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Top 10 Packing Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Move

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Packing Mistakes Made When MovingWhether you are moving across town or cross country, you will need to pack. What, when and how you pack is as important for a smooth and successful move as finding a moving company. It requires a plan of action.

There is a lot of room for error, and these common packing mistakes will make your moving experience more difficult. If you prepare yourself ahead of time, you’ll find yourself having an easier time moving.

1. Packing without a plan

Packing for moving is a huge project on its own and needs careful planning to execute it properly. Before you even start moving your things around and placing them into boxes, you need to have an idea of what you want to take with you and how you want to organize those things.

Create a timeline. Jot down the order in which you want to pack your things, what will be packed together and what supplies you need to purchase. Packing without a plan will leave you frustrated and confused. It will affect the quality of your packing and put a damper on your entire moving experience.

2. Packing without any help

Unless you own minimal belongings, you will need help packing. Many people underestimate how intense the packing process can be. It is an immense amount of work, and you don't have to do it entirely on your own. Ease the burden by reaching out to family, friends or professional packers. If you can afford it, hire a team of experienced and trained packers to help you pack in the fastest, safest and most efficient way possible.

3. Using poor packing supplies

Using packing supplies of good quality is essential for keeping your belongings intact and protected during your move. The main packing supplies include boxes, tape, bubble wrap and blankets. Skimping on packing supplies will only hurt you. For example, old boxes won't be sturdy enough to withstand the trip. Instead, use supplies in new or excellent condition to ensure everything is safe.

4. Packing without sorting first

Don't disregard the importance of sorting your belongings. If you fill box after box with no organization, unpacking will take double the time, because the contents of one room will be scattered in random boxes. However, if you sort into boxes by destination, you will know exactly where you put what.

5. Packing unnecessary items

Moving is in fact a great opportunity to de-clutter and weed out the things you don't use any more. Avoid packing these unnecessary items which lead to more weight on the moving truck and more labor to move them... because that will raise the price of your move. Sell, donate, or throw them away.

6. Packing forbidden materials

Moving companies do not allow you to transport hazardous items in their carriers. Aerosols, batteries and nail polish are flammable and, therefore, dangerous. Perishable foods such as unopened or refrigerated food, produce and even indoor plants are restricted -- especially if you are moving long distance. Confirm with your movers which items are forbidden to avoid any hassles on your actual moving day.

7. Packing items incorrectly

During your move, the chances of your boxes being tossed around is very high. If you do not pack your items the right way, they might be broken by the time you get your new home. It's worth it to put in the extra time and effort to properly secure all your things, especially fragile glassware and china. We recommended using bubble wrap, newspaper and old towels or socks for protection.

TIP: Don't put boxes of fragile items on the bottom of the pile or where they can easily be dropped.

8. Packing essentials with everything else

Pack a change of clothes, medication and important documents separately. Keeping your essentials together allows you quick access until you can find time to unpack and settle into your new place. You don't want to be struggling to find toiletries on the first morning after you move in.

9. Packing without labeling

You will never remember exactly what is in every box or where it will end up. If you don’t take the time to label each individual box, they are bound to be jumbled up and placed out of order. Always label immediately. If you close a box before labeling it, you may get distracted and forget what was in it in the first place.

10. Packing at the last minute

This is the biggest and most common mistake to make when moving. Packing is too a huge task to procrastinate -- especially if under a time crunch. Give yourself ample amount of time to complete your packing in bits on a daily basis. Otherwise, you might find yourself rushing and making all the mistakes on this list!

Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on September 24, 2018

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