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Reasons Why People Move From the Country to a Big City

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Rural regions and urban areas are polar opposites. While one is crowded and fast-paced, the other is slower with sparse open land. And it is not just the aesthetics that make the city and country different, it's the people. And if that is not enough of a difference, just look at the divergence between businesses, schooling and recreation. There could be several reasons why people move from the country to a big city.

With the communities so contrary to each other, you might wonder how comfortable someone from the country would feel moving to a big city. What is the point of going from an easy-going atmosphere to a high-stress environment? There are a few reasons, actually very good ones for that matter, why people move from a farmhouse to a high rise.

This guide explains the differences between rural and urban regions and some of the reasons why people relocate from the country to city.

Living in the country compared to living in the city

Simplicity is the best word to describe the country life. Home-cooked meals, sitting on the porch swing and rarely leaving acres of property is how many live their lives in the countryside. The laid-back way of life holds high values and does not sacrifice standards for convenience. Time is not of the essence and stopping to smell the roses is literally the way of life.

City life, however, is complex with constant motion and a large population that supports a rich culture and exposure to social interaction. In a city, time is money, but you will benefit greatly from the convenience and availability afforded to you.

Why you would move to a big city from the country

There are many reasons why one would leave the country and move to a city. Three of the top reasons are jobs, education and lifestyle. The difference between the three reasons is vast, with country life and city life having almost nothing in common when it comes to commerce, schooling and way of life.

  • Better job market: Where there are more people, there are more jobs. This is the main reason so many people leave country towns to live in big cities.

  • Educational opportunities: All major and affluent colleges/universities are located in or near a big city. These influential institutions offer more majors and draw famous professors which students prefer to study under.

  • Lifestyle: Cities draw ethnically diverse individual, and the collective cultures create an exciting cultural backdrop. Many move to a big city to experience a melting pot of things -- such as foods, activities and movies -- from places that they have never imagined visiting.

If you are moving to a big city for a job, prepare for culture shock and be open to new things. Being open-minded allows us to re-shape who we are and can provide new opportunities for us to grow as a person. This could be an easier way to learn new languages, about international customs, about different world perspectives -- or just to broaden the ethnic spectrum among your friends.

Living in a big city gives you access to better medical care

Many of the bigger and top-rated hospitals are located in cities. The larger populations mean hospitals need to be more prepared for emergencies that may occur. Hospitals in big cities receive a lot of ratings from patients who have been treated there, so you can see which hospital is best for you in case of a medical issue.

Hospitals are usually scarce in the country and typically serve one town. This set-up sometimes makes it difficult when there is a real emergency with little time to act. And if there is only one ambulance but two emergencies, you might not be able to get help you need. This a huge upside to moving in the city, because there are more resources available.

Moving to a big city can be a huge change, do you think you would be able to do it?

Ryan Hussey  Posted by Ryan Hussey on November 2, 2018

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