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Top 10 Fragile Items You Shouldn't Pack Yourself

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Packing is the most time-consuming and nerve-wracking aspect of your move planning. When it comes to packing your most fragile and valuable possessions, you may be concerned about your methods. The last thing you want when you arrive at your new home is to open boxes filled with broken glass, ruined heirlooms, or a smashed plasma flat screen. The best way to ensure your items arrive unscathed and intact is to let professional packers handle it. Read on for a list of delicate, valuable or irreplaceable items you should consider letting the movers pack for your relocation.

1. China 
Often a treasured family heirloom or wedding gift, delicate china is valuable and extremely fragile. While you can pack it yourself with ample padding and sturdy cardboard containers, you should consider allowing professionals to properly wrap your precious china plates, cups and saucers for your move. Skilled packers know the correct methods and use high-quality materials to prevent damage to your delicate items during transit.

2. Crystal
Much like china, crystal is valuable, fragile, and often holds sentimental importance. Avoid opening a box of shattered wine glasses at your new home by letting professionals handle the packing. The best way to transport stemware is with a cell box--a cardboard carton that contains dividers between individuals "cells" to keep the glasses separated during transit.

3. Electronics
If you still have the original packaging, that's the safest way to pack your flat-screen TV, computer or stereo for a move. If not, you should opt to let your movers pack your electronics in special containers to prevent shifting during the trip. Your electronics are heavy and cumbersome, but also comprised of many delicate mechanisms that can easily be damaged.

4. Artwork
Valuable paintings and sculpture can be difficult to pack and move. Some items, especially those of extreme value, will need to be professionally crated for shipping by experienced artwork movers. Many moving companies have experience moving artwork, so make sure to inquire about this service when receiving an in-home estimate.

5. Antiques
Not only should you allow movers to pack and ship your antiques (make sure they have a background moving these items), but you should also remember to get your items appraised and insured. Since antiques are so old, they may be more susceptible to damage, especially if they are not handled properly. In the unfortunate event that something is broken, you want to ensure you are properly compensated.

6. Pool table
 Pool tables are extremely heavy and difficulty to move. They must first be disassembled, which is an arduous process that can ruin the table if done improperly. You may require specialty movers with expertise in moving pool tables to ensure the job is done properly. Many moving companies have never moved a pool table and do not know the correct methods.

7. Grandfather clock 
A grandfather clock requires special care to dismantle and transport. The delicate mechanisms inside the clock rely on gravity and balance to operate correctly, and there are specific, strategic steps necessary to disassemble, pack, and reassemble your clock to ensure that it will continue to work effectively. You never lift a grandfather clock without taking it apart, and specialty movers are most qualified for this task. Standard moving companies may not have experience moving grandfather clocks, so it's best to seek out a mover that specializes in these unique pieces.

8. Piano
Pianos are cumbersome and difficult to move, as well as fragile and valuable. They may need to be partially disassembled, which can be challenging for a non-professional. Specialty piano movers have the proper tools, materials, and expertise to effectively and safely transport and protect your piano for shipping to ensure it arrives in your new home in mint condition.

9. China cabinet 
A china cabinet, also known as a break front or a hutch, is one of your most elegant pieces. Made of finished wood and delicate glass, it houses fragile china, glassware and other treasured possessions. Both heavy and frail, it requires movers' assistance to safely take it apart, wrap it for protection, and carefully carry it out to the truck. The glass doors should be removed and wrapped, and the entire cabinet wrapped in blankets to protect the wood's delicate finish. If your china cabinet is an antique, you should also get high-value insurance to protect it in case of damage.

10. Glass-topped coffee table
Coffee tables with heavy glass tops must be disassembled and properly protected for a move. The glass requires several strong movers to carry, and must be effectively wrapped with paper, bubble wrap and moving blankets to protect it from scratches, cracks, or shattering. While you may attempt this task yourself, professional movers are a good investment to ensure the glass is thoroughly protected, carefully carried, and properly loaded into the moving trailer.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on April 5, 2013

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