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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Glendale, CA

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Nicknamed the Jewel City and nestled at the foot of the Verdugo Mountains, there are many reasons why the Glendale region is recognized by residents and visitors alike.

Living in Glendale and visiting the vicinity is a gorgeous experience. With scenic mountaintop landscapes, comfortable year-round climate and plenty of ways to play, the California community is more like a resort than a residence.

But it's not.

Between booming businesses, excellent education and notable neighborhoods, Glendale has all the finest attributes, making it a great place to grow up and old in.

If you have ever considered living in the region, read through this guide and see why you may just want to change your address to the area zip code.

Glendale Climate

The Mediterranean climate, warm dry summers and mild wet winters, keeps Glendale locals comfortable year-round. With an average high of 91 degrees in the summer and 44 degrees in the winter, the city never experiences intense heat waves or chilling cold spells. The highest temperature the California community has ever seen was 110 degrees, and the lowest climate was 17 degrees.

Only seeing snow every 5 to 10 years, there is no need to own a shovel or boots when living in the city. The last time there was a flurry was in February 2011 with locals seeing 3 inches of snow. Though no snow, frost is common in November and March. And while summer often brings monsoons, the fall always sees the Santa Ana winds, which blow in gusts in from October to December.

Glendale Neighborhoods

Greenbriar, Verdugo Woodlands and Glen Oaks Canyon are a few of the 40 Glendale neighborhoods that make up the 30-mile square city. Incorporated in 1906, with hundreds of residential homes built between 1920 and 1930, the California community has an array of architecture from historic to contemporary.

Adams Hill, one of the oldest neighborhoods, boasts age-old architecture that spreads across the community's hillsides. If you like art deco homes that line quiet winding streets, you are likely to love Adams Hill. However, if you prefer a more populated area that offers dining and shopping in your backyard, you may want to call Sparr Heights home.

One of the most desired demographic areas to call home is Whiting Woods. With no more than 200 single-family homes that tout mid-century architecture, the neighborhood is filled with protected sycamore and oak trees that forest the area. And of course, there is always downtown Glendale, built up with business and residential properties, where many residents live, work and play in the smaller province. No matter where you choose to call home in the California community, you are sure to love living within the area code.


Registering Your Car

You have 10 days to get a California license once you officially arrive. The local Division of Motor Vehicles states you must get a license if you register to vote, pay school tuition or file property taxes. To retain a Golden State driving permit, incoming residents must provide proof-of-name, address, birth date and social security card.

Filling out paperwork and passing a vision test are required to retain your license, which costs $39. Registering your vehicle and getting state plates can also be done by filling out the necessary paperwork and proving your vehicle is insured. Vehicle registration fees begin at $46 dollars and an additional fee for license plates is required.

Glendale Schools

The Glendale Unified School District is where most students are educated. With 27,000 students, 31 schools and more than 2,620 employees, the system touts top-of-the-line education. From the 20 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 5 high schools and special needs and independent/home school sites, students are schooled from kindergarten through senior year. Of course the community offers private education, with at least 20 schools offering religious-based and specialized training.

If area students are looking to attain their associate’s degree in arts or science after graduating, the can conveniently commute a few miles to Glendale Community College. Offering dozens of degrees and certificates, the local 100-acre campus is popular among area young adults. And if you are seeking a bachelor’s degree, you will have to commute 15-minutes outside the community to the famous University of California Los Angeles.

Glendale Employment

With an 8.9% unemployment rate that is only one point higher than the national average, Glendale is a good place to land a job if you search hard enough. Top employers include Glendale Adventist Medical Center, 2234 employees, City of Glendale, 2,122 workers and the Glendale Unified School District, 1,886 laborers.

If you do not prefer a career in healthcare, government or education, there are plenty of other positions in the area. Browse through the Glendale News-Press classifieds or seek out several area staffing agencies and see if the perfect career is waiting for you. If you will be bringing your business to Glendale, then it would be great idea to contact the Glendale Chamber of Commerce to get a feel for how your company will do within the city's borders.


Living Costs in the City

CNN Money reports the median family income in Glendale is $59,253 with a median home price at $447,000. The two numbers are not necessarily equal by any means, making the cost-of-living in Glendale a bit challenging to say the least. Coupled with the 6.1% higher cost-of-living than California and the 39.2% greater cost-of-living than the national average, moving to Glendale may not be an option. However, if you have a good paying job, future promotion and money saved, it could be the perfect place to settle.

Glendale Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Glendale, whether you’re moving from out of state or from another county in Glendale. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at Movers.com to get quotes for the following services:

Glendale Transportation

Between the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Metro Local and Glendale Beeline, there is absolutely no excuse to be late to work or a red carpet affair if you are without a car. And if you do drive, then the four major freeways in Glendale will get you where you need to go. The Glendale Freeway, State Route 2; the Ventura Freeway, State Route 134; the Foothill Freeway, Interstate 210; and the Golden State Freeway, Interstate 5, are all highly traveled by locals who prefer to drive themselves.

If you decide to go green and get some exercise at the same time, than bicycling in Glendale may be best route. With enough stamina and simply putting up the kick stand, you can get around the city for free. And if you are not in the mood to drive, bike, or even walk, call a cab service in Glendale to take you from your doorstep to your destination.

Though there are a few ways to travel in town, there is only way to get out of Glendale via air. The Bob Hope Airport in town or the Los Angeles International Airport, 15 minutes away are two landing strips you can choose to use.

Culture & Contemporary Life

Rather than asking what locals do for a good time, it is wiser to ask what they don't do for fun. From mountain climbing and bike riding, to playing in the park or taking a stroll, Glendale residents love being outside. And who wouldn't want to be in that gorgeous California weather? With Manhattan Beach less than 30 minutes away, locals commute just outside the district to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean. And with Los Angeles only 15 minutes away, residents ride a diminutive distance up the freeway to see the stars.

But you don't have to go outside or leave town to have a good time. With plenty of theaters, museums and art galleries, locals enjoy productions and fine art 365 days a year. Dining and dancing are also activities always enjoyed in the area. With dozens of formal and relaxed eateries and several popular night clubs, locals never want for first-class cuisine or a dance floor.

Glendale Relocation Tips

  • Visit Glendale, CA and see for yourself why so many residents call the region home.
  • Read Glendale News-Press to get a feel for the local area and what makes the news.
  • Volunteer in Glendale and make some friends while you lend a helping hand in the community.

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