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Reasons Why People Move to the Suburbs From the City

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More and more people are deciding to move to the suburbs. Is that surprising? Living in the 'burbs has many unique perks which you can't enjoy living elsewhere. Suburbs are the perfect balance between experiencing urban and rural life.

Keep reading to find out why people prefer suburbs to cities.

1. Less money

Many people turn to the suburbs to save some serious cash. No matter where you live, you want a place that will fit your budget. The cost of living in the city is very expensive and demands you to pay tons for everyday life.

For example, the average price of a home in the city is $201,000 more expensive than the average price of a home in the suburbs. In the suburbs, almost everything is cheaper -- housing, gas, utilities, food. Living in a suburb is cost-efficient and won't break the bank.

2. More property

In the city, everything seems to be more compact. This is especially true for housing. As you get closer and closer to the city, living space becomes smaller and smaller. However, in suburbs, buildings and other properties are more spread out, because there is more land.

This gives you the upper hand in finding a spacious home you can comfortably live in. You'll be spending about the same amount of money as a smaller place in the city. You pay less per square foot in a suburban house than in a urban one -- while getting an average of 300 more square feet of space. Aside from just housing, suburbs have more space for parking, pets, backyards and outdoor activities.

3. Lower crime rates

For many people, safety is their primary concern when choosing where to live. Since suburbs have an overall lower population than the cities, you will find that living in a suburb is a safer option. This is good news, especially for those of you with families and young children.

Most suburbs have a lower crime rate than nearby cities. According to the Federal Bureau of Education, major cities have a property crime rate that is two times higher and a violent crime rate that is two and a half times higher than nearby suburbs. Suburbs are a lot more neighborly.

4. Better schools

Suburbs are a better living option for all families with school-age children. Not only does a suburb provide a nurturing environment, it also gives students a quality education experience.

Generally speaking, suburban residents make more money. This allows the schools to receive more funding to provide the best education possible. More of your tax money will be dedicated to enhancing the curricula, hiring well-qualified teachers, purchasing useful learning resources and providing a well-rounded school niche.

5. Suburban nature

If you are someone who is fond of nature, then the suburbs are for you. In the city, you'd be lucky to spot more than a few trees and bushes. On the other hand, the suburbs are thriving with nature. Suburbs never run short of beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and parks. Here you will find vast stretches of greenery and open land that will give you a breath of fresh air.

In addition, suburbs are also home to more wildlife species than the city which indicates that you'd be living in a healthy and wholesome ecosystem. The abundance of nature brings with it fun activities, such as fishing, hiking, zip-lining and boating.

6. No crowds

What makes a city a city is the inevitable and endless amounts of people in every corner. Cities are already congested with multiple buildings, cars and taxis. No matter where you go in the city, you'll always find yourself trying to push through a huge crowd of people.

However, suburbs are generally much less populated which means they are not nearly as crowded or congested. Many people leave the hectic crowds from the city and move to the suburbs to enjoy some peace when walking on the streets.

7. More privacy

Because suburbs are more spacious, you get to have more privacy as a resident. Less people and more space means the property you own will be private enough to do what you want. You won't have to share your porch, backyard, front yard and garage.

In the city, you won't get these amenities. Because the housing communities in the city are much more dependent between residents, the city environment causes you to always be surrounded by people. In the suburban lifestyle, you can avoid that and choose solitude.

8. Accessibility

Another reason why people move to suburbs is because of the ease of accessibility. Cities may have train stations and subways everywhere, but suburbs have public transportation as well the ability to drive a personal vehicle. Driving a car in a crowded city can be a nightmare which is why residents choose to walk everywhere.

In the suburb, all supermarkets, shopping centers and banks are in close driving distance which makes running errands much easier. It can get pretty tiring for city-dwellers to lug their groceries around on foot or by train. Furthermore, you can also get to experience the city while living in the suburbs. Many suburbs are just a train ride or drivable distance to a main city which gives you the best of both worlds.

9. Community

City residents look to move into a suburban area to gain a sense of community. In a city, it's incredibly hard to build friendships with the people surrounding you. By living in the suburbs, you will benefit from a quality social life. You can have close-knit relationships with your neighbors and build your own interpersonal community. Having good friends and neighbors is not only fun for those Thanksgiving dinners but is also a very important aspect of feeling safe and more at home.

Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of moving to a suburb before jumping the gun. Factors such as personal space, property size, safety and affordability are crucial to your decision. Only you can decide if these reasons are good enough for to leave the city for the suburban sprawl.

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on October 16, 2018

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