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Top 10 Most Forgotten Items When Moving

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In the midst of the hectic packing and moving mania, it is not surprising that items are often left behind at your old home. Making a moving inventory can be a huge help when struggling to remember if you have packed everything come moving day. If you are planning an upcoming relocation, make sure to add these commonly forgotten items to your list:

1. Coffee maker - Often one of the last packed items, you will probably use your coffee maker up until moving day morning--you’re going to need a little extra energy before tackling your move! This makes your coffee maker very easy to forget. To avoid leaving behind this daily-life necessity, clean it out and pack it immediately after finishing your morning coffee.

2. Yard equipment - When you are focused on packing the contents of your home, you may forget to tackle your outdoor items. Things like hoses, lawnmowers, and hedge clippers may be overlooked and left behind come moving day. Since these items are not used daily, you can plan to pack them in advance to prevent forgetting them.

3. Personal documents - Important records and paperwork should be packed and taken with you rather than placed on the moving truck. If you sort through these documents and set them aside, you may forget to pack them in your luggage and leave them in your old home. Since paperwork with personal information is so important, it’s imperative that you stash your financial documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, deeds, medical records, insurance policies and wills in a folder and pack them before the chaos of moving day arrives.

4. Hidden valuables - Have you stowed away any jewelry, heirlooms or other valuable items in secret hiding places? Depending on how well you secured these trinkets, you may be unable to find them yourself. Make a list of items you know are tucked away in your home and check them off as you retrieve and pack them. You should also scour every nook and cranny of your home before you vacate to ensure you didn’t forget any hidden items that you may have forgotten you had hidden at all.

5. Items from the cleaners or repair shops - Are you having new heels put on your shoes? Are your suits at the cleaners? Have you lent any landscaping equipment to your neighbor? When planning a move, you may forget your items that are on loan or being cleaned, fixed, or altered. Make sure to retrieve all clothes from the dry cleaner, pick up any items being tailored or repaired, and ask your friends, neighbors or loved ones to return borrowed items well before moving day so you can organize and pack everything properly.

6. Things inside your medicine cabinet - Your bathroom medicine cabinet is filled with everyday items like deodorant, mouthwash, and of course, medicines. You may put off packing these items since you will need to keep using them up until your departure, then forget them because they are out of sight when you close the cabinet door. To help you remember to toss these items into a bag before you vacate your home, stick a post-it note to the medicine cabinet door prior to moving day as a reminder.

7. Pet dishes - You may use your pet’s dishes up until moving day morning, and forget to grab them before heading out the door. To avoid leaving behind your furry friend’s beloved food and water dishes, pack them in advance and opt for disposable plates and bowls in the days leading up to the move.

8. Toiletries - Your shampoo, toothpaste, and soap are necessary items in your daily routine. Since you will have to pack them last minute, you may leave them behind on moving day—especially since they are often concealed in the shower or medicine cabinet. Since toiletries can often be messy and difficult to pack, it may be easier to discard them and buy new after your move. However, if they are nearly full or expensive brands, simply portion them into travel-sized bottles several days before the move for your continued use, and pack the regular-sized containers in your luggage before moving day.

9. Tools - Items in your shed, garage or basement, such as tools, are often overlooked and left behind during the packing process. Make sure to double-check all lesser-used portions of your home and backyard storage for these items before moving day arrives. If your new home requires some remodeling projects, you won’t want to be without your expensive power tools.

10. Spare keys - Do you have extra keys hidden in your yard or with friends, family or neighbors in case of emergency? Before leaving your home, make sure to collect all spare keys to pass on to the home’s new residents.

Nicole La Capria  Posted by Nicole La Capria on July 21, 2014

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