask your friends for help. Be careful of the weight of the bed and do not get injured in the process.

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on August 9, 2021

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