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The Best Way to Label Moving Boxes

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The Best Way to Label Moving BoxesBy labeling your boxes, your move will be much more organized and easier for you and your movers. Labeling can save a lot of time when your boxes are being unloaded into your new home. The movers will know exactly what room to put each box in, and you will know what is in them. This will prevent you from having to open boxes to find out what is inside each one.

Also, by properly labeling your boxes containing fragile items, your movers will know to be especially careful when handling these boxes and to not put heavier boxes on top of them.

The best time to start labeling 

 Now, timing the box labeling task may seem like common sense, but judgment errors are still likely to happen when you’re put under a substantial amount of stress during the home moving process.

You should NOT label a box before packing it because you still won’t know its exact contents, and you should NOT label a moving box long after you’ve packed it because by then you may have forgotten what you have placed inside it. This will help you keep track of all your items in case the moving company you choose looses or damages something.

The fitting time to label a moving box is right after you have packed that cardboard container, closed its flaps and sealed it with tape. So, PACK, SEAL, and LABEL a moving box in a logical sequence without allowing for too much time to pass between each packing action.

Most common labels

   Here are some ideas on how to properly label your boxes:

  • Label what room each box should go in.
  • List the contents of each box, so you know what is in it before you unpack.
  • Write "Fragile" or "Handle with Care" on any box containing delicate or easily broken objects.
  • Label any boxes that you plan on taking yourself as "Do Not Move."
  • For boxes that you will need right away, label them as "Pack Last." This way, the movers will put them on the truck last and unload them first.

TIP: Assign each box a number, and then make a separate list where you record all of the contents of each box. When you begin unpacking, look up each numbered box on your list to find out what is in each one.

Purchase good-quality markers

Color coding is a great and easy way to label and organize your boxes

  • Get high-quality markers
  • Dark bold colors 
  • Permanent ink 
  • Smudge-free markers
  • water-proof markers 

Some other pointers

Make sure you use a large and dark permanent marker for your labeling. It is a good idea to have at least two markers handy, in case one gets lost or runs out of ink. Most moving boxes have labels already printed on them, so you can just write the destination of the box and what its contents are on them. If your boxes don't have preprinted labels, you can either get white label stickers or just write anywhere on the boxes. Remember to label the top and at least one side of each box to ensure that your labels will be seen.

The best way to label boxes using colors

An easy method for labeling moving boxes is the color-coded system. Its when you to use different colors for different rooms. This labeling system is the easier of the two because it is very simple to implement and it is quite effective. 

Here are the steps to completing the color-coded system for labeling moving boxes:

When labeling boxes using colors, pick one color per destination room and maintain consistency throughout the labeling task.

  • Designate one different color for each destination room in the new home. For example, RED can mean BEDROOM, BLUE can mean BATHROOM, GREEN can mean LIVING ROOM, ORANGE can mean KITCHEN, and so on.
  •  Pick the colors so that they make sense to you. For instance, water is blue, so the bathroom will be associated with that color. You like to eat oranges, so the kitchen will be associated with the orange color. Select a color for each room and be consistent with it. Don't worry, picking colors randomly will also work.
  •  Get your set of color markers ready and get down to work. Use the red marker to label all cardboard boxes that will need to end up in the bedroom. When packing your kitchen, use the orange marker to mark all the moving boxes that need to be carried into the kitchen of the new home.
  •  Mark each box with the essential info that will enable you to identify that same container after the move is over. So, what to write on moving boxes? Mark down the contents of the box, its destination room, as well as handling instructions or special warnings.
  • Use colored moving labels in conjunction with the colored markers for even easier identification. Keep in mind that this is an optional step that should make things easier, but it’s not something you are required to do. It’s okay to use ordinary non-colored labels or even no labels at all.
  •  Use the red marker to write down on the boxes any essential handling instructions, such as FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, THIS SIDE UP, and so on. Use the black marker to do this for all the boxes you have associated with and labeled in red
  •  Attach corresponding pieces of colored paper on the doors leading to the destination rooms in the new house or apartment. This is necessary so that the color-coded labeling system you have used to label your moving boxes can be understood by anyone who’s involved in the move. 

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