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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Sacramento, CA

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Although it may have started out as a supply town for gold miners, Sacramento is presently a constantly evolving metropolis. Victorian houses, tree-lined streets, and perfectly crafted bungalows will make your experience in Sacramento even more interesting.

From the California International Marathon to the state fair and the children's play park where fairytales and nursery rhymes come alive, this city offers a cultural diversity that is unique and rare.

A laid-back bohemian attitude, world-class cuisine, entertainment, shopping, and friendly locals make this place more appealing for just about anyone.

Here is the guide that will help you relocate smoothly to Sacramento.

Sacramento Climate

The city is situated at the junction of the American and Sacramento Rivers and experiences a Mediterranean climate. Rain during the winter is an atypical characteristic of a Mediterranean climate. Generally the climate is mild throughout the entire year.

Summers are usually hot with northern winds blowing from the Siskiyou Mountains. These are moderated by ocean breezes. June through September are considered the sunniest months with the month of July receiving maximum sunshine of, on average, 14 hours each day.

Tule fog occurring in the morning is at its peak in the months of December and January. The temperatures during the fog rarely go above 50oF and these last for weeks at a time. As the visibility is reduced to less than 100 feet, it becomes extremely dangerous to drive. Storms in the spring and winter shower the area with occasional hail. Sacramento is susceptible to floods which is the result of excessive rainfall.

Sacramento Neighborhoods

From the plush bungalows of the 1920s to the European revival styles of the 1930s and ranch style houses of the 40s and 50s, the East Sacramento neighborhood offers a variety of architectural styles. Located close to the airport and Sleep Train Arena, North Natomas is bisected by two interstate highways and offers better deals on houses.

Downtown is not just the headquarters for government but also for entertainment, shopping, and dining. When it comes to residences this area is always transforming and parking is at a premium. Once a suburban shopping center, Arden Arcade is presently more developed and offers a variety for homeowners and renters alike. One of the advantages of living in this neighborhood is the easy access to a 26-mile hike and bike trail that stretches from the American River Parkway to Folsom Lake.

Elmhurst is a historical neighborhood which contains a large number of oak, ash and elm trees. Much of the residences are taken up by medical staff due to the presence of UC Davis Medical Center. Florin was heavily inhabited by Japanese immigrants since the early part of the 20th century but all that changed towards the middle of the century. Presently, it is a neighborhood where you will find many different ethnicities.

Living Costs in the City

Sacramento imposes an 8.5 percent of sales tax effective from April 1, 2013. The overall cost of living is average when compared to other big cities. Clothing, tobacco, alcohol, and communication costs are low when compared to other places. However, grocery costs, which include consumables, fresh fruits and vegetables, general food products, cleaning products, and dairy are costlier when compared to other places. Education, healthcare, and transport costs are high.

Registering Your Car

In the state of California, your car is required to have a smog check upon registration. Also, upon your arrival in California after moving, you have 20 days to update your registration and have your vehicle registered in the state before you may be required to pay a penalty.
A California Driver's License can be obtained at any California DMV location. The state requires new California residents to update their license from their previous state to a California driver's license within 10 days of moving.

Sacramento Moving Resources

Moving and storage companies are ready and willing to help you with your move to Sacramento, whether you're moving from out of state or from another county in California. Make sure you get estimates from multiple moving services before you commit to hiring any (at least three estimates). Check back to our guides for tips on how to choose your moving service wisely with important questions to ask, differentiating between types of estimates, and mistakes to avoid. Visit the following pages at to get quotes for the following services:

Sacramento Schools

The public school system in Sacramento is governed by the Sacramento City Unified and Twin Rivers Unified districts and employ over 9,600 elementary school teachers and over 7,410 middle school teachers, making it one of the largest public school districts in the state of California. In addition, the city of Sacramento is home to several public and private colleges and universities for students looking to continue their education at the college level. Some of the more well-known universities in the city are Sacramento State (California State University, Sacramento), University of California-Davis, UC Davis Graduate School of Management, and the Art Institute of California-Sacramento.

Sacramento Employment

The city of Sacramento is a booming economic and financial hub within the state of California. Many major corporations have their headquarters in the city, including such well-known companies as Sutter Health, Blue Diamond Growers, Aerojet, Teichert and the McClatchey Company. Sacramento residents are also employed by some other notable companies and organizations which include Kaiser Permanente, Intel, the State of California, UC Davis Health System, and the Sacramento City Unified School District.

Public Transportation

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) oversees the operation and management of buses and light rail that operate 365 days a year. Bus and light rail systems have seen an increase in the annual ridership with a weekday average of around 50,000 passengers.

The Neighborhood Ride was introduced by the RT in 2006 wherein shuttles are provided for trips in between communities. They offer service on pre-scheduled routes but will deviate from the route to pick up and drop off seniors and physically challenged passengers. Even though RT's bus and rail is accessible to the physically challenged, there is a door-to-door service for those who cannot avail the fixed route service.

Culture and Contemporary Life

Sacramento has museums that present the history of the city since the time of pre-gold rush. A Museum Day is held on the first Saturday of February every year when the admission to all the museums is free, an event which draws huge crowds.

The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts depicts California history and its influence in various fields. The classical music scene in Sacramento is also highly vivid with the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra, Sacramento Youth Symphony, and the Camellia Symphony each presenting their concerts. The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee is held on every Memorial Day weekend.

Local art galleries organize the Sacramento Second Saturday Art Walk for locals and tourists alike to enjoy original art and meet the artists in person. One of the largest collections of community theatres is present in Sacramento which competes for the Elly Awards that are held annually. Some of the most notable theaters include the El Dorado Musical Theatre, Flying Monkey Productions, River City Theatre Company, and Big Idea Theatre.

Although Sacramento lies in a Mediterranean climate, its cuisine is mostly influenced by Thai food – exotic but suitable for the American palate. The city has been marketed as "America's Farm-to-Fork Capital", as many restaurants source their food from the surrounding farms. Cal Expo's Grape and Gourmet, Sacramento Beer Week, and Sacramento Cocktail Week are some of the events that represent the food and beverage culture in the city.

Moving to Sacramento

As the capitol city of California, Sacramento is the cultural, educational, and government center of the state. The city's dynamic business sector, affordable housing, and expanding public transportation system are some of the factors that drive people to migrate to this ever-changing metropolis.

Check the local weather before finalizing your move date. Relocation can be strenuous and laborious. It is always a good practice to hire a moving company that has good ratings with the Better Business Bureau and personally cross-check the references that you get from the moving company. Elevator reservations, parking permits and insurance, in case you are moving to or from an apartment building, are required. Inquire with the moving company before the move about whether they are going to take care of all these formalities.

Sacramento Relocation Tips

  • The first thing after settling down is to arrange and register your children in new schools. Help your children in getting acquainted with their environment.


  • Always use sturdy and reinforced boxes for packing things. Fragile items should be cushioned properly before packing. Bubble wrap should be used for extra protection.


  • Read all the moving documents, especially all of the fine print, before you sign them. In case you don't understand, you should always ask for an explanation.


  • For long distance moves your mover might have to store your belongings in a warehouse for several days. Inquire with the mover to find out if the goods will remain in the truck until delivered and if storage is required, ask to inspect the warehouse for cleanliness and security.


  • Boxes containing fragile items should be labeled properly as "FRAGILE" and if needed secure extra insurance for such items.

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