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Tips for Rearranging Your Furniture

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Looking around your home, think about the last time you rearranged your furniture. Was it last month? Last year? Last century? When your home starts to feel like it could use some change, one of the simplest things to do is to rearrange the furniture.

When you first move into a new home you might put your couches against the walls and your TV directly across from them. Or you might put your bed in the corner with a nightstand on both sides across from your dresser. Sometimes, space doesn't allow you to have your furniture any other way, but with some planning you could make changes to utilize your space better and have your furniture the way you like.

Have a friend help

It might seem easier to just try and move your furniture yourself because you know how you want it to look in the end, but many times the furniture is too heavy to move on your own. Have a friend, roommate or family member come and help you move the furniture. With the help of someone else your furniture will be moved in half the time, plus you'll have someone there in case something falls over on top of you and injures you!

TIP: If you have specialty items like a piano, antiques or a sculpture consider hiring a professional to move those pieces for you in order to avoid damaging them.

Map out ideas

Before you start disconnecting electronics and packing up knick-knacks to move across the room, figure out if the furniture you want to move will even fit in a different location.

Draw up a sketch with proper measurements of your room's dimensions and the dimensions of the furniture you want to move. Then, “put” the furniture pieces into their new spots on paper and you'll get a better idea if items will fit where you want them adjust accordingly before even lifting a chair.

Have a plan, but be flexible

Even if you have an idea mapped out on paper, you won't know what it actually will look like until you move the furniture into place. Even then, you might hate the idea of having your couch face away from the doorway, or your nightstand on the opposite side of your bed.

After you've got everything in its new home you'll be able to take it for a test run and see if you truly enjoy your new layout or if it is even makes sense for that space.

Use the largest pieces to anchor the room

When rearranging your furniture it's best to start with the larger pieces and then fill in spaces with the smaller items. Great rooms or large living rooms can end up feeling cluttered if there are too many smaller pieces together without a larger piece to anchor them. Sectionals, sofas and coffee tables will help anchor the room so you can easily decide which smaller pieces to tuck in between.

Take one piece out

If the furniture isn't looking good in its current spot, try removing one or two pieces of furniture from the room. Often enough, people have too much furniture in the room. When you remove one or two pieces of furniture from the space, it opens up the possibilities.

Empty space

Once you've got all your furniture where you want it, don't be afraid of an empty space. If you decide that there's just that one piece that would really look great in that corner, or there's a need that isn't being satisfied, take the time to figure out what you're looking for and spend some time looking for the right item.
Rushing into buying an extra ottoman or bookcase may end up wasting your time and money if it doesn't quite meet the needs of what you're looking for.

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on May 23, 2014

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