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The Top 10 Best Things About Moving

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If you are planning an upcoming move, you are bogged down with endless tedious tasks, stressful preparations, and nervous worrying. However, while moving can be a bit hectic and overwhelming, there are many wonderful aspects of relocation that can improve your quality of life. Check out the top 10 reasons why moving is awesome:

1. It’s exciting

While moving may require a lot of hard work and planning, you are also embarking on an exciting adventure. A lot is going to change in your life—if you are feeling bored or stuck in a rut, a move can revitalize your stale, mundane routine. If you are moving to a completely new locale, there may be activities, recreation, or interests you can pursue that you were unable to in your previous home. For example, if you lived in the Midwest and moved to the coast, you could take up surfing or sailing. If you move to the mountains, you can try skiing or snowboarding. The possibilities for your new life are endless!

2. Change of scenery

While familiarity often brings comfort, as the saying “home is where the heart is” will tell you, being stuck in the same environment day after day can feel like quite a stagnant existence. There’s a huge world out there to see, and moving will give you the opportunity to see another small piece of it. If you are moving to a new region, you may experience beautiful landscape changes. Even if you are only moving one town over, your daily commute will be different, your street will provide new views, and you’ll have a brand new home. If you’re moving to a house that offers upgraded features you lacked in your previous dwelling—such as a pool, large eat-in kitchen, or fireplace—these atmospheric changes will certainly be enjoyed.

3. Meeting new friends

Interacting with new people, neighbors, or co-workers is a great effect of your move. While no one can replace the friends you leave behind, forming new relationships is enriching. You can never have too many friends, and meeting a variety of new people is a great way to make them.

4. Experiencing new culture

Are you moving to a new state or—even better—a new country? The varied cultural experiences after your move will be interesting. New lifestyles, attitudes, regional cuisine, social norms—there will be a lot to adjust to after you relocate. While being in a foreign place can make you feel alienated, change is healthy. Who knows—you may find the regional culture in your locale more suited to your personal tastes and views than those in your hometown!

5. Purging excess junk

We all accumulate massive amounts of stuff over the years. Clutter can not only fill up your home—it can clog up your mind and mentally suffocate you. A tidy, stream-lined home free from excess junk can make everyday life feel much less stressful and chaotic—not to mention it is much easier to clean! Moving gives you the chance to lighten your load and get rid of unnecessary items—why pay to lug it to your new home if you don’t really need it? Purging is refreshing, rejuvenating and will make you feel much lighter and freer when you arrive at your new home.

6. Getting a fresh start

If things just aren’t going your way—stuck in a dead-end job, overcome with boredom, suffering from unhealthy relationships—a move to a new place can be just the motivation you need to change your life. Studies actually show moving away may be good for your health! Mental stagnation caused by the stress of your daily routine can wear you down and cause exhaustion and psychological strain. Starting over in a new place can rejuvenate your mind and body by alleviating whatever mental burdens you have been carrying.

7. Opportunity to redecorate

Do you have a flair for interior design? Moving to a new home provides you with a fresh canvas to express your décor creativity. Paint an accent wall a vibrant color, purchase new window treatments, or try an easy DIY decorating project to create a beautiful look for your new life.

8. New independence

Are you moving out of your parents’ home for the first time? Leaving your roommate to get a place by yourself? Fleeing an unhappy romantic relationship to enjoy the single life? Many moving situations come with new-found independence and freedom. If you are leaving behind the confinement of your former life and embracing the boundless potential of a new one, moving will be an enjoyable learning experience for you.

9. New job opportunities

Has your career hit a brick wall? Moving can introduce you to new industries, opportunities, and networking possibilities. Perhaps your current company has an available position in a new city and is seeking a transfer from within. Jobs and promotions are a common reason for relocation—and certainly positive ones!

10. It builds character

Staying in one place can be sheltering and limiting. Individuals that move from place to place often are introduced to various kinds of people, ideas, and ways of life. These enriching experiences will build character and promote an open-minded, diverse perspective. Plus, having the gumption to leave everything behind, pick up, and start over requires resilience and emotional strength. If you can handle a move, you can handle anything!

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on July 16, 2014

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