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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Aurora, IL

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Aurora, dubbed the "City of Lights" in 1908 because it was one of the first U.S. cities to adopt an all-electric street lighting system in 1881, is the second most-populated city in the state of Illinois and the 112th most populated city in the country.

It is considered an outer suburb of Chicago and located 40 miles west of the greater Chicago metropolitan area. The city also features a number of modern architectural marvels from notable architects like Frank Lloyd Wright.

From 2000 to 2009, Aurora was ranked the 46th fastest growing city with a population over 100,000 by the U.S. Census Bureau and it has grown tremendously over the past 50 years.

If you're looking to relocate to Aurora, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the city and more.

Aurora Climate

Cold winters and warm summers characterize the humid continental climate of Aurora. Minor fluctuations in temperature, humidity, cloudiness, and wind direction are observed habitually. The spring and fall seasons feature comfortably warm sunny days and a crisp breeze, and are considered a pleasant time to visit Aurora. The weather in the city is highly influenced by Lake Michigan which moderates the temperature and boosts the snowfall for the city significantly during the winter months.

Aurora Neighborhoods

Aurora is divided into three main regions, which are designated as the West Side, the East Side and Fox Valley, which is also occasionally referred to as the Far East Side. The town is divided by the Fox River, which is responsible for creating these separate regions.

The West Side is located to the west of the Fox River, while the East Side is located to the east of the Fox River, between the river and the DuPage County line. Fox Valley, which seems as if it's named after the river, is actually the area of town that is farthest from Fox River, as it lies beyond the DuPage County line to the east. Rather, Fox Valley gets its name from the Westfield Fox Valley Mall and Fox Valley Villages that were some of the first building developments in this area of Aurora.

Living Costs in the City

The median income for a household in the city was $60,689. The per capita income for the city was $25,491. 11.9% of the population was under the poverty line. As of 2007, there were 11,359 firms in the city, with 11.1% African American owned firms, 1% Native American owned firms, 8.2% Asian American owned firms, and 12.5% Hispanic owned firms. Additionally, women owned 34.2% of firms.

Registering Your Car

Upon your arrival in Illinois after moving to the state permanently, you have a total of 30 days to update your registration and have your vehicle registered in the state before you may be required to pay a penalty.

An Illinois Driver's License can be obtained at any Illinois DMV location. The state requires new Illinois residents to update their license from their previous state to an Illinois driver's license within 90 days of moving. If you fail to update your driver's license within this 90-day window, you may have to pay a fine. Also, there is a $10 fee to update your driver's license.

Aurora Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Aurora, whether you're moving from out of state or from another county in Illinois. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at to get quotes for the following services:

Aurora Schools

Aurora is the home of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and Aurora University. The DuPage County and Kane County school systems serve Aurora area students and are located on opposite sides of the Fox River, which physically splits the city of Aurora down the middle. There are a total of 46 public schools in these districts.

The city is also home to 22 private schools. There are three main districts within the DuPage County and Kane County school systems, namely the Aurora Public Schools West Side district, the Aurora Public Schools East Side district and IPSD. The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is a state-funded school for students in grades 10 through 12 and it operates under public funds, managed independently of the other public schools in the city of Aurora. The main campus of Aurora University is also located within the city.

Aurora Employment

With a long history of manufacturing, Aurora has been the home of such companies as the Aurora Brewing Company, Caterpillar Inc., National Metalwares, Barber-Greene Company, the Chicago Corset Company and many others. Hollywood Casino, located on the Fox River in downtown Aurora also drives tourism to the city and features memorabilia from several famous Hollywood movies.

The city is also located on the edge of what is commonly referred to as the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor. For decades, the most prominent employer and industry in the city was the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad which was headquartered in Aurora, until the roundhouse was turned into a restaurant in 2009.

Public Transportation

The Metra rail system provides direct service to the Chicago area via the Burlington Northern Santa Fe line. The Aurora Municipal Airport is located within the city, although it does not typically handle international flights or commercial flights. However, Chicago-O'Hare International Airport is located about 30 miles to the east of the city. The local PACE bus service also serves the Aurora area and the surrounding suburbs.

PACE operates their bus service within Aurora six days a week and connects Aurora to other neighboring cities such as Naperville, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego and St. Charles. Aurora was known for its extensive street car system which was operated by Aurora, Elgin, and Fox River Electric Company and serviced most neighborhoods and surrounding towns in the Aurora area.

Culture and Contemporary Life

Aurora has a lot to offer when it comes to culture and contemporary life. The city is full of architectural landmarks and historic sites including the Paramount Theater, which is located in downtown Aurora and was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. Also located in the city are the Phillips Park Zoo, in the Phillips Park section of Aurora, and the Leland Tower, a former hotel which can also be found on the National Register of Historic Places and had the distinction of being the tallest building in Illinois outside of the Chicago city limits.

Downtown Alive is an annual festival that is held in Aurora that features live music and a variety of different food booths. The festival is typically held over the course of three weekends during the summer. Also, Blues on the Fox is an event that is held each Father's Day, featuring live performances from national blues artists, and it usually attracts fairly large crowds, ranging anywhere from 8,000 to 13,000 people over the course of the weekend.

AuroraArtWalk is a quarterly event that is held in the city and hosted by the Cultural Creatives, which is a grassroots community of local artists, property owners and patrons of the city of Aurora.

Moving to Aurora

Whether you're looking for a change of scenery or moving with family to Aurora, this place has something to offer for everyone. The city is strict in enforcing various rules and regulations regarding moving services. You need to know certain things before you move to this city. It is mandatory on the part of the moving company to present a certificate of liability insurance to the building management. In case of any property damage, the building management has to be sure that the moving company has the necessary coverage. This certificate can be obtained free of charge from the moving company.

If you are moving to an apartment, you need to book the elevator in advance. If you are moving into the downtown area, then parking permits are compulsory. You need to get these permits well in advance for the moving truck. For determining the approximate cost of moving to Aurora, you can find out by obtaining a moving quote from a reputable company.

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