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Pros and Cons of Moving Abroad

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Moving overseas is exciting but stressful--there are many factors to consider before choosing to relocate abroad. Can you afford it? Are you willing to be so far from your loved ones? Can you live without your hometown's staple cuisine that you have come to take for granted?

These questions and many others should be contemplated before your international move to determine if it's the right choice for you.


Being bilingual

Learning a new language can be very valuable in today's world. Being bilingual sets you ahead professionally and culturally, and is a fascinating way to enrich your life experience. Plus, no matter where you move, speaking fluent English can be an essential asset to help you land a job.

New experiences and adventure

Moving abroad presents you with endless new experiences. Travel is exciting, and adapting to a new culture is a great way to gain a fresh start. New customs, exotic cuisine, and foreign surroundings can provide you with a new outlook on life. If you are bored and crave a drastic change, moving overseas can be enriching and enlightening, offering you exposure to new perspectives and traditions.

Meeting new people

Connecting and making friends with locals in your new country is one of the most rewarding aspects of moving abroad. While leaving your pals in your hometown behind can be difficult, moving overseas allows you the opportunity to befriend individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life. You will learn a great deal about other cultures (and yourself) by forming meaningful relationships with interesting people in your new land.

Personal development

New experiences and drastic change will help you grow and evolve as a person. Exposure to other cultures and lifestyles will enhance your perspectives and encourage open-minded thought. Additionally, picking up and starting over in a foreign place without the comfort of familiar faces can truly teach you to be self-reliant and build character.

Career growth

Working overseas can provide you valuable skills in your field. Learning workplace ethics and the business culture in other countries will give you world experience, making you a desirable candidate for future jobs. Professional environments vary greatly abroad from the United States, and the chance to learn from other cultures will be a great addition to your resume.


Risk factors

Packing up your whole life and trekking to a new country is a huge step that carries a lot of risk. If you don't have employment set up before you leave, finding a job overseas can be difficult. Being unfamiliar with your surroundings can make you vulnerable to mishap or crime. Conduct thorough research on any region you are considering moving to before you make your final decision to ensure it is safe and well-suited for your lifestyle.

Paperwork overload

There is an abundance of paperwork required to relocate internationally and establish residency. Not only do you need many essential documents to enter the country and clear customs, but you will have to reapply for visas and other permits to remain a resident. The paperwork process can sometimes be tedious, confusing, and exhausting.

Leaving family and friends

Bidding farewell to your loved ones is arguably the most difficult aspect of moving overseas. Once the excitement of your adventure begins to wane, homesickness will set in and leave you longing for the company of friends and family. While technology like social media and video chat software make it easier than ever to stay in touch, they can be a poor substitute for face to face interaction. To alleviate the stress of transitioning, be sure to set aside time to communicate (such as a planned Skype date).

Culture shock and stress

Moving thousands of miles from home to a place filled with strangers, unfamiliar streets, a foreign tongue and a unique culture can be a staggering transition. You may be searching for permanent housing and a job while struggling to navigate a strange city without the comfort of friends to vent to at the end of the day. You may find the clothing, food, and even music you enjoyed at home nearly impossible to find. Culture shock can be overwhelming and it will take time to adjust. Advance trips to your new home, planning for work and housing in advance, researching common customs and attempting a working knowledge of the language are all effective methods for easing your acclimation.

Money troubles

International relocation is a costly venture. Paying a moving company to transport your shipment, importing your vehicle, customs duties, necessary documents, airfare, temporary housing while you search for a permanent home--many factors will contribute to your expenses when moving abroad. Ensuring you have established employment before leaving is the best way to alleviate financial worries. Be sure to plan a budget, save adequate funds for the move, and research the cost of living in your new region as well.

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