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Shipping Your Car Safely

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Whether you are going to ship your car domestically or internationally, it is essential to follow some basic vehicle safety measures to ship your car securely. While you might expect your vehicle to be delivered to its destination point without any damages, that's unfortunately not always the case with some auto transport companies.

Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments, so you want it to be delivered to your destination in the same condition as it was when the car movers picked it up. Instead of the hard work and headaches you'll get if you're not prepared, do some homework and make your car shipment happen as safely as possible.

Here are a few tips which will help you ensure a safe shipment of your vehicle without difficulty.

Choosing a Professional Auto Shipper

Professional movers are highly committed to shipping your vehicle without any glitches, but you should be selective in hiring a good and reliable company. Do the proper research and get free quotes from each company so you can compare their pricing and the different services offered. After selecting the most affordable company with the best services, you can begin the next steps.

It is best to know about the company and read moving reviews, such as those on Movers.com. You can learn a lot about the auto transport company by reading about the experiences of past customers. The more information you get, the greater the chance your move will go smoothly and you'll be fully prepared. This will help your vehicle be delivered to your new home on-time and safely. Also, always make sure to maintain an open line of communication with the shipping company from the pick-up until the delivery of your vehicle at your new home.

Tip: Make sure to select the most reliable and reputable company you can find, rather than going for the cheapest one, as your automobiles are some of your most valuable possessions and it's best to entrust them to a dependable company.

Tips for Shipping Your Car Safely

It is always best to know the status of your vehicle before moving it. Even though you're going to relinquish your vehicle to someone else during the moving process, you have some minimum responsibilities to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

  • Be upfront and inform the company about all of the specifications of the vehicle, then let them decide whether they can ship it or not.

  • Inspect your vehicle thoroughly to be aware of its condition before the move. Make sure to go over it with the movers when they arrive at your home to pick it up, so they know the vehicle's condition and can examine it closely before moving it.

  • Even after the delivery of your car, inspect it very carefully for any damages or missing items. Check it by referring to the initial form of inspection. During the inspection of your automobile by the representative of the company at both the ends of the move, make sure that you are present so you can dispute any potential discrepancies that occur.

Tip: Taking pictures of your vehicle prior to shipment helps you to easily identify the existing damages to the vehicle and any damages that may have occurred after the delivery.

  • After the inspection is completed, take note of the inspection form and remember to give a copy to the movers and keep one for yourself. Don't forget to get a signature from the auto movers along with your signature on the condition report and the bill of lading prior to the move and when you arrive at the destination. Making sure that all of the paperwork is signed and completed is the best method for staying organized.

  • Enrolling in a moving insurance policy for your car before the shipment will cover you and your vehicle in the event of any damages. Ask for the license of the driver and make a document of your agreement with them.

  • Get quotes from different companies to select the auto shipper which best fits your needs and your budget to ship your vehicle. The cost is dependent on the type of carrier chosen for your car's shipment. There are typically two different types of shipping available for your vehicle, such as an enclosed trailer and open-air carrier. Enclosed trailers are usually more expensive, whereas the open trailer is cost-effective.

  • Make sure that no fluid is leaking from any part of the vehicle, because this is very unsafe and may lead to further damage of your vehicle while it's in transit.

  • Thoroughly check the vehicle to confirm that all of your personal belongings are removed from the vehicle. Deactivate all of the alarms and remember to remove all of your gadgets such as radios, cassette decks or CD players and personal items.

  • Check the battery prior to the vehicle's shipment to ensure that it's charged for the safety of your vehicle. If any issue persists, it should be resolved before the shipment. Try to make sure that your gas tank has a minimum of 1/8 tank of fuel, but no more than 1/4 tank of fuel.

  • Always carry one of your keys with you and let another set of keys be taken by the movers.

As long as you follow these safety guidelines and utilize these tips before shipping your car, the process should go smoothly and your vehicle should be delivered safely, and without any delay, to your new home.

Robert Moreschi  Posted by Robert Moreschi on January 25, 2013

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